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Chapter 297: An Unqualified Son-in-Law

Being able to manage TEG at such a young age, he was either competent or from a rich family.

Ebenezer stared at Payton and pondered for a while. Then, he turned to Juliet, who was beside him,
and asked with a serious expression, "Juliet, do you love him?”

"Yes." Juliet nodded.

Ebenezer gave her a deep look and said, "You can go out with him, but ... I want to confirm if he loves
you or if you bring him home to pretend to be your boyfriend and fool me.”

Juliet and Payton exchanged looks. Even though Juliet was guilty, she said confidently, “Dad, you can
do it as you wish. We don't lie to you and we can stand your test.

Ebenezer looked at them and said indifferently, "Let's eat. The food is getting cold.”

Juliet heaved a sigh of relief as soon as she heard his words.

So, Payton's first meeting with a girl's father produced a positive result.

It was cold at night.

As soon as Rosiley walked out of the building, she trembled in the wind.

It was terribly cold!

She rubbed her arm and looked around for the familiar car.

All of a sudden, a car stopped beside her.

Instantly, she put on a bright smile and walked over. She got on the car sitting on the passenger seat.

After she sat down, the driver started the car again.

It was warm in the car. Rosiley leaned on the seat and belted up. She turned to the man who was
driving, "Sachin, why do you work overtime late?"

Sachin glanced at her and said, "I'm busy with organizing the charity party. How is Yayoi?”

Rosiley pondered for a moment before answering, "According to Maddox, everything is fine, and we
don't need to worry. Yayoi's parents will be home soon.”

Sachin smiled, “Maddox is different from Payton. He is a steady man. Since he said so, we can trust

Rosiley nodded, "I believe him.” Then, she tilted her head and teased him with her eyes full of slyness,
"Do you mean Payton is not calm?”

In her opinion, although Payton was frivolous, he was also reliable.

Sachin raised his eyebrows slightly, "No. But Maddox is calmer than him.”

"You are right.” Rosiley nodded in agreement. Compared to Payton, Maddox was a steady man. At the
very least, Maddox was loyal to his beloved woman.

As for Payton, he hadn't had a beloved person.

"Do you know what Payton is doing tonight?" Rosiley looked at Sachin.

Sachin said, “I don't know." Looking at Rosiley's mischievous smile, he grinned and asked, "Do you
know what he's going to do?"

Rosiley raised her eyebrows and said, "Of course, you must will be surprised at his date tonight.”

Sachin smiled and said, "Please tell me.’

Rosiley chuckled and said, "Payton has gone to visit a girl’s parents.”

"What?" Sachin frowned, feeling puzzled.

Rosiley added, "He went to the Elton Villa."

Sachin finally understood. He said in astonishment, "Miss Elton is anxious.”

As he teased Juliet, Rosiley couldn't help but defend her best friend, "Juliet is not anxious. It's her
father who wants to see Payton.” She shrugged her shoulders and continued, “So, Payton went to the

Sachin laughed and shook his head, “Payton is not good with parents. He will have a hard time at the
Elton’s, as hard as in the Lu's.’

Rosiley said, *..."

Did he mean both the Lu's and the Elton's were dangerous places for Payton?

Sachin looked at the road ahead and put on a meaningful smile, "Payton has no way but to get along
with Juliet's father by himself this time.’

In the Lu family, as Payton’s big brother, Sachin was able to help him live a life free from their father's

However, Mr. Elton was not easy to fool. Payton and Juliet probably wouldn't convince him of their

Rosiley raised her eyebrows. She understood what he meant, but ... perhaps they could take this
opportunity to be close.

After dinner, Payton played Go with Juliet's father. As he didn't know if Ebenezer was good at the
game, Payton was careful, trying not to win Ebenezer.

Fortunately, Ebenezer was a high-level player, Payton lost by half a point at last.

Payton heaved a sigh of relief due to his failure. Fortunately, he had lost. Otherwise, how impolite it
would be to defect the elders.

Ebenezer stared at Payton with his shiny black pupils, as if he was able to see through him.

Payton felt guilty and swallowed his saliva. Then, he said, "Mr. Elton, you are good at this.”

Ebenezer continued to stare at Payton before he spoke out, "Is that so?"

His words and indifference wrung Payton's heart. Did he know something?

It was impossible. Payton had tried his best to hide the truth.

Seeing Ebenezer began to put away the stones on the board, Payton hurriedly helped him.

It was silent except for the sound of putting away the pieces in the study. Payton felt embarrassed
getting alone with Ebenezer.

After tidying up, Ebenezer covered the lid and placed his hand on the container. After thinking for a
while, he looked up at Payton and frowned, "Have you ever learnt it?”

Hearing his question, Payton pondered for a moment before nodding and answering, "Yes. I learnt it
when I was young.’

"How long has it been?"

"It's been more than ten years. I stopped playing Go since I went abroad at the age of eighteen. It is the
first time I play it after I went home.”

Payton wore a faint smile. He had wanted to hide from Ebenezer that he was a competent player.
However, it was obvious that Ebenezer had known it as he asked. Therefore, it was inappropriate to lie
to him again.

“You started to play chess five years earlier than me,’ Ebenezer said. Payton could not tell whether he
was happy or angry as he was calm.

“Mr. Elton, you are smart. You can be this good at the game in just five years,’ Payton said sincerely.

However, Ebenezer did not fall for his flattery, “Are you mocking me? You didn't play your best and let
me win in purpose. Didn't you look down upon me?"

"Mr. Elton, I..." Payton felt awkward. He tried to defend himself, but he failed when he saw Ebenezer’s
gloomy expression.

“Payton, no matter who your opponent is, you have to do your best to respect him.”

Ebenezer embarrassed Payton even more. He forced a smile and said, "I want to make a good
impression on you."

"However, you are dishonest. Now you make a negative impression on me as well.” Ebenezer stared at
him coldly.

Dishonest? Payton did not feel that he had done anything wrong.

He was helpless. It was difficult to satisfy an elder.

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