The convenient Bride

Chapter 257: What a Beautiful Night!

After the police came to take Charlie away, Sachin drove Rosiley home.

After returning home, Rosiley immediately took a bath.

Rosiley lay in the bed, feeling as if she had survived a calamity.

Was ... that man Sachin's younger brother?

On the way back, Sachin had a cold expression. So, she did not dare to ask him.

It seemed that ... when Charlie was taken away by the police, he had whispered something in Sachin's
ear. She could clearly see that Sachin's entire expression had changed.

What exactly did he say?

Sachin pushed open the door and walked into the room. Seeing that she was deep in thought, he
raised his eyebrows slightly and slowly walked over.

"What are you thinking?” he asked softly.

Rosiley was stunned for a moment, then smiled brightly, replying, "Nothing."

She moved to the other side of the bed, asking him to sit down.

Sachin grabbed her shoulders and hugged her into his arms.

She leaned her head gently against his chest and listened to his steady heartbeat. She felt
incomparably at ease.

"Rosiley,’ he called out softly.


"I'm sorry to put you in such a dangerous situation.’

Hearing this, Rosiley looked up at his jaw and smiled, saying, "Sachin, it was not your fault. This was ...
an accident.”

Sachin smiled, but he soon said seriously, "He is the child of my ... father's remarried wife.”

Rosiley raised her eyebrows in surprise. So, that man was his stepmother’s child.

This seemed to be the second time that he had mentioned his family.

In the past, Payton had told her that Sachin ranked the first in the family, and he was the third. The
second and fourth were their stepmother's children. She was their father's mistress. However, after
Sachin's mother divorced him, he married that woman.

"Why did you treat him like this today?” Rosiley thought that wealthy families were usually filled with
intrigue against each other, especially for the Lu family. As the successor of his family, Sachin must be
hated by his stepmother and her two children.

She was afraid that Charlie would retaliate.

Sachin said, "He won't dare."

Charlie had been spoiled by his mother since childhood. He knew nothing but bear and skittles.

Others thought he was simple.

In fact, he was stupid.

So, he would not dare to retaliate. Especially when facing with a man who was stronger than him, he
didn't have the courage to do so.

But another person dared.

Sachin frowned and recalled what Charlie had said to him.

"Sachin, is that woman your mistress or girlfriend? I guess she should be your girlfriend. Then you
must be careful. If my brother finds out that you have a girlfriend, I think your life won't be peaceful.”

"After all, he always likes to snatch things from you."

Charlie was a nobody, but his brother was not.

Seeing him keeping silent for a long time, Rosiley raised her head in puzzlement. She saw that he
frowned, as if he was worried about something.

She also frowned slightly, asking, "Sachin, what's going on?"

Sachin regained his senses and saw her puzzled eyes. He said calmly, "What?"

"What's on your mind?" Rosiley asked.


Sachin let go of her, and she sat up straight.

They looked at each other. Sachin slightly smiled, with his deep black eyes filled with tenderness.
"Rosiley, I will tell you everything one day.”

Rosiley raised her eyebrows slightly, then smiled and said, "It doesn't matter. Anyway, I don't care
about anything but you."

Looking at her delicate and pretty face, Sachin was attracted. Then he couldn't help but kiss her lips.

He gently kissed her and muttered, "Rosiley....”

Rosiley's heart trembled slightly when she heard his soft and tender voice. She couldn't help but raise
her hand to hug his neck and kiss him.

The breeze gently lifted a corner of the curtain, and it could be vaguely seen that a pair of people were
hugging each other in the bed.

Moon shyly hid in the clouds.

What a beautiful night....

It was already afternoon when Rosiley woke up.

Fortunately, she didn't have to work on weekends.

After lunch, which was more than an hour late, Rosiley went to the living room to watch TV.

Because of the charity party, Sachin went to the company this morning.

He seemed to have once woken her up when she was asleep and told her about it.

However, she was so tired that she fell asleep at that time.

Sasha told her this again while she was eating, and she vaguely remembered that he seemed to have
told her in the morning.

There was the hottest variety show on TV right now. It was full of celebrities who were popular.

Each episode had a different theme, with several male and female celebrities fighting for a certain

To be honest, all these programs had scripts, which arranged every plot.

So, they would only attract those young naive girls and boys.

Rosiley yawned and couldn't help but fall asleep again on the sofa.

Sasha walked over and saw her sleeping on the sofa. She smiled helplessly, then went upstairs to get
a blanket and gently covered her body with it.

The weather was nice, so Rosiley slept soundly.

Suddenly, her phone rang.

She was startled and sat up immediately.

She looked out of the French window and saw that the sun was shining brightly.

It was indeed a good day for sleeping.

Who on earth was calling to ruin her sweet dreams at this moment?

It was still ringing in her ears. She scratched her hair irritably and picked up the phone on the coffee
table. Without looking at the screen, she directly said, "Hello, who is it?"

Perhaps because her tone was too impatient, there was silence on the other side.

Rosiley frowned and took a look at the screen. It was Juliet.

So, she said, "Juliet, are you mute? Can't you speak?"

There was still silence. Just as Rosiley was about to hang up the phone, Juliet said cautiously,

"Rosiley, why are you so irritated today?"

"I was sleeping, and you woke me up!" Rosiley said angrily.

Then she asked, “Tell me, why are you calling me?"

Juliet paused for a moment and then said, "I want you to come and save me.”


Rosiley raised her eyebrows in surprise.