Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 267: Make Up Her Mind to Kill Him

Xenia came back from the hospital last night. She had just fallen asleep when she was woken up by a

In the dream, Seneca's face was pale and bloodless. He looked at her gloomily and asked her again
and again why she had done this.

She cried and said not to blame her. She could do nothing but be forced to do so.

"I want you to leave with me.” A strange smile appeared on Seneca's face and he rushed in front of her.

She wanted to escape, but she could not move as if her feet have taken root there.

She could only watch him pinch her on the neck with a scary look. "Xenia, I want you to go to hell!"

Breathing became harder and harder. Just when she thought she would die, she was scared awake.

When she woke up, she realized that she was pinching her neck. She was so frightened that she
quickly let go and sat up.

The dream was too real, too strange.

She stroked her neck in shock, and could not forget the suffocating feeling.

Afterwards, she didn't dare to sleep because she was afraid.

She didn't kill Seneca impulsively. When Rosiley said that she wanted to send Seneca to the United
States for treatment, she had this thought.

Originally, she had also hesitated. After Butler Zhao fell down the stairs, she seemed to have nothing to

Killing one person was no different from killing two people.

So she made up her mind to kill Seneca.

When the servant knocked on the door, she told Xenia that a woman named Rosiley was looking for

She panicked. She knew that Rosiley was here because of Seneca.

But she quickly calmed down. Even if Rosiley knew that she had killed Seneca, she could do nothing
without evidence.

Hearing that, Rosiley and Payton turned around and looked over. Xenia walked down the stairs step by
step in her purple


Rosiley exchanged glances with Payton before walking over.

As soon as she approached, Rosiley saw Xenia's haggard face and dark circles under the eyes. She
didn't sleep well.

Rosiley raised her eyebrows and sneered, "Xenia, are you having nightmares and not daring to sleep?"

Xenia paused, and a trace of panic quickly flashed through her eyes. Then, she scolded loudly, as if
she wanted to conceal

the panic and guilt.

"Rosiley, what nonsense are you talking about? Why would I have nightmares?"

"Don't you know what you did?" Rosiley glared at her coldly, as if she wanted to see through her.

Xenia quickly looked away and walked past Rosiley calmly. She walked to the sofa and sat down.

Xenia turned her head slightly to look at them standing behind her and sneered, "Rosiley, did you come
here early in the

morning just to talk nonsense? If so, then go back."

"Go back?" Rosiley sneered and walked in front of her, looking down on her with a fierce gaze. "Xenia,
this is my home. How

could you have the right to chase me away?"

Xenia crossed her arms around her chest and leaned back against the sofa. She looked up at Rosiley
with ridicule in her eyes. "Just because I'm the master of this family, you... You've married. You are not
Miss Tang Tang but Mrs. Lu. Of course, you're not the owner of the Tang's villa."

Rosiley raised her head and laughed as if she had heard a big joke. Her face was full of ridicule,
"Everyone deserves a place.

You cannot take over my mother's position. You're so shameless."

Then, she looked around and said, "My mother personally designed and set up every detail of this villa.
You are nothing but a mistress. Who give you the right to call yourself the master of the Tang Family?"

After so many years, there were still too many traces of Rosiley's mother in this house. Every time she
proposed to redecorate it, Seneca would reject it. The reason was that this was designed by Rosiley'’s
mother, so he wanted to keep it for Rosiley.

Kept it for Rosiley? Xenia sarcastically curled her lips. He, Seneca, clearly had never forgotten about
his deceased wife, so he wanted to keep it in mind.

Therefore, over the years, her dissatisfaction with Seneca had accumulated. Until now, it had finally
erupted. It could be considered a revenge taken now that she had killed him.

She stopped thinking and looked at Rosiley with hatred in her cold eyes. "So what? I will destroy
everything about your mother, not leaving a single trace behind.”

"How dare you?" Rosiley was shocked by her words. This villa carried many unforgettable memories of
Rosiley and her mother. Her mother had left. If the villa were destroyed, there would be nothing left.

"Why not?" Xenia sneered and turned to look at the wall with the decorative painting hanging on it.
"Didn't you just discover that your mother's painting was missing? That's right, I threw it away.’

As soon as she finished speaking, Rosiley's face turned ashen with outrage.

"Why did you throw away my mother's painting?" She stared at Xenia's complacent face and gritted her
teeth as she questioned.

"Why?" Xenia stood up and crossed her arms in front of her chest. She arrogantly raised her chin,
"Rosiley, I've said that I'm the master of the Tang Family now. I could do anything I want. You don't
have the right to interfere.”

Rosiley slapped her angrily.

Xenia covered her cheeks and glared at her in disbelief, "You dare to slap me!"

Rosiley laughed angrily, "Why not?"

"You..." Xenia felt humiliated. She became angry and was about to hit her.

Then, a hand reached out from the side and directly grabbed her hand, followed by a cold voice, "If you
dare to touch her, I will make you suffer.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Xenia's face turned pale and she exclaimed, “No! It hurts!"

Rosiley turned around and saw that Payton grabbed her hand. Payton must have used quite a bit of
strength to pinch her.

Xenia felt that her hand was about to be crushed, and her face twisted from the pain.

It hurt too much!

However, Payton did not intend to let go at all. Instead, he pinched her more tightly.

"No!" Xenia cried out in pain again, and then quickly begged for mercy, "Let go of my hand. I will
definitely not touch her in the slightest.”

Xenia's voice was tearful and trembled slightly.

It seemed to hurt.

Rosiley gave Payton a look. Payton raised his eyebrows and asked sternly, "Where did you put that
painting? Tell me now, or I'll break your hand.”

As he spoke, he increased his strength again.

Xenia quickly replied, “I have kept it in the storage room for three years."

"You'd better tell the truth!" As soon as Payton got the answer, he immediately shook off her hand and
wiped off his hands, as if he had touched something dirty.

Because of the inertia, Xenia fell onto the sofa. She covered her painful hands and howled.

Mom's painting was still there.

Rosiley sighed in relief, and then she gradually calmed down.

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