The convenient Bride

Chapter 250: It Is Too Untenable to Convict Them

Rosiley asked Sachin to help her manage the Tang Group. Otherwise, with her ability, she was afraid
that she would destroy the Tang Group sooner or later.

When she told Sachin about this decision, he raised his eyebrows slightly and said, "Do you trust me
so much?"

"Of course, you're my husband."

This was her answer at that time. Actually, what she wanted to say was that, as the prospective
successor of the wealthy Lu family, would he care about such a small group like the Tang Group?

Of course not!

As a result, although she was the chairman of the board of directors, but in fact, the one who was really
managing the company was Sachin.

This problem that annoyed Rosiley was smoothly resolved.

Rosiley returned to work in TEG as a small deputy manager of the media department. Although her
position was low, it was something she was interested in.

That was why she liked this job.

On this day, Rosiley was called to her office by Lina.

"Rosiley, you've been slacking off in your work recently!” Lina said straightforwardly.

Rosiley suddenly felt a little embarrassed and smiled dryly, “Indeed.”

During this period of time, she had often asked for leave, and she could not deny that she had indeed
slacked off a lot in her work.

Seeing her embarrassed expression, Lina said, "Rosiley, I have no intention of blaming you. You can
take it as a reminder.’

She picked up a document on the table and handed it to Rosiley, saying, "This is a brief of the
corruption case involving the Young Group. You read it and send a reporter to follow up on the latest
development of this case.”

When Rosiley heard that it was about the Young Group, she hurriedly picked it up and browsed. Lina
said again, "Today, this corruption case will be tried publicly by the People's Court of Benin City. If
possible, you can send a reporter there and try to obtain first-hand information.’

"I'll go myself." Rosiley closed the document.

"You?" Lina frowned and said, "But you still have..."

"I can complete it." Rosiley promised.

Lina raised her eyebrows and said, "Alright, you can go."

“Thank you, Ms. Lina."

So, it turned out that today was the public trial of the Young Group's corruption case.

No wonder Yayoi asked for leave.

That girl was always like this. She didn't tell them anything bothered her and borne it alone.

Rosiley was both angry and distressed.

Since it was a public hearing, it meant that anyone could go in and listen.

To smoothly enter the courtroom and listen the hearing, she brought Juliet with her.

She remembered that there was someone in the Elton family who worked in the court.

As she had expected, as soon as they arrived at the entrance of the courthouse, a young man
welcomed them with a smile on his face.

"Miss Juliet, the chief judge asked me to bring you two in directly."

"Where is him?" Juliet asked.

"Our chief judge is busy dealing with a case now."

"Alright." Juliet pouted and said, "Then please thank him on behalf of me."

The young man smiled and led them into the courthouse building, heading straight for the court where
the corruption case was being tried.

When they entered the court, they saw Yayoi sitting at the front. But they did not go forward; instead,
they chose to sit at the back.

“That damn girl doesn't even treat us as friends. She doesn't even tell us about such an important
thing." When Juliet thought of Yayoi concealing such an important thing from them, she was very angry.

Rosiley smiled and comforted her, "She didn't want us to worry, so she chose not to say anything."

Juliet coldly snorted and said, "Yes, she is the most considerate for us, but I just don't understand it."

Rosiley smiled helplessly, and then looked to Yayoi. The smile on her face gradually faded away, and a
hint of worry appeared in her eyes.

The Young Group's corruption case involved a wide range of people. If it was thoroughly investigated, it
would definitely implicate a group of people. Therefore, Candance and Vito directly made Yayoi's
parents scapegoats to cover up the truth.

The Young Group and the Song family were like stones and eggs. There was a great disparity between

Yayoi once took a USB drive to threaten Candance that it was evidence. Later, they found out that it
was fake.

Sid said that he wanted to help Yayoi, but it ended up with nothing definite afterwards.

Although the Young Group could not compare to those large families like the Lu family and the Shen
family, its influence and power could not be underestimated.

Therefore, just as Candance said, she could casually destroy the Song family.

But this time, it was not that simple.

The trial began on time.

Yayoi's parents were brought to court.

Seeing them, Rosiley's eyes immediately turned tearful.

She couldn't recognize that they were the ones who loved them the most?

In her memory, Yayoi's father was slightly fat, and he liked to laugh loudly. And he liked to call them
sweet girls affectionately.

And her mother was especially beautiful. She was well maintained and dressed in fashionable clothes.
She always smiled and was confident.

However, the man and woman sitting in the dock now looked extremely thin and haggard, completely
different from what she


For a moment, she didn't dare to admit that they were Yayoi's parents, whom she knew before.

"Rosiley, why did they become like this?" Juliet could not believe it either.

They felt so distressed inside, let alone Yayoi.

The moment she saw her parents, tears fell down her cheeks. Yayoi looked at them with a pair of
tearful eyes.

They were thinner than they had been when she came to see them in the detention center.

Her mother turned her head and looked at the auditorium as if she had telepathy. She saw her
daughter at a glance.

In an instant, tears welled up in his eyes.

They looked at each other with tears in their eyes. Yayoi clenched her hands tightly on the railing in
front of her. She bit her lip, trying not to cry. But she felt extremely painful inside.

They were clearly so close, but she was unable to get closer to her.

During the trial, the Young Group's lawyers spoke aggressively, trying to convict Yayoi's parents.

But the defense lawyer, Calvert, was much calmer. He had always caught the flaws in the other
lawyer's statements and questioned him.

However, every challenge would be resolved by the plaintiff's lawyer one by one. In the end, Calvert
was helpless and could only hear the other party's lawyer speaking with a cold face.

The most disadvantageous thing for the defendant was that they had no evidence to prove their

However, this was also the advantage. The plaintiff only took out some fake accounts and Yayoi's
parents’ personal accounts as evidence. Such evidence was too untenable to immediately convict

In the end, the judge could only declare a temporary adjournment and reschedule the trial.

Hearing this, Yayoi's tense nerves relaxed, and she leaned back against the chair wearily.

Fortunately, her parents were fine for now.