The convenient Bride

Chapter 276: His Girlfriend Was Taken Advantage of

As expected, Rosiley maintained her strength and won without doubt.

"How is it? Are you convinced?" Rosiley raised her chin and looked at Payton proudly.

Payton looked at the dice cup in his hand in disbelief. "This is too weird. Why do I always lose?"

After a few rounds, he lost. Compared with others, he didn't even win a single game.

Diego sighed and put his hand on Payton’s shoulder. He patted him and said, "Payton, you have my

After saying that, he, River, and Allen exchanged glances with each other. At the same time, they
heaved a sigh of relief.

Originally, they thought they would be doomed because they hardly won, but fortunately, there was
Payton taking the wooden spoon.

"Payton, accept your fate. Go." Rosiley saw that he was still immersed in the low mood as the loser, so
she urged him.

Payton looked up at her with a sad expression and didn't say anything. He grabbed the wine bottle on
the table, raised his head and took a big sip.

Then, he raised his hand and wiped his mouth heroically. He glimpsed at Diego and the others, and
caught their gloating. He narrowed his eyes

and said, "You guys will have it coming sooner or later."

After saying that, he stood up, turned around and went outside.

Diego hurriedly chased after him. How could he miss such a good show?

After all, River and Allen were older, so they did not have the interest to follow. Anyway, the moment
that kiddo Diego returned, he would definitely keep shouting and they would know about the situation.

"Rosiley, your skill of rolling dice is as good as Sachin's," River said with a smile.

"Is that so?" Rosiley turned to look at Sachin, "Sachin, are you good at it?"

Sachin smiled faintly and said, "Compared to you, I am worse.”

"Stop being modest. You are on par with Rosiley. None of us can beat you.”

At this point, Allen couldn't help but sigh, "We absolutely can't play dice games with you two in the
future,future; otherwise, we will lose until we have nothing left."

Wasn't that too exaggerated?

The corner of Rosiley's mouth twitched. Then, she changed the topic in a natural manner. "Sachin, how
about we play a few rounds?"

Sachin raised his eyebrows and said, "Okay, as you wish."

Just now, he was quietly watching them playing dice games. Seeing how joyful she was, he thought
that she had forgotten about him.

Although he was somewhat displeased, seeing her laugh so happily made him delighted.

What was more important than her happiness?

Rosiley took a dice cup and placed it in front of him. "Here you go."

Sachin looked at the dice cup and then fixed his eyes on her. He raised his eyebrows and said, "Is
there any reward for the winner?"

Reward? So he wanted to make it more thrilling!

"That's right, Rosiley, what's the reward?" Allen's eyes lit up with flirtation.

Rosiley frowned and pondered for a moment, then said, "Sachin, if you win, you can ask for any
rewards, but it should be within my ability. As for me winning, we'll talk about it later."

"Don't worry,worry; it will definitely be within your power."

Sachin had a meaningful smile, then, he picked up the dice cup and shook it.

Rosiley shook the cup a few times before thumping it on the coffee table.

She widened her eyes and observed the dice cup that was being covered by his hand. Her mind was
racing, thinking about what number to call.

River looked at the two and said, "Which one of you will call first?"

“Ladies first." Sachin said indifferently.

"Three two." Rosiley called.

"Four two." Sachin was very calm, and his gaze was fixated on her small face, giving people the feeling
that he was confident in winning.

"Five five." For some reason, under his gaze, Rosiley panicked. She didn't have any clue, so she just
called out based on her intuition.

"Open!" With a powerful word, Sachin picked up the lid of the dice cup, and the points of the five dice
could be clearly seen.

"Straight!" River raised his eyebrows and extended his hand to open Rosiley's dice cup.

Three two, one five and one six.


"Again." Rosiley was the first to roll the dice.

River and Allen exchanged glances and revealed meaningful smiles.

Rosiley would probably have a fiasco!

Rosiley was shaking the dice unyieldingly while Payton walked out of the room and stood at the door,
looking around to see if there was any woman passing by so that he could take the punishment as
soon as possible.

Diego raised his hand and placed it on Payton's shoulder. He looked around like him and teased,
"What? Payton, you are waiting for the prey to turn up?"

"Or else? Am I supposed to knock on other people's door?” Payton angrily glanced sideways.

Diego raised his eyebrows and said, "Actually, there will be few people passing by such a secluded
private room."

"I know it."

Ill-intentioned! Payton knew that he was here for the good show.

Payton shook his hand off and walked along the quiet corridor.

Diego chased after him. "Payton, where are you going?"

Since he couldn't meet any woman near the private room, then he'd go downstairs to the bar.

In any case, the first woman he met would be confessed to, and it would be over.

Payton held the railing with one hand and put the other in his pocket as he slowly walked down the
stairs step by step.

He focused on the men and women who were twisting their bodies to the music on the dance floor
below, and he furrowed his eyebrows. If he was not mistaken, there was a woman in a fiery red dress
among them, and it seemed to be his new "girlfriend".

Although the relationship was fake, she was his nominal girlfriend.

An indescribable feeling flashed through his heart. Seeing that a man was going to take advantage of
her, he was furious for no reason.

He accelerated his pace. He took a few large strides down the stairs and then quickly walked towards
the particularly eye-catching woman in the middle of the dance floor.

Diego, who was following behind him, didn't know what had happened, but he felt coldness from

It was like ... rage.

Juliet twisted her body in response to the music. The tight red dress covering her butts sketched her
perfect figure. Her slender and well- proportioned legs under the dress were even more attractive under
the light.

Her long curly hair was casually scattered, covering half of her face. Her charming facial features were
faintly visible, making her even more seductive.

The surrounding men intentionally moved closer to her, attempting to take advantage of her.

Juliet, who was immersed in the music, felt it. Her slightly closed eyes revealed a trace of sharpness as
a man boldly stretched out his hand to hug her waist.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes, ignored the fact that she was wearing a dress and was about to lift her
leg and kick at the vulgar man.

At this moment, a tall man squeezed in between her and the man, blocking the pervert's extended
hands and hugging her waist.

A familiar low voice followed.

"What a coincidence, my dear girlfriend."