The convenient Bride

Chapter 319: I'm Taking My Boyfriend Home

Tracy looked at their interaction and her eyes were gloomy. She stood up and said indifferently, "I'm
tired. I'm going back to my room to rest."

Hearing this, Payton subconsciously asked her, "Shall I help you in?”

“Payton!” Juliet called in a low voice.

"What's the matter?” Payton had a look of incomprehension.

“Lam the one who can help her. Is it appropriate for you to enter a woman's room as a man?"

Juliet rolled her eyes at Payton and then walked over to help Tracy. However, Tracy dodged.

Juliet frowned and her hands froze in midair.

Tracy realized that she had gone too far. She quickly forced a smile and explained, "Juliet, just go back
with Payton. I can take care of myself.”

Juliet stared at Tracy. If her eyes did not deceive her just now, she had clearly seen the disgust in
Tracy's eyes.

Tracy hated her?

Juliet gently bit her lips and glanced at Payton. She could probably guess the reason.

Then, a grin spread across Juliet's face, “Alright. Payton and I will go back first. Call me if you need

With that, she turned around and walked to Payton. She narrowed her eyes and the tone in her voice
brooked no rejection.

"Payton, let's go back first.”

"But..." Payton was worried about Tracy staying at home alone.

Juliet did not give him the chance to hesitate and directly grabbed his hand and walked towards the

“Juliet, what are you doing?" Payton shook her hand off with displeasure.

Juliet turned back and looked at Tracy over Payton, who was standing not far away. A trace of light
flashed through her eyes.

Juliet turned around and stepped forward to grab his tie. She pulled the tie and Payton had to lean

Her lips touched his.

Payton's eyes widened and he looked at her beautiful face.

Juliet backed away, glanced at the slender figure, and smiled charmingly.

“Im taking my boyfriend home.”

Her voice was just loud enough for everyone present to hear.

Payton didn't expect Juliet would suddenly kiss him. He was so dumbfounded that he allowed her to
pull him away.

Juliet opened the door and pushed him out. Then, she turned to look at Tracy in the room and smiled,
"Tracy, you should hate

the other woman who interfere with other people's feelings. I hope you won't become the kind of person
you hate.’

After saying that, Juliet walked out, and the door was closed.

The room fell into a profound silence. Tracy looked at the closed door. Her eyes were cold and filled
with anger. She pursed

her pale lips tightly.

Outside the door, Juliet and Payton stared at each other, and the atmosphere was intense.

Finally, Payton sighed resignedly, "You win.”

His tone was full of helplessness and a trace of affection.

Juliet pursed her lips and giggled. She raised her hand and patted his shoulder. "Hey, I am helping you,
OK? As a man, if you stay with a single woman at night, it will ruin you guys’ reputation.”

Payton gave her a cold glance and walked to open the door.

After he opened the door, Juliet rushed in.

"I'll stay here tonight.”

Payton looked at Juliet. Juliet seemed to be in her own house. She opened the shoe cabinet, took out
slippers and put them

on. Then, she ran into the room.

Payton smiled helplessly. Just now, who said that it would ruin their reputation if a man stayed with a
single woman at night?

Then what was she doing now?

Payton shook his head. His eyes were full of affection that he didn't even notice.

After the charity party, Rosiley started to prepare for the launch of the movie that TEG and REG were
working on together.

She had found a screenwriter to modify the script. Sachin was satisfied after seeing it and gave TEG a
free hand to prepare

the film.

After all, TEG had been bought by Sachin. On the surface, Maddox was in charge. But in fact, it was
part of REG.

Therefore, it made no difference whether the film was prepared by REG or TEG.

However, the director was a famous director who had worked with REG for a long time, Hanson Comte.

Hanson was a very strict and talented director. However, the films he made would certainly cause a
sensation in the film

industry, become a huge box-office success and win many awards.

Rosiley specially found a high-end cafe to meet Hanson.

She came to the coffee shop early and waited for the legendary talented director.

Unexpectedly, Hanson came with someone Rosiley didn't want to see.

"Miss Tang, do you mind if I bring an extra person here?” Hanson asked politely.

Rosiley looked up at him. Was he joking? He just asked her if she would mind that he brought Rorey
here. Wasn't it too hypocritical?

Before she could reply, the woman Hanson brought here spoke first.

“Mr. Hanson, are you joking? Miss Tang and I are sisters. Why would she mind?”

Sisters? Rosiley raised her eyebrows and looked at Rorey beside Hanson with irony.

Yes, the woman was Rorey, who had just made a comeback.

"So, you're sisters.” Hanson looked at Rosiley in surprise and then at Rorey and chuckled, "You two
don't look alike at all.”

It seemed that Hanson didn't know about her relationship with Rorey from his expression.

So, Rosiley felt a little better. She smiled, "Mr. Hanson, we are not sisters. Her mother is my

"Well..." Hanson understood. Then, he smiled and said, “It's fine. You are still sisters.”

Rosiley smiled and didn't say anything.

She glanced at Rorey and found that Rorey was staring at her with an unfriendly expression.

Rosiley raised her eyebrows indifferently, asked Hanson to sit down, and beckoned to the waiter.

After ordering, Rosiley took out a document from her canvas bag.

She handed the document over, "Mr. Hanson, this is the arrangement and procedure of the launch
conference. See if there is

anything we need to improve."

Hanson took the document, opened it, and scanned it carefully.

Rosiley sipped the water and quietly waited for him to finish reading the document. Although she didnt
care, it was difficult for

her to ignore Rorey's unkind gaze.

Rosiley had thought that Rorey would not have enough resources and connections after making a
comeback. She didn't

expect Mr. Hanson to know Rorey and bring her here.

Rosiley was not an idiot. How could she not understand Mr. Hanson's intentions?

However, even if she understood, she would not ask first.

After reading the document, Hanson closed it and placed it on the table. After thinking for a moment, he
said, "It is good. I

have no objections.”

Hearing this, Rosiley gave a bright smile and said, "Mr. Hanson, I am glad that you're satisfied.”

With that, Rosiley took the document and put it back in her bag. At this time, Mr. Hanson spoke again.

"Miss Tang, I have a presumptuous request.”