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Chapter 287: He Can't Beat Me

"Rosiley, don't be angry. I promise I will change." This was probably the first time Yunis had been so
humble to Rosiley.

In the past, Rosiley had always chased after him and was obedient to him in every matter. She had
completely treated him as the only thing in her life.

Because she had thought he loved her.

But in the end, it was just a joke.

Thinking of this, Rosiley was gloomy and her eyes turned cold.

Rosiley knew very well why Yunis came looking for her. He came to her because she was the chairman
of the Tang Group.

He was not trying to fix their relationship, but casting greedy eyes on the Tang Group!

"Yunis, do you want to fix our relationship seriously?” Rosiley looked at him.

"Yes, I'm serious,’ Yunis blurted out without the slightest hesitation.

Rosiley raised her eyebrows, "Prove it to me.’

"How can I prove it?"

"How can you prove it?” Rosiley put on a strange smile.

Yunis suddenly felt something horrible was going to happen.

As expected, Rosiley said slowly, "As long as you jump off the bridge over the river, I will believe your

Jump off the bridge over the river? Yunis’ face suddenly turned pale in shock.

Seeing that his face was pale, Rosiley smiled and said, "Are you afraid?"

Yunis did not answer, but stared at her.

Rosiley put on a gloomy face and said coldly, "If you are afraid, don't come to me and seek attention.
We have nothing to do with each other. Leave me alone."

With that, she no longer looked at him. She walked past him and left without looking back.

They had nothing to do with each other?

Yunis narrowed his eyes. He would never allow such a thing to happen.

He turned around to catch up with Rosiley and grabbed her wrist.

Rosiley was forced to stop. She turned around and glared at him angrily, "Yunis, what are you doing?"

Yunis smiled warmly, "I want you to dine with me.’

"Dine with you?" Rosiley sneered, "Yunis, have you lost your memory? Why should I dine with you?"

"Because you're my fiancée.” Immediately after, Yunis pulled her towards his car.

"Yunis! Are you crazy? The engagement between us has long been broken off!" Rosiley struggled hard,
trying to break free from his grab.

However, she was no match for him at all.

As they were getting closer to his car, Rosiley calmed herself down and thought fast about how to get
rid of him.

She knew that as long as she got in his car, what would happen was more than having dinner.

Right at this moment, a shrill shout suddenly sounded.

"Yunis! What are you doing?"

Rosiley and Yunis turned around at the same time and looked at the sound, only to see Payton rushing
towards them angrily.

"Payton." The moment she saw Payton, Rosiley heaved a sigh of relief. She knew that she had been

Payton never thought that he would see such an irritating scene the moment he went out. He didn't
dare to think that if he came out a little late, Rosiley would be taken away by Yunis.

He ran over and punched Yunis in the face before the latter could react.

Yunis was caught off guard and had no choice but to let go of Rosiley. He took a few steps back.

"Rosiley, are you alright?” Payton pulled Rosiley behind him and asked anxiously.

"I'm fine." Rosiley shook her head.

Seeing that she was safe and sound, Payton felt at ease.

Afterwards, he turned around to glare at Yunis angrily and scolded sternly, "Scram! Otherwise, I'll beat
you until you can't get up!"

How could Yunis be willing to leave?

When a man was beaten, his dignity was trampled upon.

Moreover, the one who beat him was his ex-fiancée's current boyfriend. It was more humiliating for

No matter what, he couldn't let it go.

Thus, he swung his fist and rushed towards Payton with a roar.

"Payton, look out,’ Rosiley exclaimed.

"Don't worry, Rosiley. He can't beat me.” Payton smiled at her, and then put on a serious face. As
Yunis’ fist swung over, Payton calmly raised his hand to avoid the punch and raised his leg to kick

Yunis flew out and crashed heavily into his own car.

Afterwards, he slowly slid down the car like a rag and fell to the ground.

Seeing this, Rosiley couldn't bear to look at him anymore. He must be very painful.

"Yunis, don't let me see your face again, or I'll beat you up every time I see you.” Payton threatened

Yunis slowly stood up while holding onto the car. He glared at Payton. Even though he was unwilling,
he knew that he was no match for Payton.

He took a glance at Rosiley, then turned around and got into the car. He started the car and left.

Seeing Yunis leave, Rosiley heaved a sigh of relief and sighed, "I'm unlucky today.’

"You're quite unlucky." Payton nodded in agreement. And then, he asked, "Rosiley, why is the scum
looking for you?"

Rosiley curled her lips and replied casually, "Nothing. He just wanted me to dine with him.’

"He is shameless!" Payton spat at Yunis.

Rosiley couldn't help but laugh, "He knows no shame.’

As she spoke, she turned around and saw a familiar figure not far away.

She was surprised and shouted, "Juliet, why are you here?"

Payton turned around and saw Juliet slowly walking over.

"Rosiley, are you alright?” Juliet asked.

Rosiley smiled and shook her head, "Fortunately, Payton saved me in time, so I'm fine."

Juliet looked up at Payton with invisible emotions in her eyes. She smiled, "Payton, you feel good to be
a hero to save a beauty, don't you?"

Be a hero to save a beauty? Payton frowned, "I'm helping my sister-in-law. I'm a hero.”

Rosiley looked at Juliet in confusion. She did not understand why Juliet would say such words. Rosiley
felt that Juliet's tone was somewhat unkind.

Rosiley suddenly thought of something.

She looked at Payton, and then looked at Juliet. She wondered if Juliet was jealous.

If Juliet was jealous, things would be funny.

Rosiley snickered, and then she said to them, "I'm leaving now. Have a nice talk."

She looked at Juliet meaningfully and said, "Juliet, I'm Payton's sister-in-law.’

With that, she waved her hand and turned towards her car.

Juliet felt very embarrassed because of Rosiley's words. She did not expect that Rosiley would read
her mind. Juliet felt ashamed.

If Rosiley encountered danger, Juliet would rush over to help, let alone Payton.

However, seeing Payton beat Yunis for Rosiley, Juliet felt a little upset somehow.

Even if she knew that Rosiley was Payton's sister-in-law, she still couldn't help but feel unhappy.

Juliet couldn't help but spit at herself because she was jealous of Rosiley!

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