The convenient Bride

Chapter 271: Let Him Witness Our Happiness

Seeing that she had admitted her mistake, Ebenezer's tone also eased, but he was still angry.

"Juliet, I know you don't want to go on a blind date, but you shouldn't find a random man to pretend as
your boyfriend. When Ethan asked me about this today, I didn't even know how to answer. I was

Wasnt he so angry because he would be embarrassed?

Juliet muttered to herself in a low voice. She did not dare to say it aloud, or else her father would curse
her again.

She lowered her head and did not say a word, as if she felt guilty and was admitting her mistakes.

Ebenezer's heart softened up and he sighed softly, "Ethan is smart and sensible since he was young.
He is a very good boy.

You two are similar in age, so you should be able to get along very well. Why don't you like him?"

"Dad..." Juliet raised her head and said resolutely, "Even if he is outstanding, I don't like him. I don't like
him at all. I really dislike him.”

"Darling, marriage can't be maintained just by love. Except for love, the most important thing is to be a
match for each other."

Ebenezer said sincerely. However, Juliet sneered, "Dad, I think the most important thing about the
marriage is that my husband and I must be in love. The other things are subsidiary conditions. They are
dispensable. I don't care.”

"You...' Ebenezer was exasperated at Juliet. However, he did not want to fight with her because of this,
so as not to hurt their feelings.

In any case, he had spoken a lot. If she did not listen, he would not be able to force her.

Therefore, Ebenezer sighed, "It's up to you. I hope you won't regret it.”

"No, Dad." Juliet said firmly.

"I hope so." Ebenezer didn't want to worry too much about her affairs. They would have their own
blessings. Let nature take

its course.

Juliet secretly curled her lips proudly. She persuaded her father again so easily.

"Juliet..." Ebenezer suddenly said.

"What's the matter?” Juliet looked up at him.

"Ethan told me that he is waiting for you. No matter how long, he will wait.”

Juliet's eyes turned cold. What did Ethan mean? Wait for her? Don't be ridiculous. Didn't he leave her
two years ago?

Still waiting for her? Go to hell!

"Honestly, darling, I think Ethan is really suitable for you. You guys can have a try first. If you really
don't like him, you could break up.’

He had just thought about not worrying about his daughter. However, as a father, he would inevitably
worry about her.

"Dad!" Putting down the chopsticks, Juliet glared at him unhappily, "Don't mention Ethan in front of me.
I don't want to hear his

name. He makes me sick."

After saying that, she deliberately pretended to retch to express her attitude.

Ebenezer was fumed with anger, “Juliet, what are you doing?"

"Dad, I don't like Ethan. I even hate him.” Juliet stood up and took a deep breath, "Dad, I hope you
won't mention Ethan again

in front of me.”

With that, Juliet ignored her father's ashen face and turned around to leave.

Returning to the hospital, Rosiley walked into the ward and found that Sachin was not there.

‘Did he leave?’

She frowned, then walked to the hospital bed and looked at Seneca's pale face with a thoughtful gaze.

After a long time, she turned around and walked out.

‘I can't let father stay here any longer. I had to send him to the United States as soon as possible. On
the one hand, he can get better treatment, and on the other hand, we had to stay far away from the
rights and wrongs here. Only then can we be safe:

Walking to the chief physician's office, she took a deep breath and raised her hand to knock when the
door suddenly opened.

She looked at him in surprise and exclaimed, "Sachin, why are you here?"

That's right; the person who opened the door was Sachin, who she thought had already left.

Sachin raised his eyebrows, and smiled, "Just like you.”

Just like her?

Then he was here to ask the doctor about Dad going to America.

Thus, Rosiley directly asked, "What did the doctor say?"

"Not recommended.

Two simple words meant everything.

"Why?" Rosiley hurriedly asked.

"Because of this accident, your father's physical condition is worse than before. We're worried that he
won't be able to survive the long flight.”

Perhaps the doctor heard the conversation at the door, so he walked over and answered Rosiley's
question for Sachin.

"But if I don't send him to the United States, my father won't have a chance to wake up.” Rosiley was
so anxious that her voice was raised a lot.

"Calm down, Rosiley." Sachin put his arms around her shoulders and comforted her softly.

Rosiley took a deep breath and said, "Doctor, what about my father? Do you have any suggestions?"

"We will call in experts from home and abroad to discuss the treatment plan. We guarantee that Mr.
Tang will be cured."

The doctor promised, but it was hard to predict what would happen in reality.

However, if her father's condition did not allow her to send him to the United States, she would hate
herself if something unexpected happened halfway.


“Alright, I trust you."

Rosiley agreed to keep Seneca in the hospital for further treatment.

Apart from the nurses, Sachin also arranged for a few more bodyguards to take turns at the door in
case something similar would happen.

"Dad, I will cure you at all costs. So you have to work hard so that you can witness my happiness.’

Rosiley leaned over and whispered in Seneca's ear.

Sachin stood at the side and quietly watched the scene in front of him with his eyes full of love.

Rosiley had spoken a lot with her father. Although he was still unconscious, she firmly believed that he
could hear her.

Later, when Sachin saw her tired expression and was about to fall asleep, he took her home.

As they got home, Rosiley fell asleep without changing her pajamas.

Seeing this, Sachin pulled a wry face. Rosiley was so tired, but she was still stubbornly saying that she
wouldn't go home when she was in the hospital.

He walked to the bedside, pulled the quilt over her body, and stared at her for a while before leaving
the room.

Sachin closed the door gently. The room was quiet.

After sending Rosiley to the hospital, Payton headed straight for the Elton Villa.

He parked his car on the road opposite the Elton Villa and called Juliet.

As soon as he got through, he said, "I'm here. Come out."

Juliet did not say anything and hung up the phone directly.

After a few minutes, the door of the Elton Villa opened. A slender figure appeared in Payton's eyes.

Payton hurriedly started the car, turned around, and drove it to her side.

Juliet was stunned for a moment, then opened the door and sat into the car.