Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 325: That's His Wife

At supper, the restaurant was already filled with people and there were no seats left.

Rosiley and Juliet walked into the restaurant. The waiter greeted them with an apologetic smile. "I'm
sorry. There are no more seats available inside. Please take a seat and wait outside.”

"We're not here to have meal. We're here to find someone." Juliet looked around the restaurant and
continued to ask, “Is there a guest named Payton?”

“Payton?” The waiter frowned and thought for a moment. Then he smiled and nodded, “Yes. This way,

Rosiley and Juliet followed behind the waiter towards the innermost part of the restaurant.

Payton and the others sat in the corner near the window. Rosiley saw Payton, Sachin, and the woman
with her back to Sachin at a glance.

Rosiley didn't know what they were talking. Payton smiled happily. The woman smiled as she leaned
towards Sachin and leaned her head on his shoulder.

Sachin did not push her away.

Rosiley put on a serious face and became unhappy. She fixed at them who were leaning against each

When Juliet saw Payton smiled happily, she frowned and reached out to grab the waiter.

The waiter turned around and looked at her doubtfully.

"We have seen them. We can go there by ourselves. Thank you.”

Hearing what she said, the waiter nodded slightly at them and said, "Have a nice meal.” Then the
waiter walked away.

Then Juliet pulled Rosiley over there.

"You've had a terrible sense of direction since you were a child. I didn't expect that you would still have
a terrible sense of direction when you grow up. As expected, you've grown up, but your brain hasn't
grown up."

Payton looked at Charlotte with a smile, and he was indeed a vicious gossip.

Charlotte picked up the napkin on the table and threw it at him. "Your brain hasn't grown up."

Seeing her angry expression, Payton's smile became even brighter.

Charlotte pouted angrily. Then she reached out to hug Sachin's arm and leaned her head against his
shoulder. She said in a flirtatious voice, "Sachin is much better. He doesn't say much and he is

“Do you think I'm not handsome?" Payton raised his eyebrows.

Charlotte snorted heavily. She turned around and glanced at him. Her face was full of disdain. She
refuted bluntly, "You're a vicious gossip. You're not handsome at all”

Hearing this, Payton covered his chest and wailed, “My heart hurts. I'm too sad."

Seeing this, Charlotte couldn't help but chuckle. She covered her mouth and smiled happily.

Payton also laughed.

At this moment, a cold voice suddenly sounded. “Payton, you're laughing very happily.’

As soon as Payton and Charlotte heard the voice, they turned around at the same time.

Juliet crossed her arms around her chest and looked at them coldly. She smiled mockingly.

"Mrs. Lu!" Payton exclaimed when he saw Rosiley standing behind Juliet.

Sachin, who was originally sitting quietly without joining Payton and Charlotte in chatting, turned his
head slowly and met Rosiley's cold gaze.

He didn't know if it was an illusion, but he felt that she was angry.

Hearing that Payton called her Mrs. Lu, Charlotte mistakenly thought that he was calling Juliet.
Charlotte stood up and walked in front of Juliet. Charlotte examined every corner of Juliet's face with
her beautiful big eyes.

Juliet frowned. She wasn't used to being too close to strangers. She took a step back and distanced
herself from Charlotte.

Charlotte smiled and turned to look at Sachin. "Sachin, your wife is so beautiful.”

Juliet felt awkward as she said coldly, "I'm not Mr. Sachin's wife.”

As she spoke, she pulled Rosiley behind her and said, “She is Mr. Sachin's wife."

Charlotte mistook Juliet for Sachin’s wife.

Charlotte stuck out her tongue awkwardly, blinked, and smiled shyly at Rosiley, "Hello, Mrs. Lu.”

Seeing that Rosiley was in a bad mood, she asked carefully, "Mrs. Lu, are you angry with me?"

Rosiley looked at Charlotte and thought that the woman of the blind date arranged by Sachin's father
would be a woman of the same age as Sachin. Unexpectedly, Charlotte was so young.

Charlotte's face was delicate. She looked so young. She was also petite and charming like a little sister
next door who was warm and cute.

Little sister next door? Rosiley frowned. She looked at Sachin subconsciously. She saw that he was
looking at her with a faint smile, and his black eyes were filled with obvious interest.

She raised her eyebrows and smiled warmly. "I'm Rosiley. I'm not angry,’ she said softly to Charlotte.

Noticing that she softened up, Charlotte grinned and walked forward to hug her arm intimately.
Charlotte tilted her head and blinked her big eyes at her. Charlotte looked so cute.

*Rosiley, I am Charlotte. Sachin's father asked me to have a blind date with Sachin." Then she frowned
and said in a disgusted tone, "However, Sachin is not my style. Moreover, he is so many years older

than me, and he has got married. I am reluctant to be a home wrecker.”

Hearing those childish words, Rosiley couldn't help but chuckle and she relaxed slowly.

‘Things don't seem to be what I have thought’

Rosiley sat down beside Sachin.

Charlotte smiled adorably and said, "Sachin and Rosiley sit together. I will...”

She was just about to say that she wanted to sit with Payton, but Juliet hurriedly sat beside Payton
before her.

The smile on Charlotte's face disappeared instantly. She frowned slightly as she glared at Juliet with

Juliet hugged Payton's arm and leaned her head intimately against his shoulder. She smiled faintly, "I'm
his girlfriend, so I'd like to sit next to him. I'm sorry that you have to sit alone, little sister.”

Payton frowned. He raised his hand to get rid of her hand from his arm, but his hand was held by her
instead. She lowered her voice and whispered in his ear, “Payton, if you have the guts to push me
away, I will make things difficult for you."

She said in a warning tone.

Payton knew her well. She would definitely do what she said.

In order to avoid causing himself more trouble, Payton could only smile apologetically at Charlotte. She
was pouting unhappily. "Charlotte, I'm sorry that you have to sit alone.”

Charlotte bit her lip and looked at them. They were lovers. Only she was alone. She couldn't help but
feel a little uneasy.

She took a deep breath and suppressed the emotions. Her delicate face was filled with a brilliant smile.
"It's fine. I'll sit alone.”

There were only four seats.

Charlotte could only ask the waiter to add a chair and sit in the aisle.

She looked more like a third wheel.

The piano was still flowing quietly. They were surrounded by lovers’ chatter. They added an extra chair.
There were five people in total. They looked a little funny in the restaurant.

They kept silent for a time. The atmosphere was weird and embarrassing.

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