The convenient Bride

Chapter 285: He Was Willing to Pay for Joining REG

REG's charity party was held at the Benin City Sports Center on Saturday night this week, so REG
Group started to set up the venue a few days ahead of schedule.

Rosiley brought Raye to the scene in order to shoot the preparations of the charity party and update
the progress of the charity party for netizens.

By the time they arrived at the sports center, the stage was basically set up. It was very big.

Although it was a simple stage now, Rosiley believed that it would be spectacular and beautiful with all
kinds of gorgeous lights on the evening of the party.

The staff at the scene was making preparations in an orderly manner. Rosiley and Raye were
embarrassed to disturb them too much. They only asked a few questions before filming the live video.

Suddenly, there was a commotion at the entrance of the sports center. Someone shouted, "Mr. Sachin
is here to inspect the work." All the staff immediately stopped working and quickly lined up. Everyone
stood upright like soldiers in the army who were being inspected.

Raye was dumbfounded. He leaned over to Rosiley and whispered, "Rosiley, do you think they're

Rosiley nodded, "Yes, I think so."

"L also feel the same way."

Just as they were whispering, Sachin's tall figure appeared in everyone's line of sight.

He was surrounded by a group of people as he walked over, and his expression was as indifferent as

He glanced at the stage that had already been built, and then turned his head to say something to the
person beside him. That person bowed in fear.

When he saw the staff standing in line, he frowned, and a trace of displeasure appeared in his eyes.

"What are you doing?" he asked in a stern voice.

Aman standing behind him walked forward and replied with a flattering smile, "They are welcoming
you, Mr. Sachin.”

"Manager Wang, how many years have you been in REG?" Sachin glanced sideways at him.

Although Sachin's tone was calm and showed no joy or anger, Manager Wang was frightened and felt
cold sweat trickling down his back.

Everyone in REG knew that their boss usually hated this hypocritical pretense the most.

Manager Wang fell victim to his own cleverness.

The others looked at Manager Wang sympathetically.

"Mr. Sachin, I've been in REG for six years." Manager Wang said in a trembling voice.

"Six years?" Sachin raised his eyebrows and snorted, “It's been long then, Manager Wang."

His tone was a little cold.

Manager Wang was a smart person. He immediately turned around and shouted to the staff standing in
line, "Go back to your work, now!"

The crowd dispersed in a hurry and went back to their busy work.

After that, Manager Wang turned to face Sachin and sincerely admitted his mistake.

"Mr. Sachin, I am wrong. I will reflect my behavior."

"There's no need for self-reflection,” Sachin said and walked away.

Manager Wang knew that he was fine, so he wiped the sweat off his forehead and let out a long sigh of

Rosiley watched the scene quietly and smiled. Her eyes were as clear as water.

She thought Sachin was a man of principle.

"Rosiley, the staff just wanted to welcome Mr. Sachin, why was he so angry?" Although Raye felt that
the welcome was a bit exaggerated, he also felt that Sachin had overreacted.

"Why can't he be angry?" Rosiley glanced at him and explained, "Mr. Sachin is the president of a
group. He is powerful at a high position. Many people want to flatter him, so they will make illusions for
him. Take what happened today for example. Everyone stopped working and lined up to greet him.
That way, he wouldn't be able to see how people really worked. He just wants to see as it is when he
comes to inspect. "

"He could come secretly."

Rosiley gently knocked on his head and said, "Do you think it is so easy to sneak in? There are always
some people who don't know what to do, such as Manager Wang."

"OK." Raye nodded as if he understood.

Rosiley sighed, "Alright, forget about it. Hurry up and finish filming the video. We'll go back and write
the manuscript.”

With that, she pulled Raye in the opposite direction to Sachin.

After Rosiley and Raye finished filming the video, they walked out of the sports center and saw Sachin
walking towards the black Maybach on the roadside.

Sachin suddenly looked back as if he sensed Rosiley's gaze.

So Rosiley met his eyes.

Rosiley saw a trace of surprise flash through his eyes. She raised her eyebrows. He probably didn't
expect that she would come here.

"Rosiley, is Mr. Sachin looking at us?” Raye pushed Rosiley with his elbow excitedly.

"Maybe." Rosiley looked at Sachin and answered absent-mindedly.

"Let's go up and say hello to him, Rosiley."

Before Rosiley could react, Raye pulled her towards Sachin.

When Rosiley knew it, they were already standing in front of Sachin.

"Hello, Mr. Sachin. I'm Raye, an entertainment reporter of TEG.” Raye stretched out his hand towards
Sachin in excitement.

Sachin glanced at Rosiley, then shook Raye's hand and said indifferently, "Hello."

Raye was surprised that Sachin would shake hands and say "hello". Raye was thrilled, "Nice to meet

Rosiley was silent.

Sachin looked at Rosiley and smiled faintly, "Miss, have you thought about it? Are you joining REG?"

"No,” Rosiley replied without hesitation. "I prefer TEG."

Raye was astonished that Sachin would invite Rosiley to join REG, and he was more astonished that
Rosiley had mercilessly refused.

Countless people were obsessed with joining REG, the entertainment group at the top of the
entertainment industry.

Countless women were fascinated by Mr. Sachin, the Prince Charming in their hearts.

However, not only was Rosiley not tempted, but she refused.

Raye felt that his heart was bleeding. Why wasn't he invited to join REG?

He would be willing to join even if he had to pay.

Sachin, who had been refused, did not reveal a trace of displeasure. He stared at Rosiley's, and his
eyes concealed affection from others.

He said, "Rosiley, REG's door is always open for you. You can come whenever you want. I welcome
you at any time."

With that, he turned around and walked towards the car.