Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 308: I Really Miss Her

At the end of the charity gala, guests and spectators left through two exits.

Emma wasn't in a hurry to leave. Instead, she looked around, looking for that familiar figure.

Her agent Sarah walked over and grabbed her hand, questioning her sternly. “Hurry up and leave. Why
are you dawdling here?”

Emma smiled at her agent. "Sarah, have you seen Bertram?” she asked.

“Bertram?” Sarah was shocked, and she then shook her head. "I didn't see him. What? Are you looking
for him?"

"Yes." Emma nodded and continued to look around, trying to find the familiar figure in the crowd.

A hint of impatience appeared on Sarah's face. She tugged at Emma's arm forcefully and said, "I don't
have time to help you find Bertram.”

"Besides...." Sarah snorted, "Don't think that you and Bertram are on good terms just because you
once were partners. Once you are caught by reporters, you will be scolded by his fans.”

"I won't, Sarah."

Hearing Emma's casual tone, Sarah frowned. She could accept that Emma was young and ignorant,
but she could not accept that Emma was so “stupid” to only look at the bright side of things.

Thus, Sarah pulled Emma out of the sports center.

"Sarah, what are you doing?" Emma was dragged forward, but she continued to look around for

“lam your agent. How can I allow you to do something stupid?"

After Sarah finished, Emma pulled a wry face. She just wanted to ask Bertram if he was available
tomorrow to have dinner with her.

Why did Sarah worry so much for such a simple thing?

What if they were photographed by the reporters? They could explain it at that time.

She and Bertram were just friends. There was no need to be nervous.

Emma couldn't understand Sarah.

Sarah was Emma's agent from the very beginning. Although sometimes Sarah was unkind to Emma,
Sarah had always been very diligent.

Hence, because of Sarah's objection, Emma forced a smile and gave up looking for Bertram.

There will be a chance to treat Bertram to dinner:

Sarah pulled Emma out of the sports center. The nanny van had been waiting outside for a long time.
On seeing them, the driver immediately opened the car door.

Just as Emma was about to bend over and got in the car, she saw a familiar SUV parked not far away.

She subconsciously turned her head. The moment she saw the license plate, her eyes shone with joy.

Without caring about Sarah, she turned around and ran towards the car.

Sarah had no time to react to the sudden situation. By the time she reached out to grab Emma, Emma
had already run far


Emma ran to the car. The special glass made it impossible for her to see what was happening inside.
So, she leaned over and stuck to the glass, trying her best to look inside.

The car window was suddenly rolled down slowly, which scared Emma so much that she hurriedly took
a step back.

The window was completely hidden, revealing a handsome face.

It was Bertram.

Emma called out with a smile, "Bertram."

Bertram looked at her indifferently. “What's the matter?"

His tone was a little cold, but Emma didn't seem to notice it, smiling as happily as before. "Bertram, I
just want to ask you if you are free tomorrow.”

After that, Emma looked down shyly and nervously clenched her hands, not daring to look at Bertram.

One was sitting in the car, while the other was standing outside the car. Both of them fell into silence,
but the noise around them did not affect them.

After a long time, Bertram’s calm voice sounded. “Sorry, I have other plans."

Hearing this, Emma looked up at him with obvious disappointment in her eyes. "What? Are you busy?”

Bertram nodded. “Yes, I am."

“Emma, you piss me off." Sarah walked over and patted Emma heavily on the head. Then, she smiled
embarrassedly at

Bertram in the car. "Bertram, I'm sorry for wasting your time. I'll bring Emma back now."

Then Sarah made a move to hit on Emma's head. "You....”

Suddenly, Sarah's hand stopped in midair. She was stuck halfway of words as she looked at Emma in

Emma stared at Sarah with tears in her eyes.

Sarah frowned. She didn't hit Emma hard. Why did Emma cry?

Bertram also saw that Emma was crying. But he only flickered a cold glance at her. Then he rolled up
the car window and ordered the driver to start the car.

The car slowly drove away. Emma watched it with tears in her eyes. As the car moved further and
further away, Emma cried harder.

"Does it hurt?” Noticing that Emma was crying badly, Sarah panicked, intending to caress Emma's
head that had been patted on.

But Emma dodged, so Sarah frowned even more tightly. “Emma, are you losing your temper?”

Emma glanced at Sarah, and then wiped away her tears. "No, Emma said. Then she turned around
and walked towards the nanny van.

Sarah seemed to be completely at a loss, not understanding what was wrong with Emma.

"Mr. Chad, Rosiley was at the company working. Do you want to go to her company directly, or visit her
another time?"

The assistant in the passenger seat turned to look at Bertram in the back seat.

Bertram was leaning against the back of his chair, closing his eyes. When he heard the assistant's
words, he slowly opened his deep-set eyes. After pondering for a moment, he returned, "Let’s go to

"Yes." The assistant answered and told the driver to turn around at the intersection.

Bertram saw Rosiley in the crowd. Her photos didn't do her justice. The moment Bertram saw Rosiley,
he realized that he missed her so much that it couldn't be relieved just by looking at the photos.

When Bertram saw Rosiley, his mind was completely occupied by her.

He really longed for her.

The Media Department of TEG was brightly lit. Rosiley and Raye were working hard in front of the
computer. They had to release the news earlier than the other media.

At the charity party, everyone focused on celebrities, but Rosiley and her subordinates wanted to be

They attached great importance to the public welfare campaign.

So, they had to give the best piece that they could pull off.

Rosiley felt that she was going blind when she was picking photos she had taken at the scene.

Although their focus was on the charity, red-carpet photographs of celebrities would definitely be a
trending topic. Whether it was a charity party or any other kind,celebrities’ attire had always been given
much attention.

Thus, this was one of the news gimmicks.

As areporter, they couldn't fail to miss such a topic.

However, there were too many photographs and too many celebrities had participated. It was really a
difficult task to choose a good one.a

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