The convenient Bride

Chapter 255: A Ridiculous Rumor

After a day of work, Rosiley and her colleagues walked out of the office building.

It was already autumn in Benin. Since the sky got dark very early, the streetlights would be lit up early.
The lights were beautiful when they stood in line.

After saying goodbye to her colleagues, Rosiley walked to the bus stop.

Suddenly, a car stopped beside her. Rosiley turned around in surprise. The window was slowly rolled
down, revealing Maddox's handsome face.

Rosiley couldn't help but laugh. "Hello, Maddox."

"Rosiley, let me drive you home.”

"No need. I'll take the bus.” Rosiley rejected him and continued, "Aren't you going to come to Yayoi?
Hurry up and leave me alone.”

Maddox frowned. "Rosiley, haven't you driven your car today?"

Rosiley returned, "No. Tomorrow is the weekend. I want to take the bus and enjoy the street scenery. I
haven't done it for a long time."

During this period of time, she had been worried about too many things, and every nerve in her body
had been tense. Now she relaxed. She wanted to slow down.

Taking a bus was a good choice.

"Rosiley, let me drive you home. It'll be very late if you go home by bus. My brother and I will be
worried." Maddox got out of the car and walked over to help her open the door with a resolute attitude.

Rosiley sighed, "It's only twenty minutes’ drive to Lennox Villa. I will get home soon."

No sooner did Rosiley finish than she ran away.

Seeing her running away, Maddox couldn't help but laugh. He thought that Rosiley was more mature
than Juliet and Yayoi. To his surprise, Rosiley could be so childish.

Since Rosiley did not want him to send her home, Maddox gave up and closed the car door. Then he
got in the car and drove away.

After running for a while, Rosiley slowed down. She stopped and looked back, finding that Maddox's
car disappeared.

After heaving a sigh of relief, Rosiley continued walking towards the bus stop.

The platform was filled with people. Rosiley squeezed to the front and stretched her neck to check if
the bus had arrived.

She failed to clap eyes on the bus. Instead, she saw a red sedan coming over and stopping beside her.

Rosiley thought that the driver wanted to pick up someone on the platform, so she retreated
backwards. However, when the car window was rolled down, a familiar voice came out.


Hearing this, Rosiley hurriedly bent to look into the car. A trace of surprise flashed across her pretty

It was Lina.

"Ms. Lina, you...."

Lina parked the car beside her. There must be something she wanted.

As expected, Lina's faint voice sounded again.

"Is it convenient for you to have dinner with me?"

Afraid that Rosiley would misunderstand, Lina added, "Let's dine together as friends."

Rosiley raised her eyebrows in disbelief. Lina treated her as a friend!

This was a pleasant surprise to Rosiley.

Rosiley pulled open the car door and sat inside. When Rosiley was wearing her seat belt, she smiled at
Lina, "It will be too bad if I decline my friend's invitation.”

Lina replied with a smile. She didn't say anything and directly started the car, which then merged into
the traffic.

"Yes, I'll go back after dinner. I'll..."

Rosiley stood at the entrance of the restaurant, talking on the phone. From time to time, she looked

Lina was talking to the waiter. Then the waiter nodded and left.

"Yes, I'll call you to pick me up as soon as I finish up."

After chatting for a while, Rosiley hung up and walked in.

"Were you talking to your boyfriend?" After Rosiley was seated opposite Lina, Lina asked with a smile.

"No, he's my husband."

Rosiley picked up the teapot and poured a glass of water for herself and Lina. Rosiley did not notice
how shocked Lina was at her casual reply.

‘Rosiley has married?’

Lina looked at Rosiley with a frown. "You have married?" Lina asked in disbelief.

Rosiley nodded. "Yes, it's been a while."

Rosiley did not intentionally conceal her marriage. She just let nature take its course. People who
should know would always find it out.

Therefore, in front of Lina, Rosiley was very frank about her marriage.

However, Lina seemed to be very surprised!

So, Rosiley smiled and asked, "Ms. Lina, do you think it's unbelievable?"

"Yes, I thought you and Mr. Shen were together." Lina immediately realized that she had said
something wrong. Thus, she quickly explained, "The rumor has got around in the company. I thought it
was true.”

After all, from the moment Maddox came to the company, everyone could feel that he had been helping
Rosiley. If they weren't a couple, why was he willing to help her so much?

Moreover, Lina saw Maddox deliberately stop the car just now. It seemed that he wanted to send
Rosiley back.

Rosiley smiled indifferently. "It's fine. I've heard such rumors as well."

Although Lonny was expelled from the company, those of her ilk were still in the Media Department.
They spread these rumors out.

After hearing too much, Rosiley had become immune to them!

Looking at her calm expression, Lina couldn't help but laugh. "I don't misjudge you. You are a very
smart person, and you will never be affected by something boring."

Realizing that Lina appreciated her very much, Rosiley felt a little proud. But she returned modestly,
"Ms. Lina, compared with you, I'm inferior.”

"Since when do you learn to flatter others?" Lina smiled more happily.

"Do I?" Rosiley blinked innocently. "I’m telling the truth."

They looked at each other and smiled, feeling that they were getting closer.

Lina took a sip of her tea and thought for a moment before asking, "Then what is your relationship with
Mr. Shen?"

The doubt had been lingering in Lina's heart.

"Well..." Rosiley pondered over the wording. "We are more than friends. In other words, we are family.’

Rosiley didn't want to directly say that Maddox was her husband's cousin. Otherwise, Lina would
definitely guess Sachin's identity.

"What about Mr. Payton?" Lina continued.

Besides the gossip between Rosiley and Maddox, the rumor in the company had it that Rosiley was in
a love affair with Payton.

"The same." Rosiley took a sip of tea and returned resignedly, "Once the rumor gets around, it will
become wide of the mark."

For example, there were rumors that she was Maddox and Payton's lover.

If she knew who spread such a baseless rumor, she would definitely teach him a lesson.

People who enjoyed gossiping were disgusting.

"There are too many idle people in the company, and they like to gossip.” Lina curled her lower lip.
"Anyway, a clean hand wants no washing.’

"You are right! It is irrational to bother myself arguing with the mentally handicapped."

Rosiley and Lina looked at each other again and smiled. A waiter happened to come over with the
dishes, so they stopped chatting.