The convenient Bride

Chapter 280: Do You Live Together?

Rosiley called Lina and explained why she didn’t go to work. After lunch, she rushed to the company.

REG's charity party was an influential activity, which almost every press was eager to report. TEG was
no exception.

As the deputy manager of the media department, Rosiley had the responsibility to think about how TEG
could win the headlines of this charity party and make TEG well-renowned.

As soon as Rosiley arrived at the company, she was called into the office by Lina.

Lina handed Rosiley a document and said, "Look at this. When the charity party is over, you'll get down
to it."

Rosiley took it and saw that it was a movie investment contract between REG and TEG.

"This is..." Rosiley looked up at Lina in confusion.

Lina smiled and said, "The preparations for the movie have been completed and filming will begin next
month. Our managers want to hold a press conference to announce the filming. You will be in charge of

It turned out that a new movie is about to be filmed.

Rosiley closed the document and replied with a smile, "I will start preparing for the press conference as
soon as possible."

Lina gave her a few instructions before letting her go back to work.

Rosiley walked back to her desk and glanced at Yayoi's position with a frown.

Yayoi had not contacted them these days. Maddox didn't come to her house as he used to do on
weekends. Rosiley had no idea what was wrong with them.

She threw the documents on the table, picked up her phone and walked into the tea room.

With Maddox's help, Yayoi met her parents.

"Yayoi, take good care of yourself. Don't worry about your mother and me anymore. Our biggest wish is
to know that you live a happy life."

This was what her father had said to Yayoi. No matter how she asked, Yayoi's father would not tell her
the details of the Young's corruption case.

"There must have been someone from the Young family by his side, so that your father didn't tell you."

After coming out of the detention center, Yayoi told Maddox about their talk. After hearing it, Maddox
gave her such an explanation.

If her parents didn't tell the truth and claimed that they were the ones who were embezzled, Yayoi's
hard efforts would end up in vain.

Rosiley stood in front of the window and looked at the gray sky. Her thoughts seemed to be impeded by
the haze as well.

Yayoi whispered on the phone, "Rosiley, what do you think I should do to help my parents out?"

"What about Maddox? What did he say?" Rosiley asked.

"He assured me that he would take care of everything."

Rosiley frowned, "Yayoi, don't you believe in Maddox?"

If Yayoi believed him, she shouldn't be so helpless and desperate.

"I can't say that I don't believe him. It's just that I..."

Yayoi wanted to explain, but she didn't know how.

Rosiley sighed. "You believe him, but you're afraid that the process will be complicated. Right?"

There was no reply on the other side. After a while, Yayoi agreed with Rosiley softly.

Rosiley felt that Rosiley was worrying too much.

"Yayoi, how powerful the Shen family is! When it comes to the influence in the military and political
circles, ordinary people are no match for the Shen family. Not to mention the Young family. I'm afraid
the Shen family may think the Young family is less powerful than an ant."

Yayoi also knew that. However, it was hard to identify the tricks in disguise, so Yayoi was afraid that the
Young family would use evil schemes.

Her worries made Rosiley laugh, "Yayoi, you think too highly of the Young Family. They wont even have
a chance even if they could think of one. Maddox will strangle any bad intentions before they come into

"You have to believe in Maddox. Even if he can't handle things properly, we still have Sachin. We will
help your parents out."

Hearing this, Yayoi burst into tears because she was more than touched.

If it weren't for her friends like Rosiley, Yayoi would have no idea about what she was supposed to do
to get over with the difficulty.

Hearing Yayoi's cry, Rosiley felt depressed and uncomfortable.

Yayoi, who had always been outgoing, had shed countless tears because of her parents’ incident.
Yayoi probably shed more tears than she had in the past twenty years.

Rosiley hoped that Maddox could settle the problem and let Yayoi go home as soon as possible.

Only in this way could Yayoi be cheerful again.

"Boss, things are going smoothly. They want to talk to you in private in Dream Nightclub."

In front of a stylish black desk stood a A man ina suit and leather shoes stood in front of a stylish black
desk. He lowered his head with a respectful attitude.

Hearing this, Maddox, who was sitting in the chair, raised his head and looked at the man. Maddox
raised his eyebrows slightly, "Dream Nightclub?"

Wasn't that a vulgar nightclub?

"Yes, it's the Dream Nightclub. It's also said to be the Young family's property.”

The Young family's property? Maddox squinted and sneered, "Woodrow, after I get there tonight, call
Talbot and tell him that Dream Nightclub is engaged in illegal business. He could close Dream

Woodrow raised his eyebrows, knowing that Maddox was serious about breaking down the Young

Therefore, he didn't say anything else and replied with respect, "OK."

Maddox's cold smile was obvious and he seemed to be resolute to destroy the Young family.

This time, Maddox wanted the Young family to disappear from Benin. There would never be a place for
them in this city.

Out of concern for Yayoi, Rosiley and Juliet went to Yayoi's house after work.

When Yayoi opened the door and saw them, the first thing she said was, "Why are you here?"

Juliet pretended to be unhappy and glared at her, "So what? You don't welcome us?"

"I didn't mean that. I just didn't expect you to come.”

Yayoi said with a smile as she turned around and walked towards the kitchen.

Rosiley and Juliet couldn't be more familiar with the kitchen in Yayoi's house.

They walked to the sofa in the living room and sat down.

Rosiley looked around at the familiar surroundings. Although everything seemed familiar, it was
somewhat different and empty because of the absence of Yayoi's parents.

Yayoi walked out of the kitchen with a few bottles of cola.

She handed the drinks to Rosiley and Juliet and sat down on the sofa opposite to them.

"Hasn't Maddox come back yet?" Rosiley asked as she loosened the lid of the cola.

"He said that he had something to do tonight, so he might not be able to come back until very late.”

"Come back?" Juliet frowned, "Do you live together?"

"No. What are you thinking about?" Rosiley glanced at Juliet unhappily and continued, "It's been tough
recently, so Maddox often comes to keep Yayoi company."

“Alright.” Juliet answered with embarrassment and then said to Yayoi, "Keep me informed of your
parents’ difficulty. If I can help, just let me know. I am willing to do anything to help you."

Yayoi smiled, “Sure, I know.”

Looking at Rosiley and Juliet, Yayoi was deeply moved. They had treated Yayoi well since a long time


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