The convenient Bride

Chapter 303: Make Our Relationship Public

Rosiley didn't buy the revealing dress.

Even if she wanted to buy it, Sachin would not agree.

How could he allow her to be so scantily dressed in public? Her beauty could only belong to him alone.

Well, it was out of his overbearing possessiveness.

After walking out of the studio, Juliet leaned forward and whispered in Rosiley's ear, "Rosiley, take care
of yourself at night."

Rosiley was puzzled and didn't understand what she meant.

It wasn't until she returned home that she understood what Juliet meant.

She and Sachin walked into the room one after another.

"Sachin, I want...”

Before she could finish her sentence, her wrist was grabbed, and she felt the world spin. By the time
she reacted, she was already pressed against the door.

His tall body pressed down on her tightly.

Her fair cheeks flushed slightly. Although they had already made love many times, she still felt shy.

“I haven't taken a bath yet,’ She whispered and tried to push him away.

She looked down to avoid any eye contact.

His black eyes narrowed, he pinched her chin, raised it, and saw her beautiful eyes. He slowly smiled,
"I don't mind.”

His kisses became more and more passionate. The dress slipped down and scattered at her feet like a
blooming flower.

The mischievous wind slipped in through the window and danced with the curtains, and the wall lamp
projected the light on the wall, reflecting a pair of overlapping figures on the bed.

It was a charming night.

After leaving for many days, Bertram once again stepped onto the land of Benin City.

"Bertram, do you want to go through an ordinary passageway or a VIP?" Bertram’s manager Gris
followed behind him.

Bertram paused, “Is there some fans?”

"Yes, there are more today.” Gris knew that he did not like his fans gather in the airport for him, so she
specifically asked.

"VIP!" Without the slightest hesitation, Bertram gave an answer.

They walked through the VIP passageway directly to the underground parking lot where the car was

Just as Bertram was walking towards the car, a few girls came from nowhere. The bodyguards reacted
quickly and stopped the girls who were about to rush over.

"Bertram, we are your fans. Can you take a picture with us?"

"Bertram, can I have your autograph?”

“Bertram, I really like you. Can I take a picture with you?"

Bertram's expression was completely covered by sunglasses, and no one could tell whether he was
happy or angry.

But Gris, who had worked with him for a long time, knew his temper and rejected those fans for him.

"Sorry, we are in a hurry. Bertram has no time to sign for you." As she spoke, Gris signaled at the

The bodyguards immediately blocked those girls from the side, allowing Bertram to smoothly get into
the car, and then flew away amidst the cries of the fans.

"Holy shit! Isn't he just a star? What a poser!” One of the fans cursed in dissatisfaction because she
didn't get an autograph.

"Don't insult Bertram. He was very busy, and he specifically asked for leave from the crew for this
charity party. He was so busy that he definitely didn't have time to sign and take pictures with us."

With these words, the fans who were complaining immediately had nothing to say. Actually, it was only
because she was angry that she said that.

"Alright, Bertram has already left. Let's go back as well.”

Those fans left together. At this time, a man with a camera walked out from the shadows. He smirked
and said, "It seems I have got tomorrow's headlines.’

Rosiley slept through the night and didn't get up until noon.

She got up and saw that Sachin was no longer around. Knowing that today was the day of the charity
party, she thought that he had returned to the company early in the morning.

She couldn't help but sigh with emotion. Why did he always wake up so early as if he was not tired at

After washing up, she changed into her home clothes and slowly went downstairs.

"Sasha...” she shouted.

Sasha ran out of the kitchen and came to her. She smiled and said, "Rosiley, you're awake.”

"Yes." Rosiley scratched her messy hair, "Rosiley, is there anything to eat? I'm so hungry.’

"Yes. I'll go get it for you right away.’

As Sasha came to the kitchen, Rosiley walked towards the living room. Suddenly, she stopped.

She stared at the person sitting on the sofa in the living room and exclaimed, "Why didn't you go to the

The person who was supposed to work in the company was sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper.

Sachin turned to look at her, and smiled, "Today is Saturday."

Bullshit, of course she knew it was Saturday, but...

"Don't you need to preside over the charity party tonight?”

Rosiley walked over and sat beside him. She peeked at the newspaper he was reading and frowned.
She could not understand what was on the financial page.

"Lane is there." Sachin replied with a casual air, and his gaze was focused on the newspaper.

"But you're the boss." As the boss, he actually didn't take charge of the overall situation, which was a
little unreasonable.

“I'll go there tonight.” Sachin turned around to look at her. Seeing that there was a trace of disapproval
on her face, he couldn't help but chuckle, "I don't like to show myself in public."

"In any case, no one in the media has the guts to post your photo on the news. So you won't expose
yourself in public." Rosiley leaned against the sofa in a comfortable position.

Sachin smiled and did not continue on this matter. Instead, he changed the topic and asked, "What
time are you leaving today?"

"Four or five oclock in the afternoon.” This was the time she had made an appointment with a few
reporters from her group yesterday.

"I'll take you to the venue.” Sachin closed the newspaper and placed it on the coffee table.

Rosiley nodded, "Alright. Let's go together then."

Sachin turned his head to look at her pretty face. His eyes were filled with tenderness. He suddenly
said, "Honey, do you want to make our relationship public?"

Rosiley was surprised, "You want to make it public?"

"It's up to you.” Sachin left the decision on this matter in her hands.

"Im OK!"

Actually, it didn't matter whether their relationship was made known or not. In any case, it was the two
of them who lived together, and their happiness had nothing to do with others.