The convenient Bride

Chapter 220: You Really Like Framing Others

The Furniture Market was very big, with four floors, covering a total area of more than 200,000 square
meters. To Yayoi's surprise, she met the ones she hated.

Vito and Candace!

Why must enemies meet each other?

"Oh, Yayoi?"

Yayoi was helping Juliet choose a desk when a voice suddenly came from the side.

She raised her head and looked over. When she saw a couple walking towards her, her eyes suddenly
turned cold.

Candance walked to her, folded her hands around her chest, slightly raised her chin, and used her
hand to pluck her hair. She couldn't hide her complacency and said, "Vito and I are getting married, and
we are currently decorating our house. It's really tiring. Vito said that we have to pick out our own
furniture. I'm almost exhausted."

It seemed that she was complaining to her friends, but in fact, she was showing off to Yayoi.

After hearing this, Yayoi sneered and mocked, "If you're tired, then don't get married.”

"No way! Vito and I love each other so much. How can we not get married?"

Candance walked over and held the Vito's arm. She affectionately leaned her head against his
shoulder and asked, "Vito, do you love me?"

“Yes.” Vito replied without hesitation, but his gaze was tightly locked onto Yayoi.

He hadn't seen her for some time. She had become more beautiful in a charming way.

Yayoi didn't want to waste her time on them, so she turned around to look for Rosiley and Juliet.

But Candance wouldn't miss the opportunity to ridicule her.

Therefore, Candance stepped forward and grabbed her hand, "Yayoi, we haven't seen each other for
so long, how about having a talk?"

A talk? Candance wanted to talk with her. This was probably the worst joke.

Yayoi couldn't hold back her laughter. Turning around, she looked at them mockingly. She said word by
word, "Candance, we're not familiar, and I have nothing to say."

She shook off Candance's hand forcefully and wanted to leave, but what happened next left her

When she shook Candance's hand away, Candance screamed and fell to the ground. Yayoi didn't
know if she was really too strong or if Candance was doing this on purpose.

"Vito..." Candance, who was sitting on the ground, cried out.

"Candance." Vito stepped forward and squatted beside her. He asked worriedly, "Candance, where
does it hurt?"

"My butt, my butt hurts so much." Candance really cried out in pain.

She originally wanted to frame Yayoi with a fake fall, but she really fell down and it hurt.

Vito knew what Candance wanted to do. He also thought that she pretended to fall down, but when she
was crying out of pain, he knew that it really hurt.

Men tended to get manly when their women cried pitifully.

So, he stood up and glared at Yayoi. He questioned her, "Yayoi, why did you push Candace?"

Since Yayoi had been framed by Candance once, she firmly believed that Candance was trying to
frame her again, so she just watched the "show" coldly.

However, when Vito questioned her like this, she was a little excited.

Their show was on. How could she not be excited and not cooperate with them?

"I didn't push her. She fell on her own." Yayoi was like a frightened bird, defending herself with a
panicked expression.

"You didn't push her? How could she fall on her own?" Vito took a step closer to her and aggressively
continued, "I know you hate her for taking me away, but I have to tell you, I don't want you anymore. It's
my choice. The Young family can give me everything I want. As for you, you would only ask me to work
hard with you and save money to buy a house and get married. Do you think I have time to do that?
No! I have no time!"

Yayoi didn't know what to say.

Was this scumbag trying to prove how vile he was? Should she applaud him? If he hadn't said those
words, she wouldn't have realized how vile he was.

He was so materialistic and abandoned his girlfriend.

How vile he was!

Vito was too excited to stop. He continued, "Besides, it's modern age now. No one is as conservative
as you. You only allow me to hold your hands, kiss you and hug you. I can't do anything else. What can

you do for me? Then I might as well resort to hand job.”

Yayoi really wanted to remind him that he shouldn't talk about that, lest someone overheard it and
laughed at him.

But just as she was about to speak, he interrupted her. "But Candance is different. She never refuses
me. She is gentle and considerate, and her family is rich. She is much better than you."

Yayoi rolled her eyes. It seemed that he was trying to tell her that they really enjoy their sex.

"Vito..." Candance, who was still on the ground, finally called him.

Yayoi heaved a long sigh of relief. She looked around. Fortunately, this place was a relatively remote
corner. There were fewer people and they were a bit far away from them. No one came over to take a

So, she wouldn't be mistaken as a pitiful ex-girlfriend.

Candance was helped up by Vito and walked to Yayoi. Candance raised her hand and was about slap

But Yayoi had learned a lesson. How could Yayoi let Candance bully her?

She grabbed Candance's hand and narrowed her eyes. "Candance, you really like framing and
slapping others, do you?" She said coldly.

Candance shook off Candance's hand and took a step forward. Her eyes were filled with cold light as
she said coldly, "Candance, I'm different now. Don't treat me like before. Otherwise, you'll be sorry."

Her attitude was very tough, and her eyes were cold and terrifying.

Candance didn't know what to say and could only stare at her blankly.

However, Vito's gaze at her gradually became very strange, and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

Because he saw the kiss marks on Yayoi's neck hidden behind her collar. Obviously, she had sex with

Chapter 221: You Are the Real Bitch

He had never had sex with Yayoi in the past years, but not long after he broke up with her, she slept
with another man!

This was an insult to Vito, an insult to his dignity as a man.

His expression immediately changed. He let go of Candace and took a step forward. He grabbed
Yayoi's collar and pulled it down, revealing some deep or shallow kiss marks on her neck.

