The convenient Bride

Chapter 274: I'm More Popular than You

When Sachin received Rosiley's call, he was talking to Lane.

Upon seeing the caller ID, his cold and tense expression instantly softened.

Lane raised his eyebrows. It must be Rosiley calling.

The president, like an iceberg, would only melt in front of his wife.

Sachin walked to the French window with his phone in hand and picked up the call.

"Sachin, are you going home?"

Rosiley's voice rang out.

Sachin pursed his lips, "Why? Miss me?"

"Yeah, I missed you. I want to have dinner with you.”

As Rosiley said this, she didn't know that Sachin’s eyes turned so gentle that affection overflowed
because of her words.

He looked out of the window at the dark sky with soft eyes and said, “Okay, I'll be back in a moment."

"Then I'll be waiting for you."

As she finished, the call was hung up.

Sachin held his phone and smiled. Then, he turned around and said to Lane, who was still sitting on
the sofa, "Get off work. Leave everything else tomorrow.’

Lane raised his eyebrows slightly.

Sachin walked over to turn off the computer, picked up the coat hanging on the back of the chair, and
left the office right behind Lane.

Rosiley had just finished setting the utensils when she heard Sasha's voice coming from outside the
dining hall.

"Young Master, you're finally back. Young madam has been waiting for you for a long time."

Hearing Sasha's words, Rosiley was speechless.

Actually, she didn't wait for long. It had only been twenty minutes since she called Sachin.

Sachin handed the coat to Sasha. "Where's she?"

“She's at the dining hall, waiting for you for dinner. Hurry up.”

Sachin walked towards the dining hall and saw Rosiley smiling.

The warm yellow light shone above her head. Her black hair was suffused with a faint halo. Her
delicate face was full of smiles, and her eyes were exceptionally clear and sparkling.

"You're back.” Her gentle voice rang out in the quiet dining hall.

He slowly raised the corners of his mouth, and affection overflowed from his black eyes. "Yeah, I'm

Rosiley smiled and took him to the dining table to sit down. "Are you hungry? Sasha has cooked a lot
of delicious food."

She got him a bowl of soup. "Drink some fish soup to nourish your body.”

Looking at the soup that she served him, Sachin’'s eyes lit up, and warmth circulated in his heart. He
smiled, then grabbed the spoon and took a sip of the soup.

"It's delicious.” He turned to look at her and beamed.

"Is that so?" She burst into a smile and even her eyebrows were curved. "Then drink more, there's

He suddenly reached out to grab the back of her head and kissed her lips before she could react.

A shallow kiss.

"Rosiley, I am very happy," he said.

It was she who gave him the feeling of warmth of home.

She smiled with her eyes shining brightly. "Because I have you, I am also very happy."

The orange light shrouded them, and warmth and sweetness flowed quietly in the air. Perhaps this was
true happiness.

After dinner, Sachin saw that it was early, so he took Rosiley out for a walk.

Rosiley looked at the streets outside the car window and then turned to Sachin, who was concentrating
on driving. She asked in confusion,

"Where are we going? Aren't we going for a walk?"

She thought they would take a walk around the villa, but he actually drove to the city center.

"Go meet my friends." Distracted, Sachin looked at her. "They said it's been too long since we reunited,
and they..."

He deliberately paused for a moment, then turned his head to look at her, and the corners of his mouth
were curled into a faint smile. "They missed you."

"Miss me?" Rosiley raised her eyebrows in surprise. "Why do they miss me?"

She knew that the friends he mentioned were a few close friends who grew up with him. But she only
met them once, why would they miss her?

Sachin shook his head. "I don't know either."

This was the truth. Payton only said on the phone that they wanted to see her, but did not give any

Rosiley bit her lip and thought for a moment, then analyzed, "I think they want to see you, but they are
embarrassed to say so, so they use me as an excuse.”

This was the most reasonable explanation.

Sachin nodded. "It should be. After all, I'm more popular than you."

Rosiley: ...

She didn't know that he could be narcissistic.

At a high-end club downtown.

The luxurious private room was noisy.

“Payton, will your brother and sister-in-law be here?" The person asking was River. He was very
curious about whether Sachin, who barely attended their reunion since he got married, would show up

Hearing this, Payton, who was having a chat, turned around and frowned. Then, he answered with
uncertainty, "He said that he would come, so he should be here in no time."

"Your brother is a woman addict. He has forgotten about us," Allen teased, but there was envy in his

He was also from a wealthy family, but he envied Sachin for being able to have a free marriage to the
person he loved.

“Speaking of which, your sister-in-law is now the chairman of the Tang Group. Shall we pay more
attention to her in the future?" Diego looked at the others.

Hearing this, River leaned back on the sofa and looked at Diego leisurely. "How?"

The others also turned to look at Diego, wondering how he would pay attention to the new chairman.

Facing everyone's curiosity, Diego spread out his hands and said, "Cooperate with the Tang Group.”

That was it?!

Everyone shook their heads in disappointment and sighed. They were upset about this bad idea.

"Diego, do you think it's easy for two companies to work together?"

Payton felt that it was necessary to discuss this with Diego, who was the youngest among them.

"Is it difficult?” Diego asked.

Beside Diego, River smiled. He looked at Diego resignedly. "In order for two companies to join forces,
there must be a profitable project, and most importantly, it needs the agreement of the higher-ups of
both parties."

Diego frowned. "But aren't you all the higher-ups in the company?"

Other than him and Payton, everyone else here had their own companies. Wouldn't it be a piece of
cake to cooperate with the Tang Group?

“That's true." Allen nodded, and then thought for a while, "Why don't we bring this up after Sachin is
here? Let's see what Sachin and his wife think."

“Alright.” River agreed with him.

Diego was speechless. They clearly wanted to cooperate with the Tang Group, but why did they look so
disgusted about it at the beginning?

Payton patted him on the shoulder and comforted him, "Diego, they look down on you for being unable
to make the final call at your own company and the fact that you proposed to work with the Tang Group
based on your current status. That means they look down on your ... overestimation of yourself."

".. Diego was rendered speechless.