The convenient Bride

Chapter 262: I Am Jealous

The strange man walked out. He was thin and ordinary-looking, but he carried a sharp and gloomy

This man was very dangerous!

Rorey frowned and looked at the man with an inquiring gaze.

How could she not know that there was another man at home?

The man walked over and nodded at Rorey. Then, he looked at Xenia and said, "What do you need me
to do?"

Xenia turned her head to look at Butler Zhao, who was lying under the stairs, and said, "Alan, dispose
of it.”

Alan looked to the corpse with a slight flash of light in his eyes.

Xenia turned to look at him and asked, “What's wrong? Don't you guys often do such things? Are you

Alan withdrew his gaze and coldly looked at her, then he turned around and went downstairs.

It wasn't that he couldn't notice the sarcasm in Xenia's words, but so what? She wasn't wrong. They
always did this.

Therefore, he didn't refute it.

"Mom, who is he?" Rorey frowned even more when she saw Alan moving Butler Zhao fearlessly. She
felt that Alan was not a simple man.

"You don't need to know who he is. You just need to remember that Alan will help you with everything
you want to do next." Xenia concealed Alan's identity because she didn't want her daughter to know
who her biological father was.

"But..." Rorey still wanted to ask but was interrupted by Xenia’s harsh voice. "Stop, don't ask anymore."

Rorey was instantly stunned, with her eyes filled with disbelief. This should be the first time her mother
was so fierce towards her.

Her serious and cold face made her feel scared. She even felt that the woman in front of her was so
unfamiliar, as if she had never known her.

Seeing her daughter staring blankly at her, Xenia realized that she had overreacted. She quickly
relaxed her expression and said softly, “Rorey, I'm just afraid that you won't be able to do anything with
psychological burdens if you know too much. So, don't ask too much about some things. You just do
whatever you want.’

Rorey stared fixedly at her. After a while, she nodded and said, "Alright, mom."

After saying that, she turned to look downstairs. Alan and Butler Zhao were gone. The pool of blood on
the floor was especially bright red and terrifying under the illumination of the lights.

Rorey was so frightened that she quickly withdrew her gaze and hurriedly said to Xenia, "I'm going
back to my room." Then she turned around and left.

When Alan moved Butler Zhao, he noticed that he was still breathing.

He had spent many years in sanguinary slaughters, and he had killed a lot of people. But at that
moment, when he saw Butler Zhao's pale painful face, he even felt a bit compassion.

Perhaps it was because of what his boss said to him.

“Alan, we have risked our lives for so many years, but luckily we survive and have our current power.
But I feel very tired. I can't ignore my life and death like a young man. The only thought in my mind
when I pick up the knife is to kill my enemy. I'm really tired of that kind of life. If I were given a chance
again, I would definitely choose to be a normal person and live a simple life."

When he said this, a trace of nostalgia appeared on his face.

At that time, he did not know about his past. Only when he saw Xenia did he know that his boss had
once had a lover and a daughter.

He understood what his boss was missing.

He also thought of his elderly parents. Ever since he had been a gangster, he didn't dare to meet them
for fear of bringing them trouble.

This separation lasted for many years, and they should be about the same age as Butler Zhao.

Thinking of this, he turned his car around and drove to the hospital.

If he could choose, he wanted to save people, not kill them.

The five-colored lights on the outer wall of Imperial Plaza flickered, and from afar, it was a beautiful

Sachin drove the car directly to the underground parking lot and then took the elevator to the revolving
restaurant on the top floor.

They slowly walked along the corridor with the black marble floor.

The moment Rosiley saw the restaurant, she was astonished.

The dining hall was brightly lit, and it looked magnificent and extraordinary.

The beautiful welcoming waitress greeted them with a sweet smile, and then she brought them to the
table that had already reserved for Sachin.

When Rosiley sat down, she looked out of the French window in surprise. The spacious and bright
glass panes gave her a panoramic view of most of the bustling night scene of Benin City.

"It is so beautiful.” She cried out in surprise, with her pretty little face filled with joy.

Sachin looked at her gently and said, "It's good that you like it.”

"L like it, I like it very much." she said happily.

Sachin smiled when he saw that she was obsessed with the night scene. Then, he lowered his head
and flipped through the menu. Then he came up with an idea.

“Rosiley, how about we eat Italian food today?” he asked Rosiley. He still wanted to hear her opinions
and didn't want to order the dishes arbitrarily.

Hearing this, Rosiley finally withdrew her gaze from the window and looked at him. She smiled brightly
and said, "Alright, let's eat Italian food.”

After saying that, she turned her head to enjoy the night scene again.

Seeing this, Sachin felt somehow jealous. This girl was so fascinated by the night scene that she didn't
even look at the menu and him.

Thus, he directly ordered the dishes.

Rosiley was enjoying the beautiful scenery, suddenly...

He said faintly in her ears, “Rosiley, I suddenly realized that I am not only inferior to the night scene, but
also inferior to food in your eyes.”

Rosiley turned around and looked at him in puzzlement, not understanding what he meant.

Sachin leaned his elbows on the table, crossed his hands and stared fixedly at her, asking, "Is the night
scene as beautiful as me?"

Rosiley raised her eyebrows in surprise. Was he jealous of the night scene and food?

"Yes, I'm jealous.” Sachin smiled gently.

"You were so fascinated by the night scene that you completely forgot me. Only when I mentioned food
did you turn your head to look at me. That's why I am jealous."

Rosiley couldn't help but laugh and said jokingly, “Sachin, are you not confident in yourself?"

Sachin raised his eyebrows slightly and nodded, saying, "I really don't have confidence."

"If you don't have confidence, then many men will not have the courage to live because of self-

With his appearance, he could casually stand in the street, and there must be countless girls chatting
up him.

But he even said that he didn't have the confidence. How ridiculous!

"I just don't have confidence when facing you.” Sachin explained with a smile.


"Do you want me to give you confidence?” Rosiley smile brightly.