Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 240: Of Course I Like You the Most

Payton's eyes widened as he felt hot on his lips.

Was she crazy?!

Juliet just lightly touched his lips. Then, she turned to look at Sienna, who was obviously stunned by
her actions.

She pursed her lips, feeling a little disappointed. She thought that this girl would overreact when she
saw her kiss Payton.

She did, but she was just petrified and didn't have any other reactions.


Thus, she looked at Payton and found that he was looking at her with a meaningful gaze.

She felt inexplicably guilty and coughed, "Don't overthink. I didn't kiss you to show my affection to you."

There seemed to be emotions surging in her eyes, but it quickly disappeared.

Payton said calmly, "I didn't overthink."

Juliet frowned. Why did she feel that his explanation gave himself away?

"You better do." She narrowed her eyes and sneered, "If you dare to trick me, you will have to bear the

Looking at her displeased expression, Payton frowned, “Actually...”

Just as he was about to explain, he suddenly saw Sienna pick up a goblet and throw it at Juliet. His
expression changed and he subconsciously pulled Juliet into his embrace.

Juliet cried out. In a daze, she was hugged tightly in his arms.

In the next second, she heard the sound of the goblet falling to the ground and shattering, as well as ...
his muffled sound.

Raising her head, what caught her eye was his expression in pain and a deep frown.

She seemed to understand something, and she felt indescribable emotions, like happiness, like
reluctance to part.

"Payton, how dare you protect her?! Aren't you afraid that I'll tell your big brother?” Sienna roared.

Hearing this, Payton laughed out loud. Juliet could feel the vibrations of his chest. She raised her head
and looked at his lively and handsome face in a daze.

Perhaps he noticed her gaze, he lowered his eyes and met her pure but somewhat distracted eyes. He
raised his eyebrows with a meaningful look.

"What? Do you suddenly think I'm so handsome?"

His deliberately lowered voice rang in her ears. Juliet immediately regained her senses. She could hear
the ridicule in his words, so she rolled her eyes in disdain and said with contempt, "Stop overestimating

Payton smiled and didn't say anything else.

He let go of her, stood up, and turned to face the pissed-off girl.

The girl no longer had the shyness and affectation she had at the beginning. Her well made-up face
was pleasant moments ago, but now she was so angry that her eyes and nose were distorted. Her
large eyes widened like those of an ox. It was extremely frightening.

Payton couldn't help but curse in his heart. At least, Sachin should find him a good-looking woman for
the blind date.

"Payton, that bitch just kissed you yet you protected her. If she sleeps with you, will you sacrifice your
life for her?” Sienna shouted.

Payton: ...

Did Sienna misunderstand something? She questioned him like a girlfriend questioning her cheating

Payton felt that he couldn't keep her misunderstanding him like this, otherwise, Juliet would be like this

Thinking of this, Payton frowned. Why would he care if Juliet misunderstood him?

Before he could give it a second thought, Sienna saw that he was silent and threw a plate at Juliet

He quickly pulled Juliet aside to dodge.

But it was not finished. Plates, forks, knives, spoons, and even coasters were thrown at them.

He and Juliet were in a hurry to dodge those "lethal weapons". In the end, Sienna had nothing to throw
and was about to lift the chair and smash it over.

Fortunately, the chair was too heavy for her to move.

Juliet looked at the knife that was stabbed into the wooden floor and felt a lingering fear in her heart.

"Hey, Payton, how can you have such a woman for the blind date? How come she is of such ill-
breeding and is so unreasonable?"

When Juliet thought that it was all Payton's fault, she shouted at him, as if she had forgotten that she
caused this farce.

Before Payton could say anything, Sienna rushed over furiously and pointed at Juliet's nose and
scolded, "Bitch, how dare you call me of ill-breeding? You think you are upright enough to seduce my
boyfriend? Haven't you looked yourself in the mirror and thought about if you are a match for Payton?"

After saying that, Juliet laughed. She looked at Sienna and sneered, "Look at your disfigured face,
and..." She pointed at Sienna’s chest.

"Your flat breast. Will it be Payton's type? Payton likes my type."

As she spoke, she purposely straightened her back, protruding her plump breast.

Seeing this, Sienna was so angry that she couldn't speak. What a woman minded the most was that
her appearance and figure were inferior to others, especially to that of the home wrecker's.

Juliet proudly smiled and attacked more heavily, leaving no room for Sienna to resist.

Thus, she reached out and pulled Payton aside. She leaned her head against his shoulder with her
fingers circling on his chest and asked softly, "Payton, do you like me the most?"

Originally, Payton was very interested about their quarrel and wanted to be a spectator, but Juliet
involved him in the battle.

Especially when he heard Juliet's coquettish voice, he couldn't bear it and trembled. Why did he feel
that her voice carried a trace of warning?

If he answered no, would he end up miserably?

"Of course I like you the most." He chickened out.

As he said that, he grabbed her hand that was messing around on his chest, lifted it to his mouth and
kissed it. Then, he looked at her with a gaze full of affection.

This time, Juliet shivered. She didn't expect his acting to be more mawkish than a woman's when he
seriously played his role!

"Payton..." You, you, you..." Sienna was lost for words from fury.

Juliet turned her head and looked at her with a proud expression. "See? The person Payton likes is
me. If you want to save some face, hurry up and leave.”

"You..." Sienna clenched her hands tightly and glared at her hatefully.

Juliet glared back at her bravely, and the two were stuck in a stalemate.

Payton felt that he had to say something to end this farce.

He coughed softly and smiled apologetically at Sienna. "Miss Yang, I'm sorry that today's blind date
caused you such a trouble. Actually...’

He hugged Juliet's waist and said, "She's my girlfriend. It's just that we had a conflict that I agreed to
have a blind date with you in a fit of anger."

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