The convenient Bride

Chapter 260: He Must Still Have Feelings for You

Rosiley glanced at her and said, "Because it's obvious.”

“Alright,” Juliet pouted and said, "I did know him a long time ago, and he is ... the son of a friend of my

"It shouldn't be that simple, right?" With only this kind of relationship, would she talk to him with such a
bad attitude?

Juliet pursed her lips and looked at Payton. After pondering for a moment, she said, "He is my ex-

"Ex-boyfriend?" Rosiley cried out in surprise. This could explain why Juliet's attitude was so bad.

Payton laughed out loud and said, "Holy shit, I guessed it.”

Juliet frowned and asked, "What did you guess?"

"I was just thinking that there must be emotional dispute between you. Otherwise, a woman wouldn't
treat a man like this,”

Payton threw up his hands and said, "I didn't expect that I would guess it. I'm too smart.”

Juliet was stunned, and a trace of anger flashed in her eyes. She glowered at him and said, "Yes,
you're smart. You're exceptionally smart!"

Payton rubbed his nose in confusion. He looked at Rosiley in puzzlement and said, "Rosiley, how did I
provoke her?"

Rosiley smiled and asked, "When did you date Ethan? Why don't I know?"

Rosiley had known her for so many years, she almost knew every boyfriend she had, but Ethan was
not one of them.

Was she with him during the three years abroad?

"He was my boyfriend when I was abroad.”

Juliet's answer confirmed Rosiley's guess.

"Then why did you break up?"

Ethan looked pretty good. He was also the type that Juliet would like. How could they break up?
Moreover, Juliet seemed to have a great grudge against him now.

"We are not a good fit." Juliet gave a simple answer.

This answer contained too many unknown details, but it seemed that she didn't want to say much. So,
Rosiley didn't ask any further. She just smiled and said jokingly, "Juliet, but he still intentionally went on
a blind date with you. He must still have feelings for you."

Juliet spat and said with a disdainful expression, "Bullshit! He did this because of my family

Hearing this, Rosiley couldn't help but laugh, saying, "Juliet, you must have read too many novels or
TV dramas. How could Ethan be such a snobbish person?"

A man like Ethan, who looked so gentle, didn't seem scheming at all.

"A person cannot be judged by appearance, understand?” Juliet snorted coldly.

"He is a professor specially hired by the National Academy of Medical Sciences from abroad, right?"

Payton suddenly said this.

"How do you know?" Juliet looked at him suspiciously and asked, “Have you investigated him?"

Payton did not answer her. Instead, he turned to Rosiley and said, "Rosiley, do you remember the
Medical Research Center in the United States that Sachin told you about?"

Rosiley nodded and said, "I remember.’

"When I was investigating, Ethan's name was on the list of personals of the research center. I was also
curious how there was

a Chinese name. So..."

He paused and said, "I specifically investigated this person. When I saw him today, I felt that he looked
familiar. When he said his name, I remembered that he was a member of the American Medical
Research Center.”

"Really?" In Rosiley's impression, the research center seemed to be developing illegal drugs, and even
deadly drugs. Ethan didn't seem to be doing such research.

Payton smiled and asked, "Rosiley, you don't believe me. Instead, you believe that Ethan, do you?"

“Actually, what Payton said is correct. Ethan is not as simple as he looks on the surface. In fact, he is
very evil inside.” Juliet's eyes narrowed slightly, and there was an indiscernible emotion surging inside.

Rosiley raised her eyebrows and said, "Juliet, after all, you had an unpleasant relationship with him, so
what you said was very subjective and not very believable.”

"However..." When she saw Juliet's face instantly change and was about to go mad, she suddenly said,
"I can't judge a person with my first impression. This is also very subjective.”

"Rosiley, if you're interested, I can send you Ethan's information.” After all, what he said was not very
believable. Evidence was the most important.

"OK," Rosiley nodded and said, "This way, I can also know what kind of person Juliet's ex-boyfriend is."

"What do you think, Juliet?” She smiled brightly at Juliet.

"Whatever,’ Juliet picked up the coffee on the table and took a sip, saying indifferently.

"Payton, send the information to my email after you go back home.” Rosiley turned to Payton and said
when she saw that Juliet had no objections.

Payton nodded and said, "Alright, I'll sent it to you later.”

Rosiley smiled, then picked up the coffee and drank, looking thoughtfully at Juliet.

Was Ethan really that kind of person?

An evil and scheming person who did something illegal.

As the night fell, the bright neon lights decorated the entire city, making it livelier.

The silver-gray Maybach drove steadily on the highway. Rosiley, who was sitting in the passenger seat,
turned her head to look out of the window. The lights along the road shone on her small face through
the window.

When they were waiting for the traffic light, Sachin slightly turned around and smiled at Rosiley, who
was in a daze. He said gently, "Rosiley...."

Hearing his voice, she turned around and saw his black gentle eyes. She asked, "Why do you stop?”

"It's the red light." He reached out to help her brush the broken hair off her cheek behind her ear and
asked softly, "What are you thinking so seriously about?"

"You guess!" She smiled playfully.

"Well..." Sachin was really thinking seriously.

Then he said, "You are thinking about what to eat tonight."

Rosiley pretended to pout in dissatisfaction, saying, "Do you think I can only think of such a boring

Sachin chuckled and raised his hand to pinch her nose dotingly, asking, "Then tell me what you're
thinking about.”

Rosiley pursed her lips and said, "The research center in the United States..."

"What's wrong?"


Just as Rosiley was about to say something, an ear-piercing horn sounded from behind the car.

Sachin turned around and saw the green light.

"Tell me when we arrive at the restaurant.”

With that, he started the car and drove.