The convenient Bride

Chapter 273: Be Gentle in the Future

A contract of lovers?

Corners of Payton’s eyes twitched when he saw the four words on the paper. Did she read too many
novels and had learned how to draw


Payton continued reading--

Party A: Juliet

Party B: Payton

Duration: Undetermined

The following are the rules that must be honored by the two parties while pretending to be lovers:

Rule 1: The relationship is fake, and no true feelings are allowed.

Rule 2: Apart from having physical contact during the public display of affection, the two must keep a
distance when in privacy.

Rule 3: The date of termination of this contract shall be determined by Party A.

After reading it, Payton laughed out loud. He looked up at the person opposite him and said, “Juliet,
why do I think this is bullshit?"

Juliet raised her eyebrows, "What do you mean?"

Payton slapped the contract heavily on the table, then put his elbows on the table, crossed his fingers
and raised them to his mouth. He looked at her with a half-smile. "Do you think we can fake it when we
pretend to be lovers?"

Juliet did not answer.

Payton answered for her. "Impossible, because you're not my type."

Juliet's eyes flashed.

"Of course, I don't rule out the possibility that you like me.” Payton shrugged. "However, it takes two to

Payton did not notice that Juliet's eyes flashed with a trace of sadness after he said those words.

He continued, “I'm okay with the second rule, as for the third rule ... I have objections."

Juliet looked at him with a serious gaze and did not speak, because she knew that he would explain his

"I think ... the date of termination should be decided by me because I am the passive one, and I want to
have the initiative."

What he meant by that was...

"Will you help me?” Juliet asked tentatively.

Payton smiled. "No, I'm just analyzing the contract."

Juliet’s face instantly darkened. She grabbed the contract on the table and stuffed it into her bag. Then,
she turned around and glared at him.

"If you won't, I'll ask someone else for help.”

Why did she sound like she was threatening him?

Payton spread out his hands and said indifferently, "Alright, do as you wish, it saves me trouble

Juliet's hand that was zipping the bag paused because of his words. At an angle that was beyond
Payton's line of sight, she smiled bitterly.

"Yeah, I shouldn't cause you any trouble."

Payton didn't realize that her voice was strange. He laughed and said mockingly, "You know it? How

Juliet clenched her hands tightly and took a deep breath. Then, she turned her head and smiled. "Since
I was considerate, how about you be

kind and lend me a hand?"

Payton was shocked and looked at her, petrified. After a while, he said, “Is there anything wrong with
your mind?"

In the past, if she heard his mockery, she would have jumped up and pointed at his nose to scold him

But today, she was so strange.

Payton couldn't help but feel a little scared. He retreated and stared at her warily. "Juliet, do you have
any big moves against me?"

"Payton, can you not think so ill of me?" Juliet was speechless and then she said unhappily, "I sincerely
want your help.”


Well, she was very sincere.

At the very least, she had a good temper today.

Payton put down his guard and thought for a moment before saying, "It's possible for me to help you,
but I have conditions."

"What conditions?" Juliet asked when she heard him agree.

"You have to be gentle in the future. Don't be so fierce, or you will age quickly.” Payton didn't have any
conditions, he just wanted to tease her.

After Juliet heard this, her eyes narrowed, revealing sharpness. "Payton, you feel uncomfortable if I
don’t scold you, don't you?"

Payton nodded noncommittally, "Indeed. However..."

He pursed his lips and beamed, "You look more adorable like this."

Juliet did not expect him to say this. She was astounded, and then blushed.

In order to conceal her shyness, she coughed softly and asked angrily, "Speak! Will you help or not?"

"L will!’ Payton raised his eyebrows slightly. "For your sincerity and the fact that my name is written on
the contract, I will feel sorry if I don't help you."

Hearing that he was willing to help, Juliet's beautiful face instantly lit up. She quickly took out the
contract as well as a pen and placed them on the table. "What you said doesn't count until you sign it."

Payton raised his eyebrows and immediately picked up the pen and signed his name.

"Is that okay?” He asked.

“Okay, super okay.” Juliet picked up the contract and fixed her eyes on his vigorous signature. Her
smile was too bright to be covered up.

"If you continue smiling, your lips will be split," Payton said resignedly.

It was just that he would help, did she have to be that happy?

Juliet carefully put the contract away into her bag as if it was a treasure.

Payton was speechless.

Juliet raised her eyebrows contentedly, and then extended her hand towards him. "It’s a pleasure.”

"It's a pleasure.” Compared to her joy, Payton's interest was flagging.

But Juliet did not care, as long as he was willing to help, it was more important than anything else.

When Rosiley fell asleep, she slept like a log. When she woke up, it was dark.

The place beside her was empty, and the sheets were cold.

In other words, Sachin got up very early.

Rosiley quickly got up and ran downstairs after washing up.

She thought that Sachin would be downstairs, but she did not see him.

He left?

Just as she was puzzled, Sasha came out of the dining hall and walked over when she saw her.

“Young madam, you're awake. Are you hungry?" Sasha asked with concern.

"I'm good." Rosiley looked around and asked, "Sasha, where is Sachin?"

"Young Master said he had to attend some business at the company and he left."

Working overtime again?

Rosiley frowned. He just worked overtime yesterday and was woken up so early today for the sake of
going to the hospital with her. He might be very tired after all this.

Yet he worked overtime again!

He really didn't take his health seriously.

No, it was so late, he had to return to rest.

So she turned around and ran upstairs to make a phone call to call that workaholic home.