The convenient Bride

Chapter 286: Fix Our Relationship

Seeing Sachin's car leave, Raye signed, "Mr. Sachin is as unreachable as the rumors Say."

Rosiley turned her head and looked Raye up and down. She nodded and said, "Indeed, he is much
taller than you."

Sachin was more than 1.8 meters tall, while Raye was only 1.7 meters tall. There was indeed a gap
between them.

Raye curled his lips with dissatisfaction and said, "I'm not talking about the difference in height!"

"I know. I'm just joking with you." Rosiley patted him on the shoulder and said, "The video is done. Let's
go back and write the


Meeting Sachin at the sports center was just an episode for Rosiley. However, for Raye, it was a great
thing to be proud of.

"He is so handsome!"

As soon as Raye returned to the company, he bragged to his colleagues about seeing Sachin and kept
praising Sachin's handsome appearance.

"Mr. Sachin is very charming. He is like a prince from a comic book. I am attracted to him." The one
who said this was Charlene, who was also an intern like Raye. She was holding her face in both hands,
and her eyes sparkled.

"Lam is crazy about him, too.” Another female colleague also showed her affection, and even sang a
song, "Oh my pretty pretty boy I love you, like I never ever loved no one before you..."

Rosiley looked at them speechlessly. They had been poisoned by a poison called "Sachin." And they
were completely obsessed with Sachin beauty.

Sachin was her man. She was quite proud that Sachin was praised.

However, this also had an impact on the work.

So she got up and quietly walked behind Raye. Raye didn't know and kept on talking, "He smiled at
me. If I were a woman, I would definitely be obsessed with him...’

Rosiley indifferently looked at the few people besides Raye. They all smiled awkwardly and hurriedly
returned to their seats to work.

Raye shouted at them in surprise, "Hey, I'm still speaking. Why did you run away? You don't show me
any respect.’

Others thought, 'l want to show you respect, but I can't!’

Just as Raye finished shouting, he was heavily knocked on the head.

"Who is it?" Raye angrily turned around.

Rosiley looked at him with a faint smile and said. "You're in a good mood, Raye.”

Raye was about to get angry. However, when he saw that it was Rosiley, and he ceased to be angry.

"Rosiley, so it's you,’ he said with a fawning smile.

"Of course it's me. Who else do you think it is?"

The smile on Rosiley's face grew brighter, but Raye was terrified. Raye shook his head and smiled with
embarrassment, "No, no. You are the only one who dares to knock on my head.’

"Oh?" Rosiley raised her eyebrows, "So are you blaming me?"

"No, I am not." Raye forced a smile.

Rosiley stopped talking nonsense with him and said directly, "No gossip during working hours. It's your
freedom to talk about what you want after work."

She glanced at the blank document page on his computer and frowned. "Hurry up and write the
manuscript. Hand it to me before the end of the day.’

After saying that, she gently knocked on his head again before returning to her seat.

Seeing her leave, the others turned to look at Raye and smiled at him gloatingly.

Raye raised his fists and pretended to beat them up, but they laughed even happier.

In the end, Raye could only rub his nose embarrassedly and started writing the manuscript.

Rosiley suddenly received a bouquet of flowers just as she was about to leave work.

A bouquet of red roses.

She was dumbfounded to receive the flowers.

Today was not a special day, so why would someone suddenly give her flowers?

Raye leaned over and counted the number of flowers.

"Fifty-one." Raye thought about it seriously and muttered in a low voice, "The flower language of Fifty-
one roses seems to be ‘You are the only one in my heart’.”

Then, he looked up at Rosiley and asked curiously, "Rosiley, is this from your boyfriend?"

"Boyfriend?" Rosiley frowned. She didn't have a boyfriend but a husband. Moreover, her husband
wouldn't suddenly give her flowers for no reason, and it was impossible for him to give her such vulgar

Seeing her confused expression, Raye raised his eyebrows and asked, "Could it be from a suitor?"

That was even more impossible!

Rosiley casually put the flower aside and look up at Raye. She smiled faintly and asked, "Are you done
with the manuscript?"

Raye was embarrassed and said, "Not yet."

"Hurry up and write it.”

Rosiley picked up the folder on the desk and pretended to hit him. Raye was so scared that he shrank
back and smiled apologetically,

"OK, I'll write it now."

After saying that, he quickly sneaked back to his seat and sat down.

This Raye was nice, but he was gossipy and talkative, not like a man at all.

Rosiley smiled and shook her head. She looked at the flowers and was lost in her thoughts with a
concentrated face. She wondered who gave this flower to her.

The question was finally resolved when she walked out of the building after work and saw the familiar

"It is Yunis!" Someone shouted.

Rosiley put on a serious face and was about to leave as if she didn't see Yunis.

However, Yunis wouldn't let her leave so easily.

"Rosiley.’ Seeing Rosiley walk to the other side, Yunis strode over and stood in her way.

Whatever would be, would beWhat is destined cannot be avoided.

Rosiley pursed her lips and looked up at Yunis. Her gaze was cold as if she was looking at a complete

"Yunis, what are you doing here?" Rosiley asked coldly.

Her indifferent attitude displeased Yunis. In the past, when she faced him, she had always been docile
and her eyes were also filled with admiration and love for him. However, there was nothing else but
indifference in her eyes now.

He was very unhappy.

However, he quickly hid his displeasure and smiled warmly. He said in a gentle voice, "I came to see
you. Do you like the flowers I gave you?"

As expected, the flowers were from him.

Rosiley sneered and said bluntly, "I threw the flowers to the trash can."

Threw away? A glimmer of displeasure showed in Yunis’ eyebrows, but he quickly recovered and said
affectionately, "If you don't like

roses, I'll give you other flowers next time.”

Rosiley frowned, "Yunis, what do you want?"

"I want to fix our relationship."

Rosiley was shocked and amused by the answer. She thought Yunis was shameless. She laughed out
loud and said, "Yunis, I've seen shameless people, but no one is more shameless than you.’

Yunis’ face darkened. "Rosiley, you...”

"What did I do?" Rosiley's hands were crossed in front of her chest, and she looked up at him

Rosiley sneered and her eyes filled with mockery. "Yunis, you are trying to fix our relationship, aren't
you? Why are you getting angry?

How can I see your sincerity this way?"

Upon hearing this, Yunis hurriedly put on a gentle face and anxiously explained, "Rosiley, I am just

"Excited?" Rosiley sneered, "You're So easy to get excited, aren't you?"