Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 310: Have a Crush on Her

The street lights outside shone into the car and lit the dark corner. The spacious car was silent. Rosiley
lowered her head and immersed herself in her thoughts.

Instead of disturbing her, Bertram watched her quietly. Knowing that she could not see him, he didn't
hide the intense emotions in his eyes at all.

Even though the light was dim, he could still see her beautiful face.

He was reluctant to move his gaze away. He even hoped that time would stop at this moment.

This way, he could keep staring at her, and she was by his side.

If the blind date picked by Sachin father came to Benin City, Rosiley and Sachin might not have a
peaceful time in the coming future.

Rosiley scratched her hair irritably. Suddenly, her hand stopped, and she furrowed. Was that why
Charles had come to Sachin?

In other words, Sachin knew about it, but he didn't tell her.

Was he afraid that she would think too much and worry about it?

Rosiley bit her lip and slowly put her hand down.

Judging from Sachin's personality, he should be hiding it from her because he didn't want her to worry.


She took a deep breath. Now that the date was here already, it wouldn't help if she was overthinking.
She believed that

Sachin would solve the problem.

Let it be.

She turned around and wanted to say thank you to Bertram for telling her, only to run into his
affectionate black eyes.

Stunned for a short moment, she looked away and said with a smile, "Bertram, thank you for telling me

Judging from her reaction, she did not show the slightest bit of helplessness or sadness because of the

Disappointment quickly flashed through Bertram's eyes. He formed a faint smile. "No problem. I just
feel that you need to

know this. Because..."

He paused for a moment and watched her black eyes affectionately. "I don't want you to get hurt at all."

Rosiley felt very sorry when she recalled his confession in the hospital and what he just said.

He had made his feelings so clearly, but there was nothing she could do.

She could only—

"Thank you, Bertram."

The simple words were enough to explain everything.

Bertram chuckled and hid the bitterness in his eyes. He reached out and gently stroked her head. "We
don't have to be so

polite to each other. I don't like it,’ he said softly.

"You don't like it?" Rosiley turned to look at him, her eyebrows up and her eyes brighter in the dim car.

He nodded seriously, "No, I don't like it.”

He did not like her courtesy, for it was too strange between them.

Rosiley raised her eyebrows playfully, "So I'll be cheeky and won't say thanks to you anymore."

Bertram smiled warmly, "I will like the cheeky version of you."

With that, he gently touched her head while his eyes were occupied by affection. She smiled and tilted
her head as she looked at him.

To Bertram, everything looked so perfect now. He wished that time would stop here.

But it was only his wild wish. In the end, they would separate.

Rosiley received a phone call from Raye and was told that the press release had been finished and
that she needed to come to check it.

This was a big deal. After her confirmation, the news would be released directly.

So there was no time to delay.

"Bertram, we'll talk again sometime’

Rosiley nodded at Bertram and turned to open the door.

"Rosiley.” Bertram grabbed her hand.

"Huh?" Rosiley turned around and cast him a confused look.

He smiled. "Goodbye."

Rosiley replied with a smile, "Goodbye."

Rosiley opened the door and got out of the car. She waved her hand to the man in the car before
turning around and running into the building without looking back.

Bertram lowered the window and watched as she left, a somewhat disappointed and lonely look
appearing on his face.

When the driver and assistant saw Rosiley leave, they got in the car immediately.

The assistant turned around to look at his boss. Noting his disappointment, he couldn't help but sigh.
Bertram was so

handsome that women threw themselves at him. But Bertram just failed to win Rosiley over when he
had a crush on her.

If others found out about this, they wouldn't believe that Bertram would be obsessed with a woman.

The assistant sighed silently and asked, "Mr. Chad, shall we go straight back to the hotel?”

“Okay,' Bertram replied indifferently.

The lights were on and the engine roared. The black SUV slowly drove away. No one in the car noticed
that there was a car following them closely.

Returning to the office, Rosiley edited the press release and picked some photos.

When everything was ready, Rosiley checked the time at the lower right corner of her computer screen.
There were still six

hours before eight in the morning.

She turned to look at Raye and other colleagues. Everyone was yawning and looked exhausted.

She couldn't help but yawn, too. Then she stood up and shouted, "All of you, go home. I'll release the

Raye rubbed his sleepy eyes, shook his head, and refused, "No need, I'm not sleepy. I'll go home when
the news is out.”

"Me too. Anyway, it's not safe to go back at such a late hour.”

"Same. I'll go after dawn.

“tf nobody's going back, I won't either."

They all refused to go back. They were clearly tired, but they still decided to wait for the release of the
news before leaving.

Rosiley was very touched. She pursed her lips and grinned, “Alright, your request was approved. Stay
with me. However... you should find a comfortable place in the office to have a rest.’'

After that, her colleagues cheered and looked for a place to rest.

Rosiley watched them with a beam.

She sat back in her chair again and landed her gaze at the computer screen. Taking a look at the press
release they had written, she took a deep breath and turned it and the computer screen off.

She bent over the table, finding a comfortable posture, and closed her eyes.

She was tired, too.

At 8 a.m., the news was released on time. REG's charity party last night became the headline of all the
major media.

People had mixed reviews about it, but praise outweighed criticism.

Since it was Saturday yesterday and all the reporters in Rosiley's group were working overtime, Rosiley
specially asked Lina for an extra day-off for her group members. They would come back to work on

Upon hearing the news, Raye shouted excitedly, "Rosiley, you are awesome!"

Rosiley grinned, "If you think so, work hard. Spend less time on soap operas and social media.”

Everyone laughed out loud at that. Raye stuck out his tongue embarrassedly and muttered, "You even
know that."

Rosiley smiled and glanced at Raye. "Go home. Thank you.”

“Thank you, her colleagues answered simultaneously.

The smile on Rosiley's face deepened. This was truly a group of adorable co-workers.

After they left, Rosiley walked out.

She closed the door and the Media Department returned to silence.

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