Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 321: Fall in Love with Someone Else

Yayoi asked Maddox to help her visit her parents again.

However, she did not expect that she would meet Damari.

As she was led to the visiting room by the guards, Damari just came right up to her.

When Yayoi saw him again, her first reaction was to stop and stare blankly at him approaching.

“Hallie.” She whispered as he walked past her.

He was a little shocked, but continued forward nonstop.

She looked back at his tall and straight figure with a sad expression.

He was Hallie. But why didn't he recognize her?


She looked towards the visiting room. Wasn't he here to visit her parents?

Thinking of this, Yayoi quickened her pace and walked towards the visiting room.

As he saw her, Mr. Song said, "Hallie just came to see me.’

What she was suspicious of came true. Yayoi suddenly couldn't accept it.

She chuckled, "Dad, did he come to see you?”

When Mr. Song heard this, he thought that she didn't believe him. He quickly added, “Yeah, he just

Afterwards, Mr. Song realized that something was wrong. “He just left. You should have met him.”

Yes, she did. But he ignored her. He was completely different from the Hallie who loved her in the past.

Yayoi took a deep breath and said, "Dad, I didn't see him. He probably went the other way.

"That's a pity. Mr. Song felt a little regretful, "You two have such a good relationship. It would be great if
you could meet up

with each other.”

"Dad, we will meet one day.’ Yayoi did not want to talk more about Hallie with her father. So, she
changed the topic, "Dad,

how have you been recently?”

Then, she talked to Mr. Song about the corruption case of the Young family, not mentioning Hallie

After a short visit, Yayoi walked out of the visiting room and headed out of the prison.

When she saw a familiar figure leaning against a car parked by the roadside, she stopped and
narrowed her eyes.

It was Hallie.

She didn't dare to expect that he was waiting for her. So, Yayoi turned to walk towards her car.

Just as she opened the door, a hand came from behind her and pressed against the car door. The door
closed again.

As a familiar smell came from behind her, Yayoi froze. She stared at his hand that was pressed against
the car door. His

fingers were slender and there was a faint scar beside his thumb.


She pursed her lips. It was a scar cut by a knife.

It was a scar that she had cut with a knife.


When Yayoi heard this familiar voice, her nose twitched and she almost wept.

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and then turned around. She looked at the familiar handsome
face and smiled

coldly, "Mr. Xiang, I don't think we're familiar enough to directly call each other by names."

Damari looked at Yayoi and his eyes full of affection. She was as sharp-tongued as before.

Damari withdrew his hand, put it in his trouser pocket, and smiled. "Damari is not familiar with you. But
Hallie should be.”

Yayoi got lost in her thought with a concentrated face. Didn't he deny that he was Hallie? Why did he
mention Hallie? What did he mean?

Seeing her doubts, Damari raised his eyebrows at her, "Yayoi, will you believe me if I say I have

Yayoi stared at him, "Then what difficulties do you have?"

Damari gave her an apologetic smile, "I'm sorry, Yayoi. But I can't tell you.”

Yayoi was astonished. Then, she chuckled with irony. "If you can't tell me what the difficulties are, then
how can I trust you?"

"I will tell you later.”

“Later? Tell me when will it be?"

Damari fell silent.

Yayoi sneered, “Forget it, Mr. Xiang. Since you don't admit that you are Hallie, then don't admit it
anymore. Or you may give

people hope and then break the hope.”

She glanced at him coldly, and then turned to pull open the car door. Suddenly, he grabbed her wrist
and pulled her into his


A familiar smell rushed into her nose. Yayoi suddenly missed the past.

"Hallie, have a good trip.”

That year, when he was going to join the army, she saw him off at the station.

She cried so hard that her eyes were red. She did not want him to leave.

Hallie was also loath to part with her and held her tightly in his arms and whispered in her ear, "Yayoi,
wait for me. When I

come back, we will get married.”

She promised him.

But a year later, she received his breakup letter.

There was only a short sentence in the letter.

“I'm sorry, Annie. We're over.”

Without any reason or explanation, he ended this relationship unilaterally.

How could he go so far?

Thinking of this, Yayoi was filled with discontent and indignation. She raised her hand against his chest
and pushed him away


"Mr. Xiang, you shouldn't hug me.” She glared at him coldly and remained calm.

Even if he didn't believe it, Damari had to admit that the little girl who used to sweetly call him Hallie
had changed.

"Yayoi." He called softly.

Yayoi pursed her lips, turned away, and said indifferently, "Mr. Xiang, if there's nothing else, I'll leave

With that, she got into the car and started it.

Damari watched her car gradually drive away with mixed feelings.

He had not intended to admit that he was Hallie. But now, this was the only way.

In front of Damari, Yayoi had desperately fought back the tears. As soon as she got in the car, she
could no longer hold back

her tears.

She met him again after so many years and he saved her. But he refused to recognize her.

Since he didn't recognize her, then why did he come here to tell her that he had his own difficulties?

Difficulties? What kind of difficulties made him deny that he was Hallie?

He said he would tell her later.

Later? Yayoi couldn't help but sneer. She raised her hand to wipe away her tears. How could he say
such perfunctory words?

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. She bore down on the accelerator and the car
roared away.

At the intersection, she turned the car around and drove to the prison.

Damari stood there and looked at the direction Yayoi had left. After a long time, he looked away and
turned to walk towards

his car.

Suddenly, he heard tires squeal.

Damari turned around and saw that Yayoi drove back.

Yayoi opened the car door, got off the car, and aggressively walked towards him.

He watched her approach quietly.

Yayoi walked to him and stopped. She narrowed her eyes and asked coldly, "Mr. Xiang, why did you
break up with me at that time?”

Damari was surprise for a moment. Then, he smiled and replied indifferently, "I have fallen in love with
someone else.”

Yayoi frowned, “You have fallen in love with someone else? There are only men in the army. Who do
you like? Do you like men?"

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