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Chapter 284: Counterattack Forcefully

Candance was worried that if the Young Group went under, she would no longer be the daughter of a
rich family.

Vito was worried that if the Young Group went under, then his ambitions would fail.

He betrayed Yayoi and hooked up with Candance because he wanted to get the Young Group.

He knew that Candance was President Young's beloved youngest daughter. President Young even
said that he would leave the Young Group to her youngest daughter after he died.

Therefore, Vito did everything he could to hook up with Candance. As long as President Young died,
Candance would get the Young Group.

That meant Vito would also get the Young Group if he married Candance.

However, the best-laid schemes of mice and men often went astray.

No one had expected that the Young Group would be on the verge of bankruptcy due to the rupture of
the capital chain.

The capital chain ruptured because of Vito and Candance.

Therefore, Vito was eager to solve the problem of the Young Group's capital.

Godber looked at the two young men with a gimlet-eye. From their solemn expressions, it could be
seen that they were worried that the Young Group would go bankrupt, and then they would no longer
have superior lives.

"Candance." Godber called out.

Candance looked up at him.

Said, "Go back and tell your dad that someone wants to invest in a few projects of our company, but
only if we give him 30% stake of the company."

"30%?" Candance and Vito exclaimed at the same time, staring at Godber in disbelief.

"Yes, that man said that he will only transfer the money to our company account if we give him the

Candance frowned, "He is fishing in troubled waters."

Thirty percent meant that the man would have the right to demand a re-election of the chairman of the
board, and then the Young Group would be in the risk of changing ownership.

Her father wouldn't agree to such a risky thing.

Godber read her mind and said, "If your father doesn't agree, the company has to go bankrupt."

If they wanted to get the funds, they had to pay 30% of the shares.

If they couldn't get the funds, the company could only go bankrupt.

This dilemma made Candance and Vito's hearts become heavier.

"I can't go back now. I have to be investigated by the police. So you have to persuade your father,
Candance. This is a good chance for our Young Group to come back to life."

Godber explained earnestly.

Candance nodded, "Yes, I see."

"Boss, President Young refused." Woodrow Fields told Maddox about the Young family's reaction.

Maddox raised his eyebrows and said, "President Young is a person with a bottom line.”

"Then what should we do now?" Woodrow asked.

Maddox gently tapped the table with his finger, and sneered with ruthlessness, "Spread the news that
the Young Group is not doing well and on the verge of bankruptcy for lack of capital."

Woodrow frowned, "Why didn't we do this from the beginning?"

From the beginning, Maddox let Woodrow get in touch with Godber. Woodrow intentionally mentioned
to Godber that there was someone who was interested in the several projects of the Young Group and
wanted to invest in them.

That was why they met Godber.

"Why?" Maddox looked up at Woodrow's confused face and sneered.

"Because I like to give others hope, and then fiercely snuff out their hope."

Woodrow couldn't help but shiver. He thought that ordinary people could not understand Maddox's
weird thought.

As soon as Rosiley went to work today, she habitually turned on her computer to check out the hot

A striking headline caught her eyes.

Shares Plummeted, What Would Happen to the Once-prosperous Young Group?

She clicked on the article and read it. The general content was that the Young Group had suffered from
mismanagement and the rupture of the capital chain, which led to plummeting share prices. And it was
very likely to declare bankruptcy.

Oh, was this karma?

Rosiley instantly felt refreshed when she read the news. Her eyes lit up as if she had seen the Young
Group go bankrupt.

She quickly took out her phone and called Yayoi to share the good news with the latter.

As soon as Yayoi answered the phone, she heard Rosiley's excited voice. Yayoi was so frightened that
she almost threw her phone away.

"Yayoi, I have good news for you. The Young Group is going bankrupt!"

"What? The Young Group is going bankrupt?"

Yayoi frowned, "Rosiley, are you dreaming?"

"I'm not dreaming. You'll know when you get online and watch the hot news."

Yayoi walked to the computer and opened the web page to search for the Young Group. Soon, the
latest news about the Young Group popped up.

When she read the news, she was surprised and asked, "Share price plummeted?"

Rosiley laughed loudly and said, "That's right, their share price has fallen so badly that they might not
be able to hold on and can only declare bankruptcy.”

"How could this be?" This happened so suddenly.

"Candance and Vito secretly embezzled the company's funds and then framed your parents for it. They
will surely backfire since they do such a wicked thing."

"But... even if the Young Group is bankrupt, my parents’ names will not be cleared.”

"Yayoi, don't worry. Your parents will be home soon."

Rosiley's tone was firm, but Yayoi was not sure. Although she was pleased to see the Young Group to
experience such a terrible situation, it did not seem to be beneficial to her parents’ restoration of

"Yayoi, rest assured and wait for the good news."

Rosiley comforted Yayoi and hung up the phone.

Rosiley stared thoughtfully at the news on the computer.

Then, she stood up and quickly walked out of the media department.

The president's office.

Maddox placed the coffee on the coffee table and sat on the sofa. He smiled warmly and looked at
Rosiley who was looking for him.

"Rosiley, what's wrong?"

Rosiley asked straightforwardly, "Did you do something to the Young Group?"

Maddox raised his eyebrows and smiled silently. It could be considered a tacit acknowledgement.

"Good job!” Rosiley gave him a thumbs thumbs-up and asked, "What are you going to do next?”

"Purchase the shares of Young Group at the lowest price.”

Rosiley was surprised and frowned, "Are you crazy? With the current situation of the Young Group, the
court will close it down and liquidate the assets. Why do you want to buy its shares?"

She thought he was crazy.

Maddox smiled. "Why can't I buy it at such a good opportunity? Besides, who said that the Young
Group would go bankrupt in the end?"

Rosiley noticed something was amiss from his words.

After pondering for a moment, she asked tentatively, "You are taking this opportunity to buy the shares
of the Young Group, aren't you?"

"Rosiley, you are very smart.” A trace of praise appeared in Maddox's eyes.

Rosiley shook her head in astonishment, "You are simply taking the lives of the YoungsYoung family?"

Maddox shrugged his shoulders and said, "I'm just giving them a taste of their own medicine."

Rosiley couldn't help but laugh, "Maddox, I praise you for your fight against the YoungsYoung family.”

She believed that the situation would soon change. She wished she could see Candance and Vito
breaking down when they lost everything.

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