The convenient Bride

Chapter 281: Two Scapegoats

It was getting dark.

When Maddox walked into Dream Nightclub, he saw a scene that was no different from ordinary bars.

Amanina suit greeted him. "Are you Mr. Shen?"

Maddox glanced at him indifferently, "Where are they?"

When the man saw Maddox walk in alone with an extraordinary appearance, he walked over and tried
to make sure whether Maddox was the one his boss was waiting for. He didn't expect that he had made
a good guess.

Suddenly, the man made a flattering smile. He bent over and made a gesture to show the direction,
"Mr. Shen, please follow me.”

Maddox followed the man as he watched the liveliness in the bar.

Maddox looked at the surroundings with acute observations. Maddox knew that disgusting deals were
behind the seemingly normal and lively scene.

However, all of this would come to an end tonight.

The man led him to a private room on the second floor and said with a smile, "Mr. Young is there. He
has been waiting for you for a long time.”

As he spoke, the man opened the door. Maddox saw an obscene scenario in the private room.

Several women who were scantily clad were dancing with every movement seductive.

A few middle-aged men with chubby figures were sitting on the sofa, staring at those women. Their
expressions were extremely vulgar as their saliva was almost flowing out of their mouths.

The person Maddox was looking for was sitting in the middle.

Maddox wanted to meet Godber, the current general manager of the Young Group.

If it wasn't for Yayoi, Maddox would turn around and leave at once.

The man who brought Maddox in walked in and talked to Godber. Then, Godber looked towards the

The moment he saw Maddox, Godber became excited. He quickly stood up and walked towards
Maddox, stopping in front of Maddox. An oily smile appeared on Godber's chubby face, "Mr. Shen, I
feel honored to meet you!"

As Godber spoke, he extended his hand towards Maddox.

Maddox frowned slightly, ignoring Godber's hand, and walked in past Godber.

The smile on Godber's face disappeared instantly, while a trace of malice flashed through his eyes.

Afterwards, Godber turned around and put up on his flattering smile.

He saw Maddox sitting down in the corner and hurried to arrange the dancing women, "What are you
dancing for? Didn't you see that the guest has arrived? Don't you know how to greet a guest?"

Hearing this, the women stopped to look at Maddox. They were all surprised.

What a handsome man!

This time, there was no need for Godber to say anything. The women rushed towards Maddox.

"Fuck off!"

Hearing the cold and resolute demand, the women didn't dare to approach and stopped in fear. They
cast a pleading gaze at Godber.

Godber looked at them and then Maddox. He said in a flattering manner, "Mr. Shen, to have fun, we
are supposed to..."

"Mr. Young, I'm not here to have fun." Maddox looked up with a fierce glance.

Godber didn't know how to continue his words. He could only smile with embarrassment, "Mr. Shen is

Then Godber said to the women, "Go out. Mr. Shen and I are going to talk about business."

Seeing that there was no chance of coming into close contact with the handsome man, the women left
the private room reluctantly.

Seeing the temperament of Maddox, Godber's friends didn't dare to stay any longer. They all left the

There were just Maddox and Godber in the private room.

Maddox had an overwhelming presence so that Godber didn't dare to approach him. Godber could only
sit at a distance from him. They kept for a while.

Godber wasn't young and naive as he had seen all kinds of people before. Therefore, Godber soon
recovered from the influence of Maddox's

attitude and picked up the wine on the table and poured a glass for Maddox. He eagerly handed it over,
"Mr. Shen, let's have a drink first.”

Mr. Shen swept over the glass of wine, and then stared at Godber with a cold look.

"Mr. Young, I know the current situation of your company. If I agree to invest in a few of your projects,
how many shares do you plan to give me?"

Maddox asked without any hesitation.

Godber was shocked for a moment, and then he laughed out loud. Out of real or false intentions,
Godber praised, "Mr. Shen is indeed a straightforward person."

Godber put the wine on the table and asked, "How much do you think is suitable?"

"30%," Maddox coldly answered.

Godber's smile disappeared instantly. "Mr. Shen, are you kidding me?"

Godber’s elder brother, the chairperson of the Young Group, only had 35% of the shares. Maddox even
wanted 30%. In that case, the chances were high that the Young Group would be Maddox's with a little

Maddox sneered, "30% is what I want. As long as I get the shares, the funds will be transferred into
your account."

Right now, the Young Group was out so that many projects were terminated. If there were no more
funds, the Young Group could only declare bankruptcy.

Right now, there was an opportunity for them. As long as they agreed to give 30% of the shares, the
Young Group would be able to come to life.

One was supposed to choose the lesser of the two evils.

At this moment, Godber had an idea.

"Okay, I'll go back and discuss with my brother. At the same time, I hope you can keep your word."

Godber looked at Maddox with a shrewd expression. Maddox couldn't help but laugh out loud, "The
Young Group isn't worthy of my plots."

What Maddox meant was that the Young Group was not important at all.

Godber smiled with awkwardness, "That's right. How could Mr. Shen think highly of the Young Group?"

The Shen family was so powerful that the Young family never expected to be contacted. Now, the
Young family had finally climbed the social ladder. With the support of the Shen family, it was likely that
the Young family would become one of the best enterprises in Benin and even the whole country in the

Thinking of the prospect, Godber couldn't restrain his smile.

Maddox looked at him without a word. Maddox's gaze showed his ridicule. Later, he said, "Mr. Young,
the recent corruption case involving the Young family has been sensational. It shouldn't affect our
cooperation, right?"

"It won't affect us at all. It will be resolved very soon."

"Really?" Maddox raised his eyebrows, "Why is Mr. Young so sure?"

As if Godber was in a hurry to prove something, Godber blurted out, "Those two scapegoats have
already pleaded guilty, so the case will be closed soon.”

"Scapegoats?" Maddox frowned.

Only then did Godber realize that he had said the improper thing. He hurried to explain, "No, I didn't
mean that. The two embezzlers admitted their guilt. I was so careless and made a slip of tongue just

With that, Godber's back was covered with cold sweat.

Maddox seemed to be thinking, knowing that what Godber had said first was the truth.

Godber noticed that Maddox's expression was serious but it was hard to know what Maddox was
thinking about. Godber could only laugh and

guarantee again, "Mr. Shen, don't worry. The corruption case will be dealt with very soon."

After a moment of silence, Maddox continued, "I'll wait for your good news."

With that, Maddox stood up and walked towards the door.

Seeing that Maddox was about to leave, Godber hurried to chase after him.

"Mr. Shen, what..."

Before Godber could finish his sentence, the door of the private room was opened from outside.