Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 283: Help Me Kill Rosiley

Sachin carried Rosiley into the room and gently placed her on the soft bed, his tall figure pressing down
on her.

Seeing that he was about to kiss her, Rosiley hurried to push against his chest. Rosiley looked away.
"No, I haven't brushed my teeth or taken a bath yet.”

"I don't mind it."

With impulse, Alan lowered his head and kissed her lips.

In the quiet room, the painting of the couple interwoven into a moving music.

Xenia was arrested by the police for homicide. Rorey called her friends for help, but they all refused.

Those with good attitudes said that they weren't capable.

Others ridiculed her in various ways.

Rorey was so angry that she threw her phone heavily on the floor so that the screen shattered like a
spider web.

Rorey bit her lip with hatred while her eyes widened. She had intense hatred and unwillingness.

When she had been powerful, many people came to curry favor with her, saying all kinds of good
words to Rorey.

But now?

Without the title of the lady of the Ji family, she was just a daughter of the Tang family, which was not
recognized by all. Besides, Rosiley was in charge of the Tang family. In other words, Rosiley was the
boss while Rorey was just a pitiful dog living in the Tang's.

Therefore, all the "friends" who had curried favor with her wished to draw a clear line, as if they had
never known each other before.


She wouldn't take it!

Why would she, Rorey, have to endure such humiliation?

Alan walked into the room and saw the phone on the ground. He walked over and picked it up. He
looked at it and saw the screen shattered.

Then he looked at Rorey. Rorey was so angry that her pretty face was distorted by hatred.

Seeing him come in, Rorey shouted, "Did I allow you to come in? Get out of here!"

Alan remained still and looked at her quietly.

Seeing that Alan didn't listen to her, Rorey was so angry that she rushed forward and raised her hand
to hit him.

She didn't expect that Alan caught him.

"Let me go!" Rorey glared at him fiercely.

Alan said coldly, "Do you want to take revenge on those who hurt you?"

Rorey was shocked for a moment, but she didn't understand what Alan was asking.

Alan pushed her away and continued, "If you want revenge, your father will help you."

"My father?"

Rorey sneered, "Are you kidding me? Where is my father? The only one who can be called as my
father is still unconscious in the hospital. Do you want him to help me?”

Alan looked at Rorey quietly for a long time before he said, "I mean your biological father."

Biological father?

Rorey was shocked. She still had a biological father?

"Your mother visited my eldest brother, Garland, who is your biological father. Your mother asked him to
help you, so I came to Benin."

Alan's words solved Rorey's confusion. She was thinking about why a stranger showed up at her
house, but now she finally understood.

Rorey looked at him and asked in an outspoken manner, "How is he going to help me? Am I going to
rely on you alone?"

Facing her doubts, Alan didn't care. He chuckled and said, "Do whatever you want. I will help you."

He could help her?

Rorey narrowed her eyes, "Then help me kill Rosiley."

Alan's gaze turned cold. "Rorey, don't you believe me?"

Rorey frankly admitted, "I don't believe you. Why should I believe in a so-called biological father that I
have never met?"

"Believe it or not, Miss, that was all that I have to say."

Alan coldly said those words and turned around to leave.

When he reached the door, he looked back and said, "Apart from killing people, I can help you with
everything you want."

With that, he left.

Apart from killing people, he could help her with everything she wanted?

Rorey stared at the door, thinking over his words.

In one night, Dream Nightclub, which was famous in Benin City, had undergone tremendous changes.

In just one night, the glory days of Dream Nightclub came to an end. The police had closed the

Early in the morning, Candance and Vito went to the police station, where they saw their uncle Godber.

The moment she saw Godber, Candance couldn't believe that the person who was so vigorous the day
before aged a lot and was under the weather now.

"Uncle, what had happened? How did the club end up being closed?” Candance asked.

"I also want to know what was going on." Godber coldly looked at her and was very unhappy with her
niece's questioning.

Vito was a flexible person and he soon noticed Godber's displeasure. He explained for the sake of
Candance, "Uncle, Candance said that out of concern about you. Don't take it seriously."

Godber looked at Vito, who was smiling with an apology. To be honest, Godber had always liked Vito
because Vito was ambitious and smart.

Therefore, Godber was no longer that angry and replied. "Vito, I won't take it seriously."

Candance pouted. To avoid making her uncle unhappy again, she said in a soft manner, "Uncle, Dream
Nightclub has been operating smoothly in Benin City for so many years. How could it be reported for
illegal business activities?"

Vito also asked, "Indeed, uncle, have you ever asked who reported it?"

Godber shook his head, "No. Even if I do, the police will keep it a secret.”

Godber narrowed his eyes and looked sinister. If Godber knew who reported it, he would take revenge
on that person.

"There was a financial problem in the company and several projects were delayed. Now such a thing
happened to you. Calamities come in succession. What should we do now?"

Candance looked serious and worried. Once the Young family collapsed, she would no longer be a
debutant. Then ...

She glanced at Vito beside her. To tell the truth, if a man could abandon his girlfriend for the sake of
power once, he could do such a shameless thing for a second time.

Thinking of this, Candance felt desperate.

She would never allow such a thing to happen.

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