The convenient Bride

Chapter 315: From an Angel-like Actress to a Mistress

At the sight of Emma's actions, Rosiley couldn't help but chuckle and then introduced them to each

She pointed at Juliet and Yayoi, "These are Juliet and Yayoi, my best friends."

Then, she looked at Emma and told Juliet and Yayoi, "This is Emma. You must have heard about her.”

Juliet raised her eyebrows and said, "Of course. Miss Emma Shawn is a trending topic on Weibo."

Although Emma was young, she was not an idiot. She told the ridicule in Juliet's words and looked
somewhat embarrassed.

With an awkward smile, Emma said to Rosiley, "Sorry for the trouble I've caused to you."

“It's not a big deal.” Rosiley shot daggers at Juliet and then continued with a gentle smile, “I really
appreciate your efforts. If it weren't for you, a clarification statement only won't do."

Emma smiled with embarrassment. “It's my pleasure. This is what I should do.”

Rosiley smiled and looked up at Juliet and Yayoi. Noticing the dissatisfaction on their faces, Rosiley
cast them an angry glance. "Hey, stop talking nonsense. Emma did help me much."

Juliet and Yayoi glanced at each other and curled their lips, giving tacit consent to Rosiley.

Rosiley revealed a satisfied smile. Then, she turned to look at Emma and asked, "When are you going
back to the set?”

"Early tomorrow morning.” Emma replied with a smile.

Rosiley nodded, "Is everything going on well?”

"Yes, but my part will be completed in a while.” Emma took a sip of tea, hesitated for a moment, and
then asked, "I heard that the Tang Group is going to film a TV show. Is that true?"

"Yes, that's the plan."

"Has the cast been decided?" Emma asked.

Juliet picked up the topic, "Why? Do you want to get a part?"

Juliet asked straight. Emma was embarrassed and didn't know how to respond.

Yayoi looked at Emma, who was at a loss. Her lips curled into a mocking smile. "Since Emma asked,
she must want one.”

The girls are really mean!’

Rosiley felt helpless. How could they forget their promise in just one minute?!

The hostility of Juliet and Yayoi made Emma uneasy. She held the teacup tightly with both hands,
wearing an embarrassed look.

Noticing Emma's embarrassment, Rosiley hurriedly said, "The script and cast haven't been decided
yet. If there is a role suitable for you, I will let you know.’

Emma was even more embarrassed when Rosiley said this. Although Emma had taken the initiative to
ask about the TV show that the Tang Group was about to film, she did not want to reveal her thoughts
directly. Now she got nothing but embarrassment.

Perhaps seeing through Emma's thoughts, Rosiley raised her hand and patted her shoulder, smiling
and comforting her,

"Don't feel embarrassed. It's OK. You are an actor and shouldn't give up on any possible opportunity.
You are doing the right thing.’

Emma looked at Rosiley gratefully. "Thank you so much.”

Rosiley took Emma as her sister and touched her head intimately. "Let's enjoy the meal first and talk
about the matter later.”

"OK." Emma smiled sweetly.

Seeing the interaction between Emma and Rosiley, Juliet and Yayoi exchanged a glance. They saw
despair in each other's eyes.

‘Is Rosiley taking Emma as a younger sister”

Emma was an adorable little girl. During the meal, she chattered nonstop. It was about the interesting
moments during the filming process. Rosiley couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Even Juliet and Yayoi, who had originally put on cold expressions, laughed and became less hostile
against Emma.

After Emma was brought back by her agent Sarah, Juliet could not help but admit, "Emma is just a kid.
How could she have the idea to piggyback on the scandal? She probably just wanted to help Rosiley
and Bertram.”

Yayoi curled her lower lip and disagreed with Juliet, "Juliet, you cannot see people through easily. I
reserve my opinion."

Upon hearing this, Rosiley gently knocked on Yayoi's head and said unfriendly, “Why don't you learn
from Juliet? Emma is young. She could not have so many evil thoughts."

Yayoi covered her head and curled her lips, falling into silence.

At the same time, Juliet fell into deep thought. After a long time, she suddenly said, "Emma kept talking
about Bertram. Could she take fancy for him?"

Juliet looked up at them, asking for their opinions.

Reminded by Juliet, Rosiley and Yayoi suddenly realized that something wrong.

Juliet was right. Emma did keep talking about Bertram.

"Maybe." Yayoi's tone was somewhat uncertain.

Juliet narrowed her eyes, “If she likes Bertram, then everything is self-explained.”

Rosiley found Juliet funny, “Juliet, don't overthink about it..."

Before she could finish her sentence, Rosiley was interrupted by Yayoi, "Juliet's words make sense.”

“Right? I have a strong feeling about it." Juliet was proud and certain.

Rosiley rolled her eyes unhappily and stood up, "You two continue. I'll go to pay the bill.”

The she left the room, leaving Juliet and Yayoi behind. They looked at each other and were not in the
mood to continue gossiping.

They followed Rosiley out.

Thanks to two clarification statements, the scandal about Bertram seemed ridiculous and ungrounded.

This unwarranted relationship lost the heat among the netizens.

Rosiley was glad that the company's Public Relation Department had issued a statement timely.
Otherwise, there might be a

large group of reporters waiting to interview her at the company’s entrance.

It was said that the news in the entertainment industry updated quickly. Sure enough, after the scandal
about Bertram's relationship was made public, another scandal was unfolded.

Hazel became Yunis' mistress and caused Yunis to break up with Rorey.

About Hazel. She was not as popular as Alfred, but did gain much attention, known as the Angel-like
Actress. This scandal

totally changed her image.

There was a chaos on Weibo. Rosiley sighed at the comments from Hazel's fans. Hazel was doomed.

Because what happened between Hazel and Yunis was true.

However, Rosiley found this news fun, which was made public at this moment.

Rorey had just returned to the entertainment industry. In just a few days after, the relationship between
Hazel and Yunis was made public.

Rosiley would not buy it if one said the scandal had nothing to do with Rorey.

It seemed that the entertainment industry would see more fun in the future.