The convenient Bride

Chapter 239: I'm Trying to Snatch Your Boyfriend away

Hearing that, the girl said happily, "Then, let's get a set meal for lovers."

Set meal for lovers?!

The corners of Payton's eyes twitched. "This is inappropriate."

"What's wrong? After today, we will be lovers anyway."

The girl looked at him shyly, showing her coquettish demeanor.

Payton was speechless. How could she be so confident to believe that they would become lovers?

Did she ask him about his opinion?

"Miss Wiggins, actually I..."

Payton wanted to explain, but she interrupted him, "Just call me Sienna. Don't be so distant."

After saying that, she lowered her head in bashfulness.

Payton was so depressed that he didn't even want to talk.

Compared with such a shallow woman, Juliet's straightforward personality was more pleasing.

He did not ask for her opinion anymore, and directly said to the waiter, "Any set meal, except for the
lover set meal, thank you!"

"Payton..." Sienna raised her head and looked at him in surprise. "I want a lover set meal!”

Payton ignored it and put away the menus on the table and handed them to the waiter.

"Don't listen to him. A lover set meal, the most expensive one."

Sienna did not understand why he suddenly became like this, but she did not want to compromise.

The waiter didn't know who to listen to, so he looked awkwardly at Payton and then at Sienna.

Payton took a deep breath and smiled gently at her. "Sienna, after we become lovers, we can have the
lover set meal. After all, today is the first time we meet. It's really improper to order the lover set meal."

When Payton was gentle, Sienna had no resistance. She nodded in embarrassment and said, "As you

Payton heaved a sigh of relief and said to the waiter, "Just do as I said."

The waiter answered "yes", then took the menu and hurried out of the private room.

The private room fell into silence. Sienna lowered her head and fiddled with her fingers. Occasionally,
she would raise her head and peep at Payton. When she came into contact with his eyes, she would
immediately lower her head again.

Payton really couldn't do anything to Sienna and her pretended shyness.

Thus, he reached out to feel his pocket, wanting to take out his phone, but he did not find it.

He suddenly widened his eyes. When he changed his shoes and went out this morning, he seemed to
have put his phone on the shoe cabinet.

He was still wondering why Juliet had not called him, it turned out that he forgot to bring his phone.

It would be even more troublesome for him to explain to Juliet.

He smiled bitterly.

"You don't know how disgusting my fiancé is. We're getting married and I have a kid, but he's actually
secretly dating other women. How could I be so pitiful?"

Juliet was surrounded by a few waiters, crying as she told them about her "pitiful" situation.

"That Mr. Payton is so handsome, but he's actually such a scumbag?"

One of the waiters said in disbelief.

At this time, another waiter snorted coldly, "The more handsome a man is, the more restless he will be.
They rely on their

handsomeness to flirt with girls everywhere, which is so disgusting."

"Yeah. The more handsome a man is, the easier he will cheat."

Juliet raised her hand to wipe away her tears as she peeked at the indignant waiters. A trace of
cunning flashed in her eyes.

Very well, things were going smoothly. She must exert more effort.

So she cried loudly and put her hand on her stomach, "My poor kid, how can you be so pitiful? Dad
doesn't like you before you are born."

She was crying sadly, and the waiters couldn't help but be moved and couldn't bear it.

"Why don't we agree to her? She's so pitiful. If she doesn't get anything, then wouldn't it be even more
miserable for her?” Someone said so.

"But if the manager finds out, we'll be in trouble." There were also some who had some misgivings.

"The manager is not here right now. Just tell her to hurry up.’

Hearing them gabbling, Juliet lowered her head and snickered. Indeed, people were still kind.

But--she looked up at those kind waiters, feeling somewhat guilty, for she had taken advantage of their

She wiped away her tears and said to them, "Thank you. Trust me, I won't let you get into trouble."

When the waiters heard this, they looked at each other and finally made a decision.

"Alright, then hurry up."

Juliet smiled and said, "Thank you."

The waiter carried the cold dishes into the room. She subconsciously looked in Payton's direction.
Payton was thinking about

something with lowered head.

Afterwards, she looked at the woman sitting opposite Payton. That woman was like a boy crazy staring
straight at Payton.

She did not have the reticence a woman should have.

The waiter smiled coldly as she walked over and placed the dishes in front of them.

“Enjoy your meal!”

Hearing this voice, Payton immediately raised his head and unexpectedly met a pair of beautiful eyes
that were filled with chilliness.

"Ju..." He subconsciously called out, but then he remembered that there was another girl present. He
quickly changed his tone and said,

"It should be delicious, right?"

'‘That's right. the waiter in front of him right now was precisely Juliet, who he thought had left long ago.

Knowing that she didn't leave, he felt somewhat delighted.

"Try it and you'll know." Juliet smiled at him, but her smile was emotionless.

Payton raised his eyebrows. She was angry.

That was reasonable. She was kept waiting for so long, so she had the reason be furious.

Seeing that Payton was talking to a waiter, and that the waiter was so pretty, Sienna’s face immediately
turned cold. She shouted at Juliet in displeasure, "Go out after delivering the dishes. Do you think that

you're pretty and can seduce someone else's boyfriend?"

"Sienna’'s tone was filled with disdain.

Juliet was not easygoing, and when she was ridiculed, she emitted an unfriendly aura.

She sneered and looked at the girl mockingly, "You said he was your boyfriend?"

Sienna was a rich girl, how could she be frightened by Juliet's aura? She raised her chin arrogantly and
said, "Yes, he is my boyfriend."

Juliet raised her eyebrows slightly and turned to look at Payton, "Is she your girlfriend?"

Payton shrugged, "No, but do you believe me?"

Yes, of course she did.

Juliet answered his question in her heart, but her face was still cold as she stared fixedly at Payton’s
wry face.

Seeing that, Sienna was enraged. She stood up and reached out to pull Juliet, “Are you trying to
seduce someone else's boyfriend?"

Hearing this, Juliet turned her head to look at her with a creepy smile. "Yes, I'm trying to snatch your
boyfriend away."

Then, she suddenly leaned over and kissed Payton.