Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 302: Touch Your Woman

The child was safe.

Hearing what the doctor said to Vito, Yayoi was finally relieved.

Her hands couldn't help but tremble. Her tense expression relaxed right now, and her tears fell down
her cheeks.

"It's okay, Yayoi.” Rosiley hugged her and comforted her gently.

"That child is lucky enough.” Juliet pouted, but Rosiley glared at her.

She stuck out her tongue and explained, "I mean this child is strong enough.”

When Candance was sent to the ward, Rosiley and the others did not follow her. Instead, they directly

Yayoi had received a phone call from Maddox. He knew that they were in the hospital and wanted to
come over, but she stopped him and told him to wait at the Imperial Plaza.

Thus, after leaving the hospital, they drove directly to the Imperial Plaza.

"What happened?" Upon seeing them, Payton asked.

Payton felt that it was strange. Didn't they go to pick out a dress? Why did they go to the hospital?

"Can we catch our breath before answering you?" Juliet glared at him.

Payton knew that he was pushy and smiled awkwardly, "Alright, you guys take a breath first. I'll ask you

But before he could ask, Rosiley had told them everything.

“What's the matter with that Candance?" This was Payton's first reaction.

"Not only is she crazy, she is simply a bitch!” Juliet drank a large mouthful of water and said angrily.

Maddox frowned. He turned to look at Yayoi worriedly and asked with concern, "Are you okay?”

Yayoi nodded, "I'm fine.”

"lf you see Candace again, stay away from her,’ Maddox instructed. He really didn't want her to have
too much to do with Candance and Vito.

"I see," Yayoi replied softly.

"Maddox, it's not the best way to stay away from the enemy.” Sachin gave Maddox a meaningful look.

Maddox nodded, "I understand."

He slightly lowered his eyes. It seemed like he was going to speed up his attack on the Young Group.

The charity party was tomorrow. In order to get the best pictures of the scene, Rosiley told her staff to
check every camera to avoid anything going wrong at that time.

The list of celebrities attending the charity party was posted on Weibo.

When Rosiley saw Bertram and Emma on the list, she put on a smile.

It seemed that she hadn't seen these two in a while.

However, they had always been on the set, so it was natural that they didn't see each other.

If it weren't for this charity party, she wouldn't be able to see them for much longer.

With that in mind, she looked forward to the party tomorrow.

Because of what happened to Candance yesterday, Juliet and Yayoi hadn't picked a suitable dress, so
they went to the shop

today. This time, Juliet and Yayoi quickly chose their dresses without any difficulty.

Yayoi handed the dress to the shop assistant and turned to see Rosiley who stood in front of a dress
and seemed lost in thought.

She walked over and whispered, "If you like it, you can try it on.”

Hearing this, Rosiley turned her head and saw that it was Yayoi. She chuckled softly, "I'm going to
work. I don't need to wear a formal dress.”

"Have a try.”

Yayoi took off the dress and pulled her into the fitting room. Then, she stuffed it into her arms and
smiled at her. "Try it on.”

Then, Yayoi walked out of the fitting room and closed the curtains.

Rosiley looked at the dress in her arms and pulled a wry face. She did not deny that she liked the

‘Forget it, since I've come in, then give it a try:

Sachin did not work overtime today. Before he got off work, he called Rosiley and told her that he was
going to pick her up

and go home with her. However, he was told that she, Juliet and Yayoi were going to choose a dress.

So he drove straight to the wedding dress studio.

Seeing him, several shop assistants ran over to greet him.

How could they miss the chance to show off before such a handsome man?

"Sir, is there anything I can do for you?”

Sachin glanced at the clerks and said indifferently, “I'm coming for Juliet.”

Under the lead of the shop assistant, he arrived at the exhibition hall on the second floor.

When he saw Juliet, he walked over and heard the sound of the curtain being pulled open. He looked

He suddenly stopped. It was Rosiley!

Rosiley did not expect the dress to be so ... revealing!

She looked down at her half-exposed breasts and uneasily tugged at her dress, trying to pull higher to
cover her exposed skin.

"So beautiful!" Yayoi cried out in surprise. She hurriedly ran over and patted her hand that was pulling
the dress. "Stop pulling. This is just right. It's very beautiful."

Rosiley felt at a loss.

It was not good at all. She felt like her entire breasts were about to expose.

She thought that it could cover her breasts, but unexpectedly it was so revealing. If she did wear it in
the party, it might fall

down if she wasn't careful.

“Juliet, take a look. Rosiley is really beautiful in this dress.’

Hearing this, Juliet turned around to look. The moment she saw Rosiley, a trace of astonishment
flashed in her eyes and she

hurriedly rushed over.

"God, Rosiley, I never knew you are so sexy!" As she spoke, she reached out to touch Rosiley's

"Don't touch me.” Rosiley patted her hand and glared at her, "You're a woman too, touch your own.”

Juliet smiled and said, "I'm tired of touching mine every day. Besides, I have touched yours before.
What's there to be

ashamed of?”

Yayoi intended to make fun of her, but she saw a tall man slowly approaching from the corner of her
eye. She turned around and looked over. Then she blinked her eyes, and grabbed Juliet's hand that
was about to touch Rosiley.

Juliet was about to touch her but was stopped. She shouted discontentedly, "Yayoi, don't be such a

Yayoi did not say anything, but signaled her to look to the other side.

She frowned, turned around, and saw a handsome and indifferent face.

Holy shit, why was Sachin here?

Juliet smiled awkwardly when she thought that she was teasing Rosiley just now. "Mr. Sachin, nice to
see you.”

Then, she pulled Yayoi away, leaving behind Rosiley and the newly arrived Sachin.

Rosiley looked up at Sachin and smiled, “You're here.”

"Yes." Sachin's gaze landed on her breasts, and a faint light flashed through his eyes.

Seeing him staring at her breasts, Rosiley shyly raised her hand to cover them and said angrily, "Don't

Sachin raised his eyebrows slightly, and wore a mischievous and charming smile. "Rosiley, I have seen
all parts of your body.’

Rogue! Rosiley's face instantly turned red.

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