Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 264: Force Her to Pay the Price

The lights in the emergency room were still on. The nurse said that the doctor immediately rescued him
as soon as they discovered it. But his condition was not very good.

They couldn't guarantee that they could save him.

Rosiley looked at the tightly shut door of the emergency room. Her father was in the emergency room
and could leave her at any time.

She felt like an invisible hand was gripping her heart. It hurt and she couldn't breathe.

She was scared. She was really scared. She was afraid that her father would never wake up again.

Her eyes were watery. As she blinked, tears rolled down her cheeks and stained them wet.

"Dad will be fine.” Sachin held her in his arms and gently stroked her back.

Rosiley buried her face in his chest, her hands tightly grabbing his clothes. She bit her lips to keep
herself from crying.

As long as the doctor was making an effort, there was hope.

Sachin narrowed his eyes and looked at the door. The head nurse's anxious explanation sounded by
his ear.

“Miss Tang, the nurse on duty noticed that Mr. Seneca's heart rate was decreasing. She immediately
called a doctor and the doctor rescued him. It was our fault that something like this happened. But at
the same time, we also found that Mr. Seneca's breathing tube was broken. The fracture was very flat.
It might have been cut by someone.”

"At night, only his wife came."

Xenia came to see his father-in-law at night. After she left, the nurse on duty noticed that Seneca's
heart rate was decreasing. At the same time, she noticed that someone had cut his breathing tube.

If this were just a coincidence, someone would believe it.


His eyes were cold and filled with anger. He would let her to pay the price for what she had done.

After crying, Rosiley gradually calmed down from her sad mood, and refreshed from the chaos.

She retreated from Sachin’s embrace, raised her hand to wipe away her tears, and raised her head,
"Sachin, did the head nurse say that Xenia came to see my father at night?"

At that time, there was only one thought in her mind. Her father was being rescued and it was hard to
predict whether he would live or die.

Therefore, she had no mood to listen to what the head nurse said.

Now that her mind was clear, she remembered the most important thing in the head nurse's words...

Xenia came to the hospital at night.

"Has she been here before?" She repeated.

Sachin nodded, "Yes."

"Did something happen to my father after she left?"

Sachin frowned and pondered for a moment before giving her a clear answer.

"Indeed, something happened to Dad after she came to see him. The breathing tube was cut. If I'm not
wrong, it was cut by Xenia."

Hearing this, Rosiley exclaimed, “Is she crazy? She and my father have been together for decades.
How could she do that?"

"Once involved interests, regardless of whether they're family, couples, or friends, they might turn into
enemies. So it's not beyond my expectations that Xenia will do this."

There were a lot of such things happening in the Lu family.

Rosiley, who was immersed in shock, did not notice the ridicule in his eyes.

Rosiley sneered and sarcastically said, "If benefits are more important than emotions, shouldn't people
have emotions?"

“Rosiley, you're too naive.”

Sachin reached out and held her face. He gently stroked her cheek with love in his eyes.

If possible, he wanted to preserve her innocence for the rest of his life and not let her know so many
dirty people and schemes.

Rosiley raised her hand to cover his hand and looked straight into his eyes. She saw her mocking face
reflected in his pitch-black pupils. "I'm not simple. I just don't want to think ill of people.”

It turned out that she was wrong by the reality again and again. A man’s heart was terrifying.

Sachin turned his head to look at the emergency room and said gently, "Rosiley, a man's heart is the

His said calmly, revealing a faint feeling of vicissitudes.

The dirtiest thing was a man's heart.

Hearing this, Rosiley raised her eyebrows slightly. She stared at his cold face, and her eyes filled with
doubt. How many things had happened to him in the Lu family so that he could say this?

Afterwards, she lowered her head and curled her lips in self-mockery. Even a small family like the Tang
Family could do such a disgusting thing, let alone a big family like the Lu Family.

He must have had a hard time.

Thinking of this, she gripped his hand tightly in her hands.

Sachin turned around and stared at her. He saw her smile and her eyes were full of affection.

"Sachin, no matter what happens in the future, I will not betray you, nor will I leave you. We will be
together for the rest of our lives.”

Sachin was shortly stunned by her sudden promise and confession, but he quickly recovered. He
smiled and hugged her tightly into his embrace.

“Rosiley, I am very happy.” He whispered in her ear.

His low voice was filled with tenderness.

Rosiley raised her hand onto his back and buried her face in his neck. "Sachin, I'm very scared. I'm
afraid that my father will leave before he can see his outstanding son-in-law. I'm really scared..."

As she spoke, her tears rolled down again.

Warm tears dripped down on his neck, as if he had been burned by fire. It was painful.

His heart ached as well, and he couldn't help but hug her tightly.

"It's okay. He'll be fine. He hasn't seen your happy life yet and is reluctant to leave you."

In the silent corridor, they hugged each other quietly. At this moment, the door of the emergency room

Sachin immediately let go of Rosiley and turned around. Seneca was pushed out.

Rosiley immediately walked over and asked anxiously, "Doctor, how is my father?"

The doctor took off his mask and looked at Seneca, who was lying on the bed. He frowned deeply,
"The patient was rescued, but the situation is worse than before. Originally, the patient relied on an
oxygen infusion machine to breathe. Without the breathing machine, he would lack of oxygen. Even if
he wakes up in the future, he might have brain dysfunction. You should prepare for this possibility.”

After saying that, the doctor left.

Rosiley, Sachin and the nurse sent Seneca back to the ward.

Looking at Seneca's increasingly pale face, Rosiley felt heartache and guilty.

If it wasn't for her negligence, how could Xenia have the chance to hurt her father?

Thinking of Xenia, Rosiley's face turned ashen with outrage. Xenia was really ruthless. She would
actually attack her husband who had lived with her for decades.

Her whole worldview was rocked.

Rosiley thought Xenia took such a desperate risk to do this for Rorey.

In any case, she would force Xenia to pay the price this time.

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