The convenient Bride

Chapter 304: Rorey's Return

The sports center in Benin City was brightly lit and exceptionally lively tonight. Thousands of people
were there.

From the window of the VIP room on the third floor, one could vaguely see the bustling crowd in the

Tickets for the charity party were reportedly sold out in less than a minute.

Tickets were in demand because many popular or high-status celebrities would attend the charity party.

Who wouldn't want to buy a ticket to see so many celebrities?

More importantly, all the proceeds of tickets would be donated in the name of the buyer.

This could be considered as a good deed.

Rosiley withdrew her gaze from the window and turned to look at the man sitting on the sofa.

Tonight, Sachin wore a black suit fitting him well. It flattered his tall and slender figure.

His black hair was not neatly combed. Against the light, it gave off a faint luster, making his distinctly
outlined face even more attractive.

Rosiley could see him every day. Logically speaking, she was immune to his outstanding appearance,
but she was still a little


She walked over and sat beside him.

He wrapped his arms around her shoulders, and she leaned her head against his.

“Are you ready to go to the scene?" he asked softly.

She gently shook her head. "I still want to be with you for a while.”

Sachin smiled, "I'm very happy that you want to keep me company. But ... if you don't go down now,
you might miss the red


“The red carpet?" Rosiley sat up and said, “My god! How can I forget such an important thing?"

She had specifically told Raye and other subordinates not to miss it. But she did not expect that it was
she who had forgotten

about it.

No, she couldn't stay here any longer.

She stood up and hurriedly said, "Sachin, I need to go now"

Then, she turned around, intending to leave. Her wrist was suddenly grasped. She looked back in
surprise, only to see

Sachin standing up with a mischievous and charming smile.

He pulled her into his arms.

She raised her head, while he lowered his, their lips being pressed against each other.

It was a gentle kiss.

He adjusted her messy hair behind her ears and said softly, "See you later.”

"See you.’ Rosiley replied softly. Staring at his gentle look, she didn't want to leave.

But she had to work, and she couldn't delay it just because she was reluctant to leave the tender man.

"I'm leaving. See you later."

Rosiley smiled at him and quickly walked out of the VIP room.

After she left, Lane walked in.

"Mr. Sachin, he's come.” Lane stopped a few steps away from Sachin and respectfully informed him of
the situation.

"Alone?" Sachin looked cold and serious as he used to be, completely different from the gentle and
calm one when he was

with Rosiley.

"No. He comes with a date.”

A date? Sachin narrowed his eyes slightly, a trace of coldness appearing in his eyes.

Uninvited guests were unkind.

The main stadium in the sports center was large, and the dazzling lights around it illuminated the whole
stadium as brightly as in the daytime.

The stage, which was meticulously constructed, was huge. REG's public welfare activities in recent
years were broadcast on the giant LED screen.

Because the party hadn't begun yet, there were only a few people sitting in the guest district, besides
some busy staffs.

Behind the guest area was the audience one, which was almost full of people. Some fans held up their
light boards and waited for their favorite stars to enter the arena.

Thousands of people crowded the east entrance to the stadium. All of them stretched their necks,
waiting for the stars.

Rosiley finally managed to find Raye and the others among the crowd. Then she came to them with
great difficulty.

"Rosiley, where have you been? We've been waiting for you for a long time.” Seeing her, Raye asked.

Rosiley smiled apologetically at them. "Sorry. Something kept me, so I come late.”

"It's fine, Rosiley. Stars haven't entered anyway.” Raye stuffed a camera into Rosiley's hand and said,
“Rosiley, you should

also take some photos later. I'm afraid we might overlook something."

“Alright.” Rosiley smiled and agreed. Then she hung the camera in front of her chest.

The red carpet went from the entrance to the guest area. It was a little long.

Rosiley couldn't help but wonder how long it would take to walk through it.

At 7:30 p.m., stars began to enter the venue.

"Raye, concentrate and set up the camera. Don't miss anyone.”

"Kemp, take your phone and interact with the live audience.’

"Hertha, prepare the script for the interview and stand by at the interview area with Jasper!"

Rosiley quickly arranged everyone's work, and then picked up her camera, preparing to take pictures of
the entertainers on the red carpet.

Tonight, it was the liveliest night in Benin City. Stars gathered here.

Everyone had been dressed up. The handsome man and woman standing in front of the background
wall were the most beautiful picture on this autumn night.

Rosiley exclaimed in her heart while filming. Indeed, those who weren't handsome or beautiful couldn't
be stars.

Emma walked in with one male entertainer. Tonight, Emma wore a black short strapless dress. Her
exquisite little face was

wreathed in a brilliant smile. Her fluffy lace dress made her look especially cute.

Rosiley snapped several photos in a row. Then she looked at Emma's photos in the camera with a

It seemed that Emma had been much mature.

After Emma, an unexpected person appeared.

Why was she here?

Rosiley looked at the woman walking on the red carpet in disbelief.

Standing in front of the spotlight again, Rorey was filled with excitement.

She finally came back!

Rosiley watched Rorey walk past her with a cold look. Perhaps Rorey could sense Rosiley's gaze, so
Rorey turned her head slightly.

No doubt, she saw Rosiley.

Meanwhile, Rosiley saw Rorey's smug smile.

Rosiley tightened her grip on the camera, coldly staring at Rorey, who was standing in front of the
background wall with a


Rorey's intention was too obvious. She wanted to return to the entertainment industry.

The man beside her was enough to explain why she was able to come to the charity party.

He was Manuel Song, the president of the Lake Entertainment Group.

Rorey's attendance at the party today as Manuel's date should have been intentional.

If Rosiley was correct, Rorey was cooperating with LEG.

Rorey had been signed by LEG.

Rosiley took a deep breath with a sneer. It was no big deal that Rorey came back to the entertainment

It was not easy to gain a foothold in this industry. Rosiley believed that Rorey herself knew it very well
that her return didn't mean anything.