The convenient Bride

Chapter 305: To Catch the Adulterer in Act

Finally, Bertram and Alfred entered the arena.

When the car stopped at the beginning of the red carpet, a tall figure got out after the car door was
opened. The audiences

broke into exciting screams.

This was the influence of Bertram, a prince charming.

Bertram led Alfred out of the car in a gentlemanly manner. Alfred, in a pure white dress, was graceful.
With a gentle smile on her delicate face, she was a delight to see.

Bertram put on a faint smile, looking gentle. But his eyes were calm.

As they stood together, they were like a couple, as beautiful as a painting.

Rosiley picked up her camera and shot at them frantically, afraid that she would miss any wonderful

Bertram stood in front of the background board. His indifferent gaze swept around the various media
representatives who were taking pictures, as if he was looking for something.

Finally, his gaze fell on someone in the crowd. The calm eyes gradually started to become excited. He
smiled more happily.

He found her.

She was taking pictures of him and Alfred, her intent look filled with excitement.

There was a distance between them. He kept looking at her, reluctant to look away, as if he wanted to
deeply bear her

appearance in his mind.

In the camera, Bertram's gaze was so intent and burning that it was difficult for Rosiley to ignore it.

She sighed softly, then put down her camera and looked up to meet his eyes.

The moment their gazes met, Bertram felt that the clamor around him was gradually fading away, and
Rosiley was the only person left in front of him.

They looked at each other as if a century had passed.

Rosiley didn't want to be noticed that Bertram was staring at her. She quickly looked away and spoke
to Raye beside her.

Seeing this, Bertram was disappointed. The excitement in his eyes slowly faded.

Perhaps others were immersed in excitement and didn't notice Bertram's strange behavior. But Alfred,
who was beside him, noticed it.

When Alfred was aware that Bertram was staring at someone, she pretended to follow his sight
inadvertently. When Alfred saw that familiar figure, a trace of surprise flashed through her eyes.

Alfred frowned slightly, looked at Rosiley thoughtfully.

One by one, the guests took their seats. Rosiley and Raye also came to the media area to wait for the
start of the party.

"Rosiley, do you think Mr. Sachin will appear today?”

Raye looked around and whispered in Rosiley's ear.

Rosiley frowned. Would Sachin appear?

"I won't go on stage. Lane will speak on my behalf.” This was what Sachin had told her. It seemed that
he really didn't want to appear in the media.

But even if Rosiley knew that Sachin would not come, she would not tell Raye the truth.

"How do I know that Mr. Sachin will appear or not?" Rosiley looked sidelong at Raye. "Besides, the
party will continue even if he doesn't show up. We just need to focus on the news.’

"But...." Raye curled his lips and muttered softly, "I just want to interview Mr. Sachin."

Rosiley smiled and patted his shoulder, comforting him, "Raye, it doesn't matter if you fail to interview
Mr. Sachin today. Just keep this belief. One day, you will make it.”

"One day?" Raye frowned, "What if this day will come after a long time?”

"It won't. I'll come soon.” Rosiley patted his shoulder again and smiled at him. Then, she turned her
gaze back to the stage.

Raye looked at her beautiful profile and frowned slightly. Why did he feel that her tone was very
certain? It didn't seem like she had said it casually to comfort him.

Could it be that Rosiley knew something inside, so she told him so?

Raye did not understand. But on a second thought, Raye felt it was reasonable for Rosiley, who was
quite famous in the media circle, to have any inside information.

Thinking of this, Raye was cheered up.

Since Rosiley was so sure that he would be able to interview Mr. Sachin very soon, he wouldn't persist
on today's interview.

Juliet sat in the guest area closest to the stage with her father. She was looking at her mobile phone.
There was too much

noise around her, such as the melodious piano music, conversations between her father and others,
and shouts from fans.

When they were mixed together, Juliet felt it so noisy.

She lost the game again. Because of the ridicule of her opponent and the complaint of her teammates,
she dropped out of the game irritably and threw her phone aside.

Crossing her arms, she leaned back against the back of the chair. Her gaze fell on the flowers on the
table, and it gradually became distant.

Actually, Juliet was upset because of someone, rather than that she lost the game.

If she needed not to keep her father company, then she should have come with him.

Juliet didn't know if he came alone tonight or with his date. If he had a date, who was she?

Juliet kept thinking, tortured by doubts.

"Fuck!" She couldn't help but curse and then stood up.

Ebenezer and the others at the table all looked up at her. Everyone had doubts in their eyes.

Juliet smiled awkwardly. "The party hasn't started yet. I'm going to take a walk around.’

After she spoke, she left before Ebenezer saying anything.

‘I will probe into it myself’

Seeing was believing!

Juliet pretended to walk randomly, but she swept around, looking for someone.

It seemed too difficult to find him from so many people.

But luckily, she soon found him in the crowd.

Juliet's eyes instantly lit up. The hem of her dress was a little long, making it inconvenient for her to
walk. Thus, she directly

lifted her dress and quickly walked towards the figure on high heels that were more than ten
centimeters tall.

"Payton, you asked me to attend the party with you. But you didn't tell me it was such a grand party.

Payton heard a complaint. He turned his head and looked at the girl whom he forced to be his date. A
gentle smile appeared on his face. "If I told you it was such a grand party, would you agree to come
with me?”

"No!" The girl replied straightforwardly.

She looked around, finding there were many people. She frowned and said, “Actually, I don't like
crowded places."

"Really?" Payton raised his eyebrows. “Then why did you go to the bar?”

There were a lot of people in the bar.

The girl curled her lips and said angrily, "I went there to catch an adulterer in the act.”

Hearing this, Payton laughed out loud. “It's unbelievable that you went there for it."

Just as the girl was about to reply, a familiar voice sounded.

“Payton, I finally find you.”