The convenient Bride

Chapter 238: Who Is That Woman?

Yunis arrived at the Tang Group in time, intending to take the new chairman, Rorey, home.

Unexpectedly, he saw Rorey sitting on the ground at the entrance of the building.

He was astounded, and then quickly walked forward.


Rorey was just about to stand up when she heard a familiar voice. She immediately sat back on the
ground and raised her head to look at the approaching person.

"Yunis." She cried pitifully with her mouth pouted.

"What's going on?" Yunis wasn't in a hurry to get her up. Instead, he frowned and looked down at her.

Seeing that he didn't help her but questioned her, Rorey felt a little unhappy.

Her eyes carried sadness as she stretched out her hand. "Yunis, you have to help me up before I can
explain it clearly."

Her coquettish voice had a trace of dissatisfaction in it.

Yunis’ eyes lit up as he covered up the gloom in his eyes and helped her up.

After standing firmly, Rorey rid the dust off her body and casually said, "Rosiley won."

"What?" Yunis’ eyes widened as he grabbed her arm and harshly questioned, "What exactly is going
on? Didn't you say that you would definitely win?"

Rorey looked up at his handsome face that was twisted from anger. His eyes were so cold that she
could not find any sign of warmth.

She couldn't help feeling sad.

"Do you think Yunis still loves you? No, he's tired of you. Otherwise, he wouldn't have sex with me."

Hazel's complacent voice rang in her ears. She stared at the familiar yet unfamiliar face. Instead of
answering, she asked, "Yunis, will you marry me?"

Perhaps he didn't expect her to ask such a question, Yunis was obviously surprised. He slowly let go of
his hand that was pinching her arm. He didn't directly give an answer, but said, "It's not the time for

But Rorey understood what he meant. She looked down to hide the sadness in her eyes and said
calmly, "This time, I had a fiasco.

Perhaps even the 43% of the shares will be taken back."

This was a situation that Yunis did not expect. Rorey, whose eyes were lowered, did not see the
coldness in his eyes.

Silence spread between the two. After a long time, Yunis said, "Let's go home first and then think about
what we should do."

With that, Yunis took the lead to leave.

Rorey raised her head and looked at the Tang Group tower. Her eyes narrowed slightly as coldness

Rosiley, sooner or later, I would take back the Tang Group.

In autumn, the sunshine was bright, the breeze was gentle, and it was a good day for hiking.

Juliet yawned and lay on the table with exhaustion. She looked out through the restaurant's floor-to-
ceiling window with her watery eyes.

As she watched, she gradually became sleepy.

That damned Payton told her to dress up properly and wait for him at the Sea of Milky Way Restaurant.

So she woke up early in the morning and dressed up carefully. She arrived at the restaurant half an
hour earlier than the appointed time.

But now, more than an hour had passed and Payton still hadn't come.

He didn't answer her call. She wanted to leave, but she was afraid that he would be anxious if he
couldn't find her.

Look, he was the late one, but she was still thinking for him. How kind and considerate she was!

Just as she was about to fall asleep, the enthusiastic voice of a waiter sounded.

"Mr. Payton, Miss Wiggins, please come in."

Mr. Payton?

Juliet sat up straight and looked towards the source of the sound and saw a tall and familiar man.

It was indeed that damned Payton.

She was about to stand up and walk over in surprise, but the next second, the smile on her face froze.

Because she saw a woman holding Payton's arm and whispering to him, she didn't know what she was
talking about. She looked so intimate to him.

On the contrary, Payton seemed to be absent-minded. He looked around, as if he was looking for

Juliet didn't know if he was looking for her, but when he looked over, she lowered her head and hid
herself behind a potted plant.

Perhaps because he didn't see the person he was looking for, Payton was obviously a little

But Juliet did not see it.

By the time she raised her head again, Payton and the woman were nowhere to be seen.

Her heart was suddenly empty, and it felt very uncomfortable.

She bit her lips embarrassedly. Who was that woman? Was he late because he wanted to be with that

Thinking of this, anger burst out from the bottom of her heart. Payton not only stood her up and played
tricks on her, but he also dated another woman.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. She grabbed the cup on the table, drank all
the water in it, and then put it down heavily.

Her beautiful eyes were wide open with rage. Her hand that was holding the cup was tightly clenched,
and the skin on her knuckles were pale from the great strength.

Payton, I would definitely not let you off!

"Young miss..." A waiter saw that she had drunk all the water and walked over to refill. However, when
he approached, he saw her enraged face and was so scared that he couldn't even speak.

Juliet turned her head and looked at the scared waiter. She smiled.

Seeing her smile, the waiter swallowed his saliva. Although she was very beautiful, why was it so
spooky when it came to smiling?

Payton was almost pissed off by the girl beside him. He had arranged to meet Juliet at the Sea of Milky

But when he went out, he received a phone call from her, and she told him that her car had broken
down and that he should go pick her up.

He refused and asked her to take a taxi by herself.

But she said that she couldn't take a taxi? What if she was tricked? She said a lot of crap, and even
that he didn't have any gentlemanly demeanor.

In the end, he couldn't stand the annoyance anymore, so he picked her up.

However, this was not the end.

She said that there was a limited edition of bag and she had to hurry up for it. Otherwise, if someone
else bought it, there would be no more.

Well, he went to the mall with her.

With this episode, it was almost twelve oclock when they arrived at the restaurant.

Payton did not forget about Juliet. Before he went to pick up the girl, he contacted her and told her that
it was not convenient for him to pick her up and that she shall go there by herself.

She agreed straightforwardly.

As soon as he entered the restaurant, he looked for her everywhere to check if she was waiting for him.

The answer was no.

When he found out that she had left, he heaved a sigh of relief, but at the same time, he felt a little

He thought she would be waiting for him.

Thinking of this, Payton laughed self-deprecatingly. How could he have the confidence that she would
always be waiting for him?

"Payton, what do you want to eat?" The girl who was reading the menu raised her head and noticed
that he had a straight face. She asked with concern, "Payton, are you alright?"

Payton came back to reality from his thought after hearing her voice. He looked up at her and replied in
a cold tone, "I'm fine. You can order whatever you want!"