The convenient Bride

Chapter 268: Well Done

Rorey fell asleep and suddenly sat up from the bed as if she heard her mother's scream.

She looked at the dark room and thought she was hallucinating.

At this moment, she could vaguely hear her mother's scream again.

Without thinking too much, she got out of bed and ran out of the room.

Walking to the stairs, she saw the people standing in the living room at a glance.

"Rosiley, what are you doing here?" She asked loudly as she ran down.

Rosiley turned around and saw Rorey running over in panic. She raised her eyebrows slightly and said,
“Alright, we had better handle it when you're all here.”

"This is my home. I'll come whenever I want. Do I need to tell you what I'm here for?” Rosiley said with
a smile, but more than a smile. Her eyes were filled with coldness.

Rorey approached and saw Xenia on the sofa with a painful expression. She hurriedly walked over and
asked anxiously, "Mom, what's wrong with you?"

"Rorey, you're here.” Seeing her, Xenia forced a smile.

"Yes, I heard your voice and came down.”

Then she asked again, "Mom, what's wrong with you?"

"My hands hurt.”

Xenia let go of her hand and Rorey immediately saw a purple bruise on it.

Rorey narrowed her eyes as she turned to stare at Rosiley and Payton, "Did you do this?”

Rosiley and Payton exchanged a glance before curling their lips, "We did it.”

"Rosiley!" Rorey stood up fiercely and stared at her angrily. She gritted her teeth and squeezed out a
few words from her mouth, "You dare to hurt my mother?"

Rosiley raised her chin slightly and glared back at her without showing any weakness. "She even dared
to kill my father. Why can't I hurt her?”

"What did you say?” Rorey was stunned.

Rosiley glanced at her and then looked at Xenia behind her. "What did I say? I said your mother killed
my father!"

"Nonsense!" Rorey harshly scolded, "Why would my mother kill him?"

"Nonsense?" Rosiley sneered, "Ask your mother if I'm spouting nonsense."

Seeing her serious look, Rorey turned to look at Xenia and asked tentatively, "Mom, is what she said

Facing her daughter's question, Xenia only said indifferently, "Don't believe her."

Hearing this, Rorey believed Rosiley's words.

Her mother really killed Seneca.

He was dead.

Well done!

Rorey couldn't help but laugh.

Rosiley and Payton looked at each other and frowned. They did not understand why she was laughing.

Then, Rorey's words made them clear.

"Mom, you did a good job. Seneca is already a living dead man anyway. It would be better if he died.”

Hearing this, Rosiley and Payton suddenly felt angry.

One might be heartless, but how could they be so conscienceless?

Rosiley took a deep breath and said, "Rorey, aren't you afraid of being punished by the God as you say
such a thing?"

“Punishment?” Rorey laughed exaggeratedly, "If I can make you suffer, I don't mind being punished by

Rosiley really felt that Rorey was mentally ill. Just how happy would they be if she suffered?

Xenia stood up and coldly looked at Rosiley. "Rosiley, you keep saying that I killed your father. Do you
have any evidence?"


Payton was anxious to speak, but Rosiley stopped him. He turned around and saw that Rosiley shook
her head at him. He curled his lower lip and closed his mouth.

Seeing their actions, Xenia and Rorey glanced at each other. Now, they were sure that Rosiley had no

Rosiley had known that Xenia would say this. Seeing that Xenia was confident that there was no
evidence, Rosiley really

wanted to laugh.

"Then do you think I have any evidence?" Rosiley asked.

Somehow, Rorey felt uneasy when she heard Rosiley's question.

Xenia saw Rorey's uneasiness and gave her a look to reassure her. She then looked at Rosiley and
said, "I don't know if you have any evidence, but I didn't kill your father.”

Rosiley raised her eyebrows and gave a mocking smile. "It seems that you don't have a good memory.
You've forgotten

everything you've done.”

Then, she turned to Payton and said, "Payton, it's your turn.”

Hearing this, Payton immediately took out his phone and clicked it a few times. Then, he turned the
screen and said to them,

“Open your eyes wide and take a good look. Who is the person in the video?"

Rorey and Xenia glanced at them, and then looked at the screen of the mobile phone. Then, their faces
turned pale.

Payton was very satisfied with their emotional changes. "How is it? Are you surprised? You can't
believe we really have


"You installed a monitor?" Xenia did not expect them to install monitors in the ward.

Now, she could not argue against the hard evidence.

Rosiley forced a smile, "Yeah, if we don't install the monitor, someone might get away with murder.”

Rorey was also shocked that they would have evidence. It was the hard evidence. It completely
deviated from what they thought.

No, she couldn't let her mother be in jail.

A thought flashed through her mind. Rorey snatched Payton's phone while they paid no attention to it.

She quickly pressed the delete button and the video was deleted.

She raised her head and looked at Rosiley and Payton proudly, only to find that they were looking at
her with pity.

"Do you think we don't have a backup?” Rosiley's words instantly annihilated her pride.

Rosiley took the phone and coldly glanced at Xenia and her daughter, who had completely lost
confidence. "You all know why

my father had a stroke last time. But you still want to kill my father this time; then I won't let you get
away anymore. Wait for the punishment from the law."

Then, she said to Payton, "I'm going upstairs to get the painting. Keep an eye on them."

After saying that, she ran upstairs.

Payton coldly glanced at Xenia and Rorey, took out his phone, and called someone.

“Captain Smith, this is Payton. There are two suspects of murder,’ Payton said to the phone.

He gave the address of the villa to the person opposite him and hung up after giving a few more

He turned to look at Rorey and Xenia. They were shocked and stared at him dumbfounded.

Payton felt a burst of happiness. The villains had received the retribution they deserved. Nothing was
more exciting than this.

Rosiley took off the painting and went straight to the door without looking at Rorey and Xenia. As she
walked, she said,

"Payton, let's go back."

"But the police haven't come yet." Payton chased after her.

Rosiley stopped and turned around, "Did you call the police?"

Payton replied, "Yes, they should be there soon.’