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Chapter 253: Our Quick Decision Will Save Them from Long-term Pain

Inside the room, Rosiley only cried for a while. She patted Yayoi's back gently and comforted her

After a long time, Yayoi stopped crying, leaving only a soft sobbing sound.

Rosiley whispered, "Yayoi..."

Yayoi did not respond.

Rosiley continued, "Yayoi, your parents suddenly admitted their guilt. Candance must be the
mastermind behind it. So, wipe away your tears. The problem we are facing cannot be solved with
tears. Your parents are still waiting for us to clear their name."

About a dozen seconds later, Yayoi looked up and sat up straight.

She wiped away her tears and forced out a smile. "I won't cry again."

Rosiley smiled, "Well, both of us won't cry anymore. We need to face all the expected predicaments
bravely and get your parents out as soon as possible."

Rosiley pulled out a few napkins and stuffed them into Yayoi's hand. "Wipe your tears or go wash your
face. I'll call Sachin and Maddox in."

The atmosphere in the quiet living room was tense.

Maddox held Yayoi's hand tightly, silently giving her comfort and strength.

“Candace must have used Yayoi so as to threaten her parents to admit their guilt." Rosiley guessed.

"I think so.” Maddox nodded. "Candace is anxious. After all, the internal situation of the Young Group is
not optimistic."

"They run into fun problems.... Several projects have been forced to be suspended. I guess it has
something to do with this corruption case.” Sachin calmly analyzed. “Someone embezzles a large
amount of money, causing the lack of project funds, so they have to suspend them.”

Rosiley frowned, "Haven't President Young discovered that his daughter is responsible for it?"

“Candace is not a high-ranking member of the Young Group. How can she embezzle so much money?
She must have made a deal with those seniors so she can unscrupulously embezzle the company's
funds.” Maddox sneered.

"She probably feels that a part of her father's assets will be hers sooner or later. It's no big deal to use
those money in advance.

Rosiley curled her lips and continued, "Then she realizes that she can't make up for the shortage of
funds, so she begins to scheme. Yayoi's parents are then made a scapegoat."

Yayoi, who had been silent for a long time, finally said, "My parents suffers because of me."

Her voice was filled with self-blame.

Rosiley sighed softly, "Yayoi, it's not your fault. Even without Vito, I think Candance would also frame
your parents. After all, your parents are principled people.”

Among those corrupted people, principled ones were outsiders, as if they were time bombs that should
be removed.

Therefore, Yayoi's parents were the time bombs in the eyes of those who were involved in corruption.

"Maddox will take you to see your parents today. You should know what to do." Sachin's indifferent
gaze fell on Yayoi.

Yayoi returned, "Yes, I will ask my parents to tell me everything they know."

Sachin nodded and turned to look at Maddox. "Feel free to deal with the Young Group. There's no need
to show mercy."

Sachin mentioned casually, but Rosiley was shocked, "Do you want to destroy the Young Group?"

"Rosiley, they run into cash flow problems. Sooner or later, the company will bankrupt. A quick decision
will save them from long-term pain."

Maddox said this with a smile, which carried a hint of ruthlessness.

Rosiley raised her eyebrows. "Alright, I support you."

When the Young Group collapsed, Candance could no longer be arrogant. As for Vito, he attempted to
make a fortune with the help of Candace. However, he would fall miserably before he flied.

Rosiley was very satisfied with this result.

They talked for quite a while before Sachin and Rosiley left.

Next week, there would be a charity party hosted by Regal Entertainment Group. Big stars from the
entertainment industry and tycoons from business circles would attend it. So, it was quite a grand party.

This was also an important part of the recent work of the TEG media department.

Rosiley gathered all the reporters in her group for a small meeting.

“Rosiley, actually, I don't think those celebrities at the party are the main characters. The real one is
REG's president, Sachin. If we can interview him, then our reputation in the industry will rise by leaps
and bounds."

The one who said this was Raye, a rookie intern reporter, who had just graduated from university. He
spoke with great excitement, while other experienced reporters were calm.

Rosiley smiled, "Raye, don't you know that REG's president never appear in the mass media? If you
want to interview him, you're courting death.”

Rosiley didn't threaten Raye, for Sachin hated interviews a lot.

"Are you exaggerating?" Raye frowned. Suspicion clouded his young face.

Rosiley smiled to Raye, “Alright, let's not discuss the impossible.” Then she continued, "We should try
to get exclusive news about the party, and then make our company a trending topic so as to boost our
upcoming fashion and entertainment magazine."

Yes, Maddox wanted to launch a fashion magazine that included the entertainment industry's gossip
and the latest trends in the fashion industry.

Although there were many fashion magazines in the country, Maddox wanted to make a different one.

However, Rosiley felt that no matter how different it was, it was just a fashion magazine.

"Rosiley, what kind of news can make the headlines?” Raye was a newbie was especially eager to
learn and would ask whatever he didn't understand.

Rosiley pondered for a moment. "For example, the love affair of the famous actor, Bertram, and the
actress Hazel.

“But, Ms. Rosiley, it seems that Bertram won't attend the party.”

"Silly boy, I just cited Bertram as an example. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have to interview
him. Bertram is not the only hot star in the entertainment industry." Rosiley rolled her eyes at Raye.

“Anyway, do what you can. Whoever does the best job in the news, he will get a bonus.”

As soon as she finished, the reporters under her cheered and were especially excited.

Rosiley couldn't help but laugh when she saw their happy expressions. As expected, the moment she
mentioned the bonus, those spiritless people became thrilled.

It was good that rewards allured men to try their best.

Rosiley expected her team would report a piece of breaking news next week so as to cause a stir

Rosiley put away the papers on the desk and left the meeting room.

Seeing that she was leaving, Raye hurriedly chased after her.


Hearing someone calling her, Rosiley stopped and turned around, only to see Raye running over.

“What's wrong?" she asked.

Raye took a deep breath and said, "Rosiley, I want to interview Mr. Sachin."


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