The convenient Bride

Chapter 266: It's Really Gone

Seeing them staring at him in bewilderment, Sachin let out an uncomfortable and soft cough. Then, he
looked at Lane and frowned, "Is the video ready?"

Lane was stunned for a moment, then quickly typed a few times on the computer keyboard and turned
the screen towards them. "This is the surveillance video from last night till now.’

Rosiley and Payton hurriedly moved closer and stared at the computer screen with wide eyes, afraid of
missing any details.

In the video, it was quiet at first. They could only hear the monitor's voice.

They fast-forwarded a few minutes. Suddenly, the door was pushed in and someone walked in.

Rosiley recognized that the person in the video was Xenia through her figure and clothes.

She slowly walked to the hospital bed, and then Xenia's voice came from the video.

"Seneca, it's been about twenty years since I stayed with you. I can say that I'm sincere to you, and I've
done my best to take

care of everything in the Tang family so that you can be at ease with your own business. But my
sincerity and dedication were not met with your kindness.”

"If you had agreed to give Rorey 20% of the shares of the Tang Group at that time, then nothing would
have happened. You don't have to lie here so pitifully and become a living dead person."

"No matter what I do, I just want to get what Rorey and I deserve. Don't blame me. I'm Rorey's mother.
I want to help her clear all the obstacles”

When Xenia said this, she lowered her head and took out an item from her bag.

Because she couldn't see it clearly, Rosiley pressed the pause button and said, “Lane, zoom in on this

She pointed at the position of Xenia's hand in the video and ordered.

Lane clicked his mouse a few times, and the position Rosiley had designated instantly magnified by
several times. She could clearly see it.

"Sachin, where did you buy this monitor? The pictures and sounds are so clear, even if it's magnified.”
Payton couldn't help but praise.

"I bought it." Lane said proudly.

Payton glanced at him coldly. "Are you very proud?"

"...” Lane felt that he'd better shut up.

"It's a pair of scissors." Rosiley pointed at Xenia’s hand and said, "She used scissors to cut my father's
breathing tube.”

The evidence was conclusive. They could talk to Xenia face to face.

The video continued to play. After cutting the breathing tube, Xenia stood for a while before turning
around and hurriedly leaving.

Shortly after she left, a nurse walked in. She was probably the nurse on duty. She approached the
hospital bed and saw that the heart rate on the monitor was not right. She immediately ran out.

What happened next was exactly what the head nurse told them.

"Rosiley, I'll go to the Tang's villa with you to settle the score with Xenia." Payton volunteered.

"Lane, can this video be sent to my phone?” Rosiley asked.

"Sure. I'll send it to your phone."

Rosiley replied, handed over her phone and turned to Payton, "Payton, go to the Tang's villa with me."

Payton nodded, “Alright.”

"Do you need me to go with you?" Sachin asked.

"No." Rosiley shook her head, "How could we show the trump card so quickly?"

Sachin smiled and agreed. He didn't say anything else.

After copying the video to their mobile phones, Rosiley and Payton drove to the Tang's villa.

Upon arriving at the Tang's villa, Rosiley got off the car and walked past the courtyard. She thought
doubtfully, ‘Didn't Butler

Zhao always take care of these plants in the courtyard at this time in the past? Why didn't see him

Rosiley directly opened the door and walked in with Payton. When the servants who were cleaning saw
them, she immediately shouted, "Who are you? How can you casually enter the Tang's villa?"

Rosiley raised her eyebrows slightly because of the unfamiliar face of the servant. It seemed that Xenia
had changed all the servants in her family. She really regarded herself as the master of the Tang

Rosiley stared at the servant sharply and said sternly, "I am Rosiley, the eldest young miss of the Tang

She emitted an astonishing aura. The servant was obviously stunned, but then she said in a bad tone,
"Miss Rorey is the eldest young miss of the Tang Family.

How could it be you?"

"If you don't leave, I'll call the police.” The servant walked straight to the phone and made a gesture to
pick it up.

Rosiley exchanged glances with Payton. Payton strode forward and unplugged the telephone line.

The servant widened her eyes and glared at Payton, "You, you, you..."

Apparently frightened by his actions, the servant was unable to say a word.

"Where's Xenia?" Payton asked coldly.

Facing his intimidating aura, the servant lost all of her sharpness and hurriedly replied, "Mrs. Tang is
still asleep.”

“Ask her to come down.’

As soon as Payton finished speaking, he discovered that she was still standing on the spot. He shouted
harshly, "Hurry up and call her."

The servant was so frightened that she hurriedly ran upstairs.

Seeing this, Rosiley couldn't help but laugh, "Payton, aren't you going too far?"

Payton raised his eyebrows. "Well... I will treat people as they deserve. She deserves that.’

Then he threw away the telephone line and waved to Rosiley, "Rosiley, come sit down. Recover your
strength for a while. You have to deal with the boss later."

"Boss? Are you kidding? She, Xenia, is just a snob." Rosiley said as she walked over and sat down.

She looked around. She barely returned here since she married Sachin. It felt like travelling back in

Suddenly, she narrowed her eyes. She stood up and rushed to a wall with all kinds of decorative
paintings hanging on it. Her eyes widened as she searched through the dozen paintings.

Seeing this, Payton followed suit and asked with concern, "Rosiley, what's wrong?"

Rosiley was filled with panic and anxiety as she muttered, “It's gone. It's really gone...”

Something was wrong!

"Rosiley, calm down and tell me what's gone?” Payton hurriedly raised his hand and grabbed her

There were more than a dozen paintings hanging on the wall, except for the most important one.

Rosiley felt tortured by panic and anxiety. Hearing Payton's concern, she turned her head and said,
"The painting is missing. It was painted by my mother.’

"Your mother?" Payton frowned and turned to look at the paintings on the wall. "Have you seen it
clearly? Is it really gone?"

"l can't be wrong. It was always hanging in the middle, but now it's gone.”

She pointed at the center of the wall and said anxiously.

How could her mother's painting disappear? Unless...

Payton's face darkened as a shrill voice suddenly sounded.

"What date is it today? Miss Tang comes to the Tang's villa."