Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 298: She Didn't Want to Part with Him

Juliet entered the study carrying the fruit. Seeing her father and Payton playing Go, she gently placed
the fruit plate on the desk and walked over to sit beside Payton.

Payton turned to her and gave her a warm smile. Then, he focused on the board again.

Ebenezer looked at Juliet and asked indifferently, “Why don't you keep your mother company?”

“She wants to watch TV and asks me not to bother her." Juliet found it funny thinking of how her mother
had forced her to go upstairs. She knew her mother was worried that Payton couldn't get along well
with her father.

However, it seemed that her mother's worry was unnecessary.

From Juliet's perspective, they got along well with each other during the game.

Their game was diamond cut diamond. One game took an hour.

The game ended up with Ebenezer's failure.

He lost by half a point.

“Thank you, Mr. Elton." Payton looked at Ebenezer humbly and smiled slightly, his eyes full of

Ebenezer looked up at Payton indifferently. It was hard for others to tell his emotion.

However, Payton could sense he was considering.

Payton couldn't help but frown. He didn't expect Juliet's father was so subtle that he failed to
understand him.

Payton pondered when looking at Ebenezer, who lowered his head to tidy up the chess pieces.

Ebenezer's silence made Juliet feel a little uneasy. She gently pushed Payton.

Payton turned to her in puzzlement.

“Why did you win the game?" she whispered to him.

Payton was helpless and said, "I don't want to win." He would rather have lost the game.

Juliet’s confusion grew. As she was about to ask, her father interrupted in a cold voice.

"It's late. Juliet, Mr. Payton needs to go back.”

It was time for Payton to leave.

Payton raised his eyebrows and stood up. He bowed slightly to Ebenezer and said politely, "Thanks for
your time. I'll come to visit you.”

Ebenezer remained silent and didn't look up at Payton.

Payton wasn't discouraged by his movement. Ebenezer had showed that he didn't like Payton since
Payton entered the Elton's. It was reasonable that he ignored Payton.

"Dad, Payton is my boyfriend, can you mind your attitude?" Juliet shouted in dissatisfaction with
Ebenezer's behavior.

Hearing her complaint, Ebenezer looked up at Juliet and said in anger, “Because he is your boyfriend, I
didn't kick him out from the beginning."

Juliet was enraged as well, "Dad! How can you do that?"

"Why can't I do that?" Ebenezer asked.

Suddenly, the atmosphere grew tense. Both Juliet and Ebenezer were furious and didn't want to

Payton sighed, reached out to hold Juliet's hand and gently pinched her palm.

Juliet turned to look at him and saw his warm smile. He said, “Juliet, he is your father. You shouldn't
scold him.”

“But....” Juliet tried to continue, but she stopped when exchanging looks with him.

She stopped talking in embarrassment and looked away from her unreasonable father.

Putting on a gentle smile, Payton looked at Ebenezer and was not upset at his words. He slowly said,
"Mr. Elton, Juliet is your favorite daughter. I understand your feelings as a father. However ..."

He turned to stare at Juliet and continued in a serious tone, "Please believe me. I promise you I will let
her live a happy life."

His eyes were filled with gentleness and emotions towards Juliet, as if she was indeed his beloved

Juliet bit her lips and felt complicated.

Ebenezer looked at them and finally sighed, "Forget it, you can go back.”

Holding Juliet's hand, Payton walked out of the Elton’s. He turned to look at the elegant European style
building and said, half-jokingly, "It probably will be one of the places I don't want to visit again”

Juliet, who was beside him, turned to look at the villa she had lived in for many years as well. A trace of
disappointment came into her eyes. Then, she stared at Payton and said, "Really?"

Payton smiled when seeing her clear eyes. He nodded honestly and said, "Yes."

Afterwards, Payton let go of her hand and walked towards his car.

Juliet felt empty when he released her hand, arousing a feeling of disappointment.

She slowly clenched her fists and took a deep breath before walking to him.

When Payton was about to get on the car, Juliet shouted out, "Payton."

Payton paused and turned around. He subconsciously wrapped his arms around Juliet's waist when
she threw herself into his arms.

Surprisingly, Juliet kissed him on his lips. He looked at her pretty eyes in astonishment.

“Let's be professional actors."

She whispered to him while kissing him.

Hearing her words, Payton looked up at the familiar figure standing on the terrace, on the second floor
of the villa.

That was Ebenezer.

His eyes darkened slightly. It turned out that she did it to fool her father.

Payton was a little upset.

“Payton, thank you for helping me today. As long as my father believes us, I don't mind being close to
you. This way, he will leave me alone for a while,” Juliet stepped backwards and said with a smile.

She blinked her eyes like a naughty and cute little girl.

Payton suppressed his irritation and smiled cynically as usual, "Don't be so polite. After all, we have a
contract. It's my duty to cooperate with you, Miss Elton."

Hearing his remarks, Juliet forced a smile, "You are right.”

Payton helped her because of the contract. What was she looking forward to? No matter what he did or
said tonight, he just wanted to cooperate with her. And he didn't have any feelings towards her.

She looked down to hide her sadness. And her fingertips trembled slightly.

Payton didn't know what she was thinking. He leaned over and kissed her forehead.

As light as a feather.

Juliet's heartbeat quickened. She looked up and saw his smiling eyes.

“Your bonus.”

Juliet stood immobile and watched as Payton got on the black car, which looked as calm as him. He
smiled at her through the windshield. Then he started the car, breaking the peace of the night.

She watched the car left the courtyard and slowly disappeared from her sight.

She did not look away until her mother's voice came from behind her, "Juliet, it's cold at night. Don't
catch a cold. Come in quickly.”

She moved her feet, only to find that her legs had been numbed with cold.

She wore a bitter smile and walked to the villa step by step.

Her mother, who was standing at the door, went to her and said with a lovely smile, "Look at you. Is it
so hard to part with Payton? He has left. What are you looking at?"

She wore a faint smile and looked down, concealing the emotions in her eyes.

She indeed didn't want to part with Payton.

She missed him.

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