The convenient Bride

Chapter 282: He Loved Her Very Much

A few men in police uniforms walked in and one of them took out a police officer's card. "We are from
the Criminal Police Unit. Someone reported that you are doing illegal business here."

Maddox paused and turned his head. His cold gaze landed on Godber's face with indifference. The
latter did not expect the police to come. Godber's face turned pale.

Maddox slowly looked back, making a mocking sneer. Tonight, Dream Nightclub would disappear from

The police came in and searched every corner of the room, while Maddox and Godber were taken

The bar that used to be lively and noisy was very quiet at this moment. Only the colorful lights were still

More than a dozen policemen surrounded the guests. Some were panic-stricken, while others stared at
the policemen with ferocious expressions.


As soon as Maddox walked over, a policeman went up to greet him.

Seeing this person, Maddox finally revealed a sincere smile, "Talbot."

Talbot smiled and punched Maddox on the shoulder, "Why are you here?"

"I have an appointment with someone," Maddox replied casually.

"You have an appointment?" Talbot frowned, "You shouldn't have made an appointment in such a

As he spoke, he could tell how much Talbot despised this club.

Maddox smiled and said with other implications, "This is the last time."

Talbot glanced at him spitefully. "It would be the best if this was the last time. Next time, without me,
you'll be in trouble.”

"A straight foot is not afraid of a crooked shoe,” Maddox said seriously.

Talbot couldn't help but laugh, "Yes, you are right."

Following that, Talbot instructed the policemen to thoroughly search the nightclub. Then, he raised his
hand to hook Maddox's shoulder and planned to leave.

Seeing that Maddox was so familiar with the police, how could Godber miss the opportunity to ride
Maddox's coattails? He hurriedly shouted at Maddox, who was about to leave, "Mr. Shen, don't leave.
Help me talk to your friend. There is no illegal business in my club."

Hearing this, Maddox stopped. Talbot, who was beside him, turned to look at Maddox and frowned.
"Hey, Maddox, you don't want to speak for Godber, do you?"

Maddox did not answer. Talbot was anxious, "Don't let me look down on you. Do you know what kind of
person Godber is?"

"I know." Maddox glanced at him, then and then turned around to look at Godber who was not far away.

Upon seeing him turn around, Godber felt hopeful.

Next, Maddox's calm voice sounded, "Mr. Young, since there is no illegal business, let them search. A
straight foot is not afraid of a crooked shoe, right?"

With that, Maddox turned around and left without looking back.

Talbot was shocked on the spot. When he understood Maddox's words, Maddox had long left. Talbot
looked at Godber and hurried to chase after Maddox.

Godber seemed desperate ashen as he knew that he had lost his momentum and there was no way

After leaving the nightclub, Talbot looked for Maddox around. Finally, he saw Maddox next to a black

Talbot quickly walked over and patted him on the shoulder. He smiled and teased, "I thought you had
no principles and would speak for Godber.”

Maddox coldly glanced at him, "Do I look like someone who doesn't have a bottom line?"

Talbot raised his eyebrows without giving an answer. Instead, he changed the topic, "Why did you ask
Woodrow to call me?"

Maddox turned his head to look at the signboard of Dream Nightclub with lights on. "There shouldn't be
such an obscene club in Benin City. I'm just trying to get rid of harm for the people."

Hearing this, Talbot rolled his eyes at Maddox spitefully. "Come on. Others may be unfamiliar to you,
but I know you well. You always don't like to meddle in others affairs. You try to avoid trouble as much
as possible. How could you suddenly come up with such a selfless idea? There must be some reasons

Maddox couldn't help but laugh, "Talbot, I didn't expect you to know me so well.”

"Of course, how many years have I slept in the lower bunk as your roommate?" As Talbot spoke, Talbot
raised his hand and placed it on Maddox's shoulder. He said with curiosity, "Tell me, why did you do

Maddox glanced at him and raised his head, his gaze landing on the pitch-black sky without saying a

Talbot raised his eyebrows. Well, his question was ignored. However, Talbot could continue his

Thus, Talbot asked tentatively, “Did you do that for a woman?"

Maddox was still silent.

Talbot understood, "So it was really for a woman. Tell me, what did Godber do to your woman?"

Maddox turned his head to look at Talbot, "Talbot, you haven't changed for so many years. You still like
to gossip."

Talbot refuted, "I'm not gossiping. I'm concerned about you.”

Maddox smiled and looked serious. "Talbot, no matter what, we must make Dream Nightclub disappear
from Benin City this time.”

Talbot frowned. "Disappear? I'm afraid this is a bit difficult. After all, the Young family has relations with
the police. It's very likely that things will just end like this."

"It's not going to happen. If others dare to help the Young family, what awaits them is to be fired,"
Maddox said with a cold smile and ruthlessness in his deep black eyes.

Talbot looked at Maddox and was silent for a moment before asking, "Are you planning to use the Shen
family's power?"

"Why not?" Maddox asked instead of answering.

"It looks like you love that woman very much." Otherwise, Maddox wouldn't use the power of the Shen

Did Maddox love Yayoi? Maddox wasn't sure, but for now, he didn't want her to suffer from the slightest
bit of grievance. He just wanted her to be happy.

"In the future, if possible, bring her out and let us know each other." Talbot patted Maddox's shoulder
and looked in the direction of the nightclub. "It seems that we're going to be busy tonight. I won't chat
with you anymore. We'll meet again another day."

“Alright.” Maddox nodded.

"Then I'll go in." Talbot turned around and strode towards the nightclub.

"Hey..." Maddox suddenly shouted.

Talbot stopped and turned to look at Maddox, only to hear, "Thank you, Talbot."

Talbot smiled and waved his hand before continuing walking.

Maddox watched Talbot enter the nightclub. Until then, Maddox got into the car. Maddox looked at
Dream Nightclub before he started the car, and then drove away from this place that was destined to
disappear soon.

Rosiley and Juliet returned home after dinner with Yayoi.

Upon returning home, Rosiley saw Sachin sitting in the living room.

She was stunned for a moment, then walked over.

Sachin, who was watching the news, heard footsteps and turned his head. Seeing that it was Rosiley,
he smiled at her. "You are back."

Rosiley replied with a smile, "Yes, I'm back."

She sat down beside him and said, "Why don't you go upstairs and rest?"

"I was waiting for you."

Rosiley was a little shy as she glared at him cutely, "I'm not a child. I don't need you to wait for me."

Sachin looked so tired, but he was still waiting for her.

Rosiley couldn't help but feel a little guilty. If she had known that he was waiting, she would have gone
home earlier.

Sachin smiled and said, "Without my wife by my side, the room is so empty. I would be afraid if I am

Rosiley was amused by his words, "You're still afraid of staying in the room alone as a grown man."

"Sure!" Sachin stood up and held her up against her waist.

Rosiley cried out in alarm softly. "Since you are back, let's go back to sleep."

As he spoke, Sachin carried her upstairs.