"Vito, what are you doing?" Yayoi exclaimed. She quickly patted off his hand and retreated. Her hands
tightly clutched her clothes as she glared at him with panic and anger.

She was really frightened by his sudden action.

Candance was also frightened. She opened her eyes wide and looked at him in disbelief, "Vito, why did
you do that?"

Vito ignored her words and stared at Yayoi. His eyes were red and filled with anger and dissatisfaction.

“Who is he?" He asked sternly.

Yayoi didn't know who he was talking about, but she felt it was ridiculous that he got angry with her,
"Vito, do you think you still have the right to question me now?"

Her tone was full of ridicule.

"Who is he?" Vito questioned again. His gaze was much darker than before, and it looked extremely

"Vito, what are you doing?” Candance could not bear to be ignored by him and directly stepped forward
to grab his hand.

She looked at Yayoi with an uneasy expression. Candance shook his hand and said coquettishly, "Vito,
let Yayoi go. Let's pick our bed, OK?"

"Candance, we'll do it later. I must get the picture." When talking to Candance, Vito was completely
different. He spoke softly and gently.

Seeing this, Yayoi sneered and decided go away at once.

So, she turned around and was about to leave.

However, when Vito discovered that she was leaving, he left Candance behind and chased after her to
stop her.

Yayoi felt very helpless.

What was wrong with them? She really wanted to make a clean break with them. But why didn't they let
her go?

She took a deep breath and raised her eyes to look at Vito. "Vito, I don't think I need to answer any of
your questions. You'd better not stop me. Otherwise, I'll shout for help and say that you're bullying a

Vito sneered and said arrogantly, "Do it. I wonder how many people here would help you.”

He was so bullying and arrogant only because of the power of the Young Family. However, this place
was not within the Young family's sphere of influence. Did he still think that he could do anything he
wanted to do?

Yayoi shouted, “Help! Help! He's bullying me. A man is bullying a weak woman!"

Vito did not expect her to shout out. He was shocked for a moment, and when he tried to cover her
mouth, some people had already come over.

His expression suddenly changed as he viciously cursed at Yayoi, "Bitch!"

Yayoi smiled slightly, "You're the real bitch.”

"Yayoi, don't go too far. Vito just cares about you. Why did you make such a fuss?"

Candance blamed Yayoi. Obviously, seeing people coming over, Candance hurriedly raked Yayoi's
back and pushed her into the center of public opinion.

However, she had forgotten that Yayoi was not the Yayoi who used to be at their mercy.

"My ex-boyfriend came here to see with his mistress because he cares about me? Wow, should I cry
out of gratitude?"

This was the line the enlightened the crowd on the situation.

Ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend and a mistress. What a show!

Everyone seemed interested in the story. It seemed true that everyone loved gossip.

"You and Vito didn't get married; Vito has the freedom to choose a better partner. Furthermore, we are
in love. I am not a mistress."

Candance did not panic just because Yayoi said that. Instead, she calmly defended herself.

"Yes, you're right. You two are in love. I wish you well. So please step aside and let me go."

Yayoi got annoyed. She had already got very upset by Maddox. Unfortunately, she met Vito and
Candance here, which put her into a worse mood. Her mind now was like a messy ball of yarn.

She just wanted them to get out of the way and let her go.

On the other side, Rosiley and Juliet were strolling around, but they didn't notice that they had
separated from Yayoi.

“Yayoi, what do you think of that bed?"

“Yayoi, what do you think of that table?"


Rosiley kept asking, but she didn't get any response. So, she turned around and was about to ask
Yayoi why she didn't say anything. Then she realized that Yayoi wasn't with them.

"Where's Yayoi?" Rosiley stopped Juliet, who was walking forward.

"She is behind..."

Juliet turned her head and instantly stopped.

Her eyes suddenly widened, "Holy shit! Where's Yayoi?"

"That's my question.” Rosiley sighed helplessly.

"Let's go find her.’

Juliet pulled Rosiley back to the area where they were picking the desk just now.

When they returned there, they did not see Yayoi, but a bunch of people.

They looked at each other in confusion. What was going on?

But they wanted to find Yayoi, so they weren't in the mood to be an onlooker. They decided to look

However, as soon as they turned around, a familiar voice came from behind.

"Vito, enough! I said I wouldn't tell you."

It was Yayoi!

Rosiley exchanged glances with Juliet, then quickly turned around and ran towards the crowd.

In the crowd, they saw Vito and Candance, and also saw Yayoi whose hand was grabbed by Vito.

Grumpy and angry, Juliet immediately rushed forward, knocked off Vito's hand, and dragged Yayoi
behind her. She angrily shouted at Vito, "Bastard, stay away from Yayoi, or I will beat you up."

"Yayoi, are you alright?" Rosiley walked to Yayoi, put her arm around Yayoi's shoulder and asked with

With them by her side, Yayoi immediately felt much more at ease.

She smiled and shook her head, "I'm fine.”

Rosiley noticed that her hand that Vito had just grabbed had turned red. She said with concern, "Your
hand has turned red. It must hurt."

"I'm really fine.” Yayoi touched her red wrist. It hurt a little. Yayoi frowned slightly, but she still gave
Rosiley a comforting smile. "It won't hurt later. It's OK."

Rosiley understood her intentions. Yayoi didn't want them to worry about her too much, so Rosiley just
patted her back to comfort her.