The convenient Bride

Chapter 265: I Can Really Drive Her Crazy

Lane was woken up early in the morning by his boss’ crazy serial calls.

He picked up the phone with fear, and the boss’ cold voice immediately sounded.

"Lane, come to the city hospital. You have ten minutes!"

Without giving him a chance to speak, Sachin hung up the phone.

Lane held onto his phone with a dumbfounded expression. What was Mr. Sachin saying?

Ask him to get to the city hospital in ten minutes?

Did Mr. Sachin think that he was flying an airplane?

Lane resigned himself to his fate despite all sorts of thoughts in his heart.

After all, Mr. Sachin was the boss and he was his subordinate.

Lane really drove like a plane. Fortunately, there were very few cars on the road in the early morning.
Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to rush into the ward in the last few seconds of ten minutes.

Upon seeing him, Sachin lowered his head and looked at his watch. "You're just in time.”

"... Lane was speechless. Mr. Sachin was really counting the time!

How bored you were!

After cursing in his heart, Lane walked over and respectfully asked, "Mr. Sachin, is there anything I can
do for you in such a hurry?"

Sachin glanced at him and said, “Copy the surveillance video from this ward for me.”

Lane was stunned, "But I didn't bring my computer."

As soon as he said this, Lane could clearly feel the cold aura lingering around his boss. He hurriedly
said, "I'll go back to get the computer now.’

As he spoke, he was about to walk out.

"No. Call Payton and ask him to bring it over."

“Alright.” Lane hurriedly went out to make a phone call without a second of delay to avoid his anger.

"Where's Lane?" Rosiley came out of the bathroom and asked curiously without seeing Lane.

In the bathroom, she seemed to hear Lane's voice. Why didn't she see anyone when she came out?

"He is outside making a phone call." Sachin replied indifferently.

"Well." Rosiley pursed her lips and looked around. She asked suspiciously, "Sachin, did you really
install a monitor in the room?"

"Yes. When Dad was in hospital, I asked Lane to install a monitor just in case."

Rosiley instantly felt ashamed. As a daughter, she didn't even think so carefully, but he thought so
much about her and her father. In comparison, she seemed to have failed.

However, at the same time, she was very touched. She was touched that he had done so much silently.

"Sachin, thank you.” She smiled and said softly.

Sachin raised his eyebrows slightly and curled his lips. "Dear, this is what I should do. There's no need
to be so polite between husband and wife.”

They looked at each other and smiled.

The sky outside the window was already bright. The rising sun shone into the room, lightening the
room, too.

Payton took the computer and rushed to the hospital. After handing it over to Lane, he walked to the
hospital bed and observed Seneca. Then, he looked up at Rosiley who was sitting on the other side of
the bed and said, "Rosiley, what happened?"

"The breathing tube was cut off. He was rescued this morning.”

A brief but clear answer.

Payton immediately understood. He turned to look at Lane, who was taking out the memory card from
the monitor. "So now you want to check the monitor to see who cut the breathing tube, right?"

Rosiley nodded, "Yeah, but we've already guessed who did it. We just want to check by the monitor.”

"Who did it?" Payton asked curiously.

"Someone you know." Rosiley didn't directly tell him, but let him guess.

Someone he knew? Someone who would even kill Rosiley's father?

A candidate flashed through his mind. He asked tentatively, "Rorey?"

Rosiley raised her eyebrows and said, "Almost."

Payton understood and immediately blurted out, "Rorey's mother, Xenia.”

"Payton, you're quite smart.” Rosiley teased with a smile.

"Of course." Payton raised his eyebrows proudly and continued, “Is Xenia crazy? She actually wanted
to kill her husband. If she wasn't crazy, then her conscience would have been taken by a devil:”

He thought for a while and said, “No, even the devil would not take it.”

"Lalso think she's crazy.’ Rosiley withdrew the smile and her eyes filled with a sharp cold light. "She'd
better be crazy; otherwise I can make her really crazy!”

"Well said, Rosiley." Payton looked at her in surprise.

Rosiley looked sideways at him, "Then will you help me?"

"Of course. I will do anything as you want. I will not hesitate.”

Rosiley was speechless.

Lane couldn't help but burst out laughing.

"Mr. Payton, you can't talk nonsense about this. If Rosiley wants you to do something illegal, then you'll
be embarrassed.”

Lane said happily, completely unaware of how serious the consequences would be.

Payton's face darkened. "Lane, you've been bolder lately, haven't you?"

"No, I'm bold enough. I don't need to be bolder.” Lane said seriously, completely unaware that danger
was approaching him.

Payton narrowed his eyes and turned to look at Sachin, who had been silent, “Sachin, is father
planning to build a branch office in HJ Country recently? Is he worried that no one can manage the
company there?”

Sachin nodded, "That's true. Do you have a suitable candidate?"

"Yes, I'm not sure if you're willing to let him go?"

Lane felt a chill from behind, and he subconsciously looked at Sachin and the others.

Mr. Payton narrowed his eyes, and revealed a meaningful smile. "I think Lane is the right person.”

Hearing this, Lane was shocked, instantly staring at him dumbfounded.


Did he want to send him to HJ Country?


"Mr. Payton, thank you for your appreciation. I don't think I'm qualified for such an important job." Lane
forced out a smile and cold sweat fell from the corner of his forehead.

He was quite scared. What if Mr. Sachin really nodded in agreement?

Sachin looked at the nervous Lane indifferently. Eyes filled with tease, he said with a mischievous
smile. "Payton, I would discuss your suggestion with father."

Lane was in a mess. He seemed to have seen that his life would not be easy for a long time.

Seeing Lane's wooden smile, Rosiley couldn't bear it anymore and scolded softly, "Don't scare Lane. If
you scare him away, then you would regret.”

Then, she said softly to Lane, "Lane, don't take their words seriously. They are deliberately scaring

Lane blinked his eyes. He wouldn't believe it if Mr. Payton said it, but Mr. Sachin?

Lane looked at the Sachin. And Sachin looked at him calmly. "As my assistant, if you can't even
withstand such a little shock, how could I believe you?"

The others instantly fell silent. They all sighed in their hearts. He was so thick-skinned.