Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 243: Out-dated Drama Would Make You Dull

The room was elegantly decorated, with a large round table and lounge areas on each side. There was
a LCD TV on the wall playing a popular TV show.

There were fruits, exquisite snacks and tea on the coffee table.

Rosiley, who was sitting on the sofa, reached out and took a piece of osmanthus cake. She took a bite
and the fragrance of osmanthus filled her nose.

"Yayoi, Juliet, it's delicious. Would you like..." Rosiley turned around and was shocked.

What was going on?

Yayoi and Juliet were both crying. They looked especially sad.

Rosiley put down the cake in her hand and asked anxiously, "What's going on? Why are you crying?"

Juliet turned to look at Rosiley and pointed at the TV with tears in her eyes. "The TV drama is too
touching. I can't help but cry.’

Rosiley looked at the TV and saw a couple arguing in the show. Then, the woman ran across of the
road and then tragedy happened.

The woman was hit by a car and the man cried out. The woman's body flew up and then heavily fell to
the ground like a broken doll.

Immediately, blood slowly spread out from beneath her body.

Seeing this scene, Rosiley's heart trembled, and she panicked for no reason. She said, "Don't this kind
of outdated TV drama. It will make you dull.”

Juliet and Yayoi were speechless.

Actually, Rosiley was the one who loved watching outdated TV dramas the most. Now, she actually told
them not to watch this kind of dramas for the reason that they would still be dull.

"Rosiley,’ Juliet wiped her tears and looked at Rosiley seriously, "You watched so many outdated TV
dramas. Are you dull?"

"I..." Rosiley choked and was lost at words.

"Juliet, do you think Rosiley is dull?" Yayoi asked with a serious expression.

"Well..." Juliet looked at Rosiley, rubbed her chin and thought for a while. And then she answered
seriously, "Since she said that the outdated TV dramas would make people dull, she must have been
dull. That's why she warned us."

Rosiley looked at them and smiled with embarrassment. And the she said helplessly, "OK. Don't make
fun of me. Watch your TV drama."

Juliet and Yayoi looked at each other and chuckled.

"Are you angry?" Juliet touched Rosiley with her elbow.

Rosiley glanced sideways at her and said, "Am I narrow-minded?"

Juliet smiled and did not dwell on this topic. Instead, she turned to glance at the three men who were
still drinking. "When do you think they will stop drinking?"

Rosiley and Yayoi turned to look at the men.

“Actually, they didn't drink much. They're talking about work,” Rosiley said.

Juliet was dissatisfied, "We come out to celebrate for you. Why would it become a work exchange
meeting between the three of them?"

Rosiley smiled and didn't care at all. "] just became the chairman of the Tang Group. It isn't worth

Actually, this was still a headache for her.

"Of course it's worth celebrating. Think about it, you won today, and Rorey lost. You've finally taught her
a hard lesson. She stole your fiancé and even tried to steal your property. She is shameless and

Juliet's words were filled with contempt for Rorey. When she thought that Rorey's ambitions had failed,
she felt relieved.

Yayoi frowned and asked, "Rosiley, will Rorey give up so easily?"

Rosiley smiled and shook her head, "I don't think so. She might be discussing with Yunis how to deal
with me now."

"So what? We've never been afraid of them before, let alone now." Juliet was confident. She felt
disgusted even when she mentioned Rorey and Yunis names.

So she waved her hand and said, "Never mind. Stop talking about the two people who are disgusting.
Let's talk about our own business."

"Since you don't want to talk about them, then..." Yayoi raised her eyebrows and revealed a vague
smile. "Let's talk about what happened between you and Payton."

Rosiley was surprised. If Yayoi didn't mention it, Rosiley almost forgot that there was still such a thing.

"Yes, what happened between you and Payton?" Rosiley asked.

Looking at the two curious girls, Juliet bit her lips and pondered for a moment. Then she said, "He
invited me to the Sea of Milky Way Restaurant yesterday.’

Rosiley nodded, "I know that.’

When Payton made an appointment with Juliet, she happened to be present. However...

Rosiley frowned. Juliet continued, "Then I arrived there on time. He actually made me wait for more
than an hour. And he didn't answer my phone calls during that time. Do you know what happened in
the end?"

Rosiley and Yayoi shook their heads in unison.

"He brought a woman with him, and that woman was his blind date!"

Juliet gritted her teeth and said hatefully, glaring at Payton.

Payton seemed to sense something and turned to look at Juliet. He met her angry eyes and raised his
eyebrows with faint smile.

Juliet rolled her eyes at him and turned her head away.

Payton couldnt help but laugh. He thought that Juliet was cute when she was angry.

Seeing that Payton was smiling, Maddox followed the former's line of sight. The three women in the
lounge were chatting freely, and it seemed nothing unusual had happened.

"Payton, what are you laughing at?" Maddox picked up the wine and took a sip, pretending to ask

"Nothing,’ Payton replied with a smile, but didn't say anything else.

Maddox didn't ask any further. He sipped his wine and looked at the lounge. He didn't know what they
were talking about. Yayoi smiled very happily and briskly as before.

But now...

He withdrew his gaze, looked down and hid the sadness in his eyes. And then he drank all the wine in
the glass.

When Juliet said that the woman was Payton's blind date, Rosiley couldn't help but blurt out, "Did he
ask you to pretend to be his girlfriend and ruin the blind date?"

Juliet widened her eyes in surprise and asked, "How do you know?"

Rosiley shrugged with her hands up and said, "This is an outdated plot in TV dramas."

Yayoi couldnt help but burst out laughing happily.

"As expected, outdated plots come from life." Yayoi sighed.

Rosiley and Juliet turned to look at Yayoi. Then, they looked at each other and laughed.

Yeah, life was full of outdated plots.

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