The convenient Bride

Chapter 299: Encounter

Payton walked out of the elevator and went to the door. He was about to press the pin to open the door.

With a scream, a girl lowered her head and rushed out of the door opposite his, bumping into him

Feeling there was someone else, the girl hurriedly looked up at him. When she saw his face, she cried
out in surprise, “It's you!"

It was the first time Payton had ever killed a cockroach in his life.

He put the dead cockroach in a napkin, took it to the bathroom and threw it into the toilet.

As soon as he walked out, the girl took out a bottle of water from the kitchen.

When she saw him, she anxiously asked, "How is the cockroach? Did you kill it?"

Payton nodded, “Yes.”

The girl heaved a sigh of relief, "You are my savior.

Then, she handed the water to him and said, "Thank you.”

Payton took it and teased her, “Are you so afraid of cockroaches?"

The girl rolled her eyes at him, "Every girl is afraid of cockroaches, okay?"

Payton raised his eyebrows, "Really? Looks like I'm ignorant.”

The girl smiled and changed the topic, “I didn't expect that you are my neighbor.’

Payton smiled, "Me too."

She was the girl he had met in the bar that day, who was with Juliet.

Her name was Tracy.

"Does your girlfriend live here?" Tracy asked, as if she was just checking. In fact, she was sounding

"No. She lives with her family.’ Payton looked around. According to the simple and fresh decoration in
her house, she was plain. There weren't many ornaments in her apartment.

Noticing his gaze, Tracy smiled faintly and said, as if she had known his thoughts, “I'm a minimalist. So,
I don't want too many ornaments in my house.’'

Payton looked at her clean face, without makeup, and smiled, "Actually..."

He weighed his words, "Your house looks great.’

Tracy laughed out loud, "Don't lie to me.”

Then, she pointed to the sofa in the living room. "Let's go sit down and talk. It's strange to stand here.”

Payton politely rejected her, "No need. I have to go back. It's late as well."

After he finished speaking, he turned around and walked towards the door.

Tracy followed him. She thanked him again at the door and saw him entered his house. She stared at
his closed door for a long time before going back.

The next day, in the noisy canteen, Rosiley and Juliet sat in the corner.

Rosiley ate slowly and occasionally looked up at Juliet, who was sitting opposite her.

Juliet was no longer as enthusiastic and vigorous as before. She was listless, seeming distracted.

Rosiley put down her chopsticks and placed her hand on the table. She frowned slightly and asked,
“Juliet, how were things going yesterday?"

Juliet looked up at her and bit her lips. She asked rather than answering Rosiley, “Rosiley, I'm going

“What do you mean?”

Juliet hesitated for a moment before she sighed and said slowly, "I feel like I'm going crazy. I know
clearly that Payton doesn't like me, but I can't give him up. What should I do?"

Rosiley couldn't help but laugh as she looked at Juliet's annoyed expression, "How do you know that
he doesn't like you?"

Juliet curled her lips, “It's obvious. Does he like me?"

Juliet thought the answer was negative.

Rosiley gave her a meaningful look, "Probably."

Juliet snorted, "It's impossible."

Juliet didn't dare to look forward to Payton's love, as he was unpredictable. Whether she was confident
or not was not important at this point.

"Hold on.” Rosiley smiled meaningfully.

Juliet sighed, "Forget it. Stop talking about it."

The more she talked with Rosiley, the more upset she felt.

Rosiley smiled and didn't say anything else.

After eating for a while, Juliet looked up at Rosiley suddenly and said, "Help me pick out a dress after
work. The charity party will be held the day after tomorrow.”

Rosiley smiled, "OK."

"Don't forget Yayoi,’ Juliet added.

“OK.” Rosiley shook her head with a helpless smile.

After work, Rosiley, Juliet and Yayoi went to a famous wedding dress design studio, where a variety of
gowns are designed.

It was said that the boss was an elegant beauty in her late thirties. However, she was single. She
preferred to live alone rather than marry someone she didn't like and live a tedious life with him.

She sounded pretty cool.

When they arrived, they found themselves lucky as the boss was in the studio as well.

When the receptionist whispered to them that the boss was in the studio, all of them looked up at the
same time.

The boss was talking to an assistant. She probably noticed their gazes, so she looked at them and
nodded slightly. She was charming when smiling, wearing a delicate makeup. It was hard to tell her age

from her face.

She was indeed a beauty. Rosiley couldn't help but admire in her mind.

Every gown displayed in the studio was extremely beautiful.

Juliet had a hard time choosing one from them.

“What should I do? I want all of them." Juliet caressed the lace on one of the gowns.

"Me too.” Yayoi found it was difficult to choose as well.

“Then, take all of them.” Rosiley cast a glance at Juliet.

Juliet smiled embarrassedly, "I don't have money.’

“Neither do I..."

Yayoi pouted and looked pitifully at Rosiley.

“Then, select one." Rosiley said. Knowing they probably couldn't succeed until tomorrow morning,
Rosiley sighed, “I'll help you.”

As they were picking, a man and a woman walked into the studio.

"Vito, it's your fault. I'm pregnant. What if I can't wear a wedding dress?”

There came an affectedly and familiar voice.

Rosiley frowned and turned to see who was talking. When she saw them, she couldn't help but laugh
out. Why was the world so small? How could she meet them here?

“Rosiley, do you like this one?” Yayoi took a dress and asked Rosiley for her opinion. However, Rosiley
ignored her and stared at something.

Yayoi was curious and followed her eyes. She became serious when seeing the couple.

Why were Candance and Vito here?

“What are they doing here?"

It was obvious that Juliet also saw Candance and Vito. She directly scolded them.

Hearing Juliet's voice, Candance and Vito turned to them. When they exchanged looks, Candance
laughed coldly and said, “What a destiny it is! Why are you here?"