The convenient Bride

Chapter 256: Save Me!

After the meal, Rosiley refused to let Lina to send her home and went to the roadside alone, waiting for

It was late, and the streetlamps on both sides of the road shone on the asphalt road. A gentle breeze
blew over, carrying coldness.

Rosiley gathered up the thin windbreaker on her body, folded her arms on her chest, and looked
forward to the appearance of Sachin's car.

A car drove over from afar. The car lights were very dazzling.

Rosiley subconsciously turned around and raised her hand to block her forehead. She then looked at
the car angrily.

There came a sound of tires rubbing against the ground.

The car stopped beside her.

Rosiley thought it was Sachin's car, but when she looked closely, she discovered that it was a strange

Why was this strange car parked here?

She narrowed her eyes and felt confused.

She cautiously stared at the car and subconsciously retreated.

Then the car door opened, and a tall man got off.

The light was dim, so she couldn't see clearly the man's appearance.

"Girl, are you still waiting for the bus at this late hour? Shall I drive you home?"

The man said with a flirtatious tone as he walked towards her.

It was obvious that this man was unkind!

Rosiley shook her head as she stepped back, saying, "No! Thank you!"

She was about to run away, but that person was even faster than her and directly grabbed her hand.

"Girl, don't run. Let me take you for a ride."

“Let go of me!" Rosiley shouted and tried to shake off his hand.

There was a strong smell of alcohol on the man's body and her heart was beating fast out of fear.

She was absolutely no match for a drunkard.

Therefore, she tried her best to break away from his hand, but the disparity in strength was too great
that she could not move in the slightest.

When the man saw her appearance clearly, a trace of astonishment flashed in his eyes. How could he
be so lucky? He encountered such a beautiful woman.

She was completely different from the normal girl he encountered before. Her eyes were clear and
elegant. Even now, her anger could not conceal her beauty. The fresh and clean temperament that she
naturally owned was attractive.

It was one of his favorite things to destroy beautiful things.

The man smiled viciously, and then he pulled Rosiley to the car.

"Let go of me!" Rosiley struggled, trying not to be pulled away by him.

But in the end, there was a huge disparity in strength. She was pulled to the side of the car. The man
opened the door and wanted to stuff her in.

At this moment, an idea popped up in Rosiley's mind. She suddenly raised her foot and kicked the
man's crotch.

The man cried out in alarm. He let go of the hand that was grabbing her. He covered his crotch with
both hands and bent down, with his face twisted out of pain.

Rosiley seized this opportunity!

She turned around and ran away with a face full of fear.

When the man recovered from pain, he looked at the woman who was running far away and cursed.
Then he hurriedly chased after her.

He wouldn't let her off!

As Rosiley ran, she took out her phone from her bag and dialed Sachin's number. Not long after, he
picked it up and said, "Rosiley....”

"Sachin, save me!"

"Where are you?" Sachin asked worriedly.

Rosiley gave the address to him, then hung up the phone and continued running forward.

The wind blew past Rosiley's ears. She felt that she could not hear anything around her, except her
heavy breathing.

She felt as if her legs were filled with lead. They were so heavy that her speed gradually slowed down.
She subconsciously turned around and saw that the man was getting closer and closer.

She bit her lip and quickened her pace.

"Bitch, I will kill you!”

The man's shouts came from behind. Rosiley knew that what he said was true. If he caught her again,
she would definitely end up in a miserable situation.

But as her legs grew heavier and slower, the man gradually got closer.

She felt a trace of despair in her heart.

She really couldn't run anymore!

She bent down and put her hands on her knees. She panted heavily and her throat was dry as if it were
going to catch fire. She felt extremely sick.

"Why aren't you running anymore?” The man approached, and his tone was extremely vicious and

She was still caught up!

She felt as if her heart had fallen into an abyss filled with despair!

Just as the man reached out to grab her, a dazzling light shone over. The man subconsciously raised
his arm to shield his eyes, and then a car stopped not far from them.

A tall man got off and quickly ran towards them.

When the man saw that someone was coming, he immediately grabbed Rosiley's arm and wanted to
pull her back to his car.

However, the person who suddenly appeared had already arrived in front of them. With the light coming
from the headlights, the man could clearly see the person's face, and his expression changed

The moment Rosiley saw Sachin, she relaxed. Her legs softened and she almost fell to the ground.
Fortunately, Sachin came over to support her.

"Sorry, I'm late." Sachin looked guiltily at the girl in front of him.

Her hair was wet and in a mess. Her face was pale, and her lips were colorless.

Sachin didn't dare to think about what would happen if he arrived later.

He hugged Rosiley tightly in his arms, then raised his head and stared coldly at the man.

The man couldn't help but shiver. He lowered his head in fear and said softly, “Sachin.”


Rosiley raised her eyebrows in surprise and looked at Sachin. Did this drunkard know him?

"Charlie, did you drink?"

Of course, he could smell Charlie's alcoholic breath.

"Yes," he cautiously replied.

Sachin stared at him coldly. Then, he took out his phone and made a call. When the call was
connected, he directly said,

"There is a drunk driver in Tyler Street!"

Then, he hung up the phone and said to Charlie coldly, "Reflect on it when you go to jail.”

"Sachin...." Charlie looked up at him, with a hint of pleading appearing on his face. "Dad won't let me
off if I go to jail!"

"It's none of my business,” Sachin replied indifferently.

He looked at Rosiley in his arms and continued, “And...,, He paused and raised his head. A trace of
killing intent appeared in his ice-cold eyes. "When you come out, I'll get even with you for this!"

Charlie lowered his head once again. A trace of unwillingness flashed in his eyes.