The convenient Bride

Chapter 235: You Are Just a Bastard

That morning, Rosiley and Sachin were having breakfast. Suddenly, Sachin took out a USB drive and
placed it in front of her.

Rosiley looked at the black USB drive and looked at him, puzzled. "What is this?"

"A video."

Sachin replied indifferently.

"Video?" Rosiley frowned. She picked up the USB drive and looked at it carefully. Then, she raised her
eyes to look at him again. "What kind of video?"

"The video I recorded will be helpful to the shareholder's meeting today."

Hearing this, Rosiley raised her eyebrows and probed, “This cant be the evidence that you personally
agreed to cooperate with the Tang Group, right?"

Sachin was surprised, and a trace of praise flashed in his eyes. "As you think, it is indeed the

To tell the truth, Rosiley felt that Sachin was worried too much at that time, and he even recorded a
video on purpose.

However, according to the current situation, his preparation helped her a lot.

Rosiley inserted the USB drive into her laptop, and the video was played on the big screen in the
meeting room.

Sachin was sitting upright on a leather chair, his expression was indifferent, and his eyes were cold.
Even though everyone saw him from the screen, they could still feel the powerful aura emanating from

The moment she saw Sachin, Rorey's face turned pale and her hands were clenched from uneasiness.

Rorey thought that Rosiley was just spouting nonsense, but she didn't expect that she had prepared a

This was something she didn't expect. If REG would really cooperate with the Tang Group, it would be
a great advantage for Rosiley and a great blow to her.

She was afraid she would lose the position as chairman.

No, she must think of a way to reverse the situation, which was obviously unfavorable to her.

In the video, Sachin briefly mentioned that REG was going to work with the Tang Group.

Lastly, he emphasized, "However, the prerequisite is that Rosiley must be the new chairman,
otherwise, nothing will happen.”

The corners of Rosiley's mouth twitched slightly. Although Sachin's words were very domineering, there
was an inexplicable childish aura.

After the video was played, the shareholders were whispering to each other. Everyone had a happy
smile on their faces. President Sachin's personal acknowledgement proved that the cooperation of the
Tang Group and REG was imminent.

Although he had conditions, that condition was too easy to fulfill. At this time, every shareholder had an
answer in their hearts.

Rogelio looked at Rosiley and felt very gratified in his heart. If President Sachin would cooperate with
the Tang Group, then her ability would definitely not be bad, and he felt relieved about entrusting the
Tang Group to her.

As a result, Rogelio took the lead and said, "I think everyone has seen Rosiley's ability, so we can rest
assured if we give the Tang Group to her."

"Yeah. Rosiley is Mr. Tang's biological daughter after all. She can overthrow the old. I believe she will
develop the Tang Group better than chairman Tang did.”

"I agree."

"I agree."

Everyone expressed their thoughts, and even the shareholders who were originally standing on
Rorey's side nodded in agreement.

Seeing that the situation had completely deviated from her expectations, Rorey was anxious and didn't
care about how to deal with Rosiley. She went desperate and pointed at the shareholders she had
bribed and shouted, "Do you know that I am here? I didn't give you money to support Rosiley."

Rosiley felt embarrassed when she said those words. Being so ignorant as to offend the shareholders
in public at the meeting was equal to her own doom.


Those shareholders all had straight faces. After being exposed on the spot, everyone was more angry
than awkward.

Someone stood up and said, "Rorey, I will return the money to you. Today, I will vote for Rosiley, the
true successor of the Tang Group.”

"Me too." The others also stood up.

Rorey's face instantly paled.

The shareholders voted unanimously and Rosiley smoothly became the new chairman of the Tang

The news was instantly spread throughout the company, and the employees who supported Rosiley
cheered excitedly.

Perhaps this was what everyone expected.

In the meeting room, Rorey collapsed onto the chair as if she had lost her soul, and she was
completely lifeless.

Rosiley glanced at her with ridicule. She had it coming.

Then, while all the shareholders were still present, she picked up the so-called share transfer certificate
and said with a serious expression, "Since my father hasn't woken up yet, I can't confirm the
authenticity of this document. However, I once heard Rorey and her mother Xenia talking in my father's

Hearing her words, Rorey suddenly turned her head and stared at her in disbelief.

Rosiley pursed her lips and continued, "They mentioned the shares and that the document was a
forgery. Therefore, I want a

handwriting verification. If it is found to be a forgery, I will accuse Rorey and Xenia for that."

The shareholders never thought that Rorey and her mother would actually do such a thing. Originally,
they thought that they were sincerely taking care of Seneca, but they never thought that it was ill-
intention covered by hypocrisy.

"Rosiley, do whatever you want. We all support you." Rogelio looked at Rosiley affectionately.

"That's right. Rosiley, we've been friends with your father for so many years. We don't want him to be

"Rosiley, if there's anything you need our help with, just say it. Don't be embarrassed."

Rosiley was touched when she heard the words of these shareholders, and her eyes became wet.

She took a deep breath and all her emotions were summarized with one sentence. "Thank you."

The shareholder's meeting ended satisfactorily. Rosiley won the position as chairman.

Just as she was leaving, Rorey, who had been sitting there lifelessly, suddenly stood up and crashed
into Rosiley.

Without any precaution, Rosiley's back was smashed heavily against the doorframe. Intense pain
assaulted her and she almost blacked out. If it weren't for Rogelio supporting her timely, she would
have fallen to the ground.

"Rosiley, you bitch, you are not a member of the Tang family. You are just a bastard your mom and
some random man created..."

Rorey's harsh insult sounded like it came from a very far distance. Rosiley tried her best to open her
eyes, only to see Rorey's twisted and ugly face moving back and forth in front of her eyes, and she
kept cursing.

She was insulting her and her mother.

She could insult anyone but her mother. By doing this, Rorey had gone beyond her bottom line. She
really wanted to fight with Rorey desperately and tear her mouth apart, but the sharp pain on her back
made her feel that opening her eyes was very strenuous.

In the end, she fainted amidst Rorey's fading insults.