The convenient Bride

Chapter 288: I Don't Want You to Get Hurt

After Rosiley left, Payton turned his head and glared at Juliet with displeasure. "Miss Elton, did you
mock me just now by saying the hero and beauty thing?"

Juliet stared at him and did not answer his question. Instead, she changed the topic and said, "Payton,
let's go for a drink."

Payton was stunned, then he directly rejected her, "No, I'm very busy.’

There was a trace of disappointment in her eyes. Juliet pretended to be unrestrained, shrugged her
shoulders and said, "Alright, forget it.”

Payton thought that she would pester him and force him to agree to accompany her to drink, but he
didn't expect that she would give up so easily.

This made Payton very dissatisfied. He wanted to say something, but he saw her brush past him and
didn't even look at him.

For some reason, he felt displeased.

He turned around and watched her get into her car. Then, she started the car and left, leaving him
standing there dumbfounded.

When Rosiley returned home, Sasha was still making dinner, so Rosiley went upstairs to change into
her comfortable home clothes and went to the kitchen to help.

When Sasha saw her, Sasha smiled kindly. "Rosiley, I can do this. Please go out and watch TV. When
Sachin comes back, we can have dinner.”

"It's alright, Sasha. I can help you and learn some cooking at the same time." Rosiley blinked playfully
at Sasha, then took the basket containing the vegetables Sasha had trimmed to the sink and started
washing the vegetables.

Sasha smiled and said nothing when she saw Rosiley's persistence.

Rosiley helped Sasha prepare dinner, and Sachin also went home.

Hearing the sound at the entrance, Rosiley put the bowls on the dining table and ran out in a hurry.

Sachin put on his slippers and looked up to see his beloved wife wearing an apron, looking at him with
a smile.

He was happy. He walked over and asked softly, "Did you help Sasha again?"

"Yes." Rosiley nodded and took the briefcase in his hand. "Go upstairs, get changed and come down to

"Alright." Sachin kissed her on her forehead and went upstairs past her.

Rosiley touched her forehead, revealing a sweet and happy smile.

Sachin changed his clothes and came down, just in time to see Sasha walking in with someone.

"Why are you here?" He said with a frown.

The person respectfully lowered his head and said, "Mr. Sachin, the chairman has something to tell

Sachin narrowed his eyes, revealing a trace of sharpness. "I have no interest in whatever he has to
say. You can go back.’

After saying that, he turned around to go to the dining room. At this time, "Mr. Sachin, the chairman
said that the Lu family cannot afford to lose face. He wants you to release Mr. Charlie."

It was for Charlie! That old man really cared about Charlie!

Sachin laughed mockingly. "Go back and tell him that I will not let Charlie go. He must pay the price for
his mistakes."

"The chairman also said that if you don't let go of Mr. Charlie, then he won't care about your father-son

"Father-son relationship?" Sachin sneered. It turned out that in the old man’s eyes, there was still a
father-son relationship between them.

"Go back and tell him. He can do whatever he wants.” Sachin coldly rolled his eyes at the man and
strode away.

Sasha came here from the Lu’s to take care of Sachin, so she knew a little about the grudges within the
Lu family.

She sighed softly and said to the man, "Go back. The things Mr. Sachin has decided to do cannot be
changed by Master's words.’

Even she knew Mr. Sachin's temperament. Why didn't the Master understand? He always forced
Sachin to do things that Sachin was unwilling to do. It was no wonder that their relationship was getting
worse and worse.

If only Madam was here.

Thinking of this, Sasha heavily sighed.

Sachin walked into the dining room. Rosiley, who was ladling out soup, looked up and smiled brightly
when she saw him. "Sachin, sit down.’

The moment he saw her smile, his bad mood instantly improved.

He smiled and walked over to sit down.

His life was peaceful and beautiful, and no one was allowed to destroy it.

After dinner, Rosiley helped Sasha clear away bowls and chopsticks before going upstairs.

As she walked up the stairs, she thought of what Sasha had just said to her.

"Rosiley, Master sent someone to look for Mr. Sachin just now. It seems that he came because of Mr.
Charlie. I don't know what Mr. Sachin did to Mr. Charlie, but I'm worried that Master will do harm to Mr.
Sachin if he gets angry, so please persuade Mr. Sachin not to go against Master. Otherwise, he will

It turned out that Sachin's father's people had come. No wonder she always felt that Sachin seemed to
be absent-minded when having dinner, as if he had something in his mind.

She did not understand why Sasha would say that Sachin's father would do harm to Sachin if he was
angry. No matter what, they were still father and son. It was impossible for them to hurt each other,

However, the situation of the Lu family was complicated, and she still could not understand everything.

Therefore, she felt that it was better to ask Sachin.

Thus, she went to the study, and as soon as she pushed the door open, she heard Sachin's cold voice.

"Charlie deserves to be punished. Could it be that because he is a member of the Lu family, we have to
forgive his mistakes?"

"I almost forgot that Charles and Charlie are your most precious sons.’

"Do you think Benin Benin City is the Capital? In Benin Benin, I, Sachin, have the final say."

"If you dare to harm her, then I will make the Lu family suffer."

These words were filled with coldness, causing Rosiley to panic for no reason.

He was talking to his father, but it was more like he was talking to an enemy.

This was worse than her relationship with her father.

It quieted down in the study room, and Rosiley pushed open the door and walked in.

He was standing right in front of the window. His tall figure revealed a cold aura. She pursed her lips
and walked over gently.

"Sachin, She whispered.

He reacted and his coldness subsided instantly. He slowly turned his head to meet her worried eyes.

"Sasha told me,’ she said.

He stared at her without saying a word.

She walked in front of him and raised her head. She looked at his handsome face. "Sachin, I don't want
you to get hurt."

Sachin's eyes moved slightly and he smiled apologetically. "Sorry, I made you worry.’

Rosiley gently shook her head, "There's no need to say sorry. I just want to......."

She paused for a second, her eyes filled with determination. "I want to know what exactly is going on."

"Do you really want to know?" he asked softly.

"Yes." She nodded firmly.

He smiled and rubbed her head. "Rosiley, you were pure and innocent. I don't want you to know too
much darkness and evilness. I just want you to remain this clean and innocent.’

He could handle it all by himself.