Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 326: Go Too Far

The waiter brought the appetizers and broke the awkward silence.

"Rosiley....” Charlotte looked at Rosiley and then looked at Juliet. Charlotte frowned slightly and
hesitated. "Payton's girlfriend, what would you like to eat?"

She called Juliet “Payton's girlfriend".

Juliet raised her eyebrows gently. This address was long enough to make her mouth twist.

Therefore, Juliet smiled at Charlotte and said, “Just call me Juliet.”

"OK, Juliet,” Charlotte replied with a smile.

"Rosiley, order whatever you want."

Payton asked the waiter to bring them two menus.

"If you're hungry, eat mine first,’ Sachin said softly to Rosiley.

"Sachin, as expected, only in front of Rosiley will you be willing to say such long words,” Payton smiled
and teased.

Along the way from the company to the "Sea of MilkyWay" Restaurant, only Payton and Charlotte
talked endlessly. Sachin only replied them short words like “OK", so he was completely too lazy to pay
attention to them.

Even for Charlotte that he hadn't seen in a few years, he wasn't enthusiastic towards her. He was as
indifferent as before.

It made sense. Sachin only acted like a normal human in front of Rosiley. He was no longer like an
iceberg that was difficult to approach.

“Payton, you don't understand that. He's a miser with words. He only speaks in front of people he
cares. Otherwise, it will be a waste for him,” Rosiley glanced at Payton and smiled slightly.

She smiled triumphantly.

"Yes. You're right. Sachin only cares about you. It's a waste to talk to people like us.”

Payton shook his head helplessly and sighed, "How pitiful I'm. I'm even his closest younger brother.

Hearing this, Rosiley and Juliet couldn't help but chuckle.

Charlotte frowned, "I'm not someone that Sachin cares about. That's why he doesn't talk to me much."

Her tone was somewhat dissatisfied and disappointed.

Rosiley glanced at her. Seeing that her expression was somewhat unhappy, Rosiley explained,
“Charlotte, don't take it seriously. I am just joking with Payton.”

“Are you joking with Payton?” Charlotte frowned even more tightly.

"Yes. I'm joking,’ Rosiley smiled and nodded. Then she added, "the people Sachin cares about aren't
measured by who he talks to. He has a cold personality, and sometimes he doesn't show it even if he

cares about someone.”

“Is that so?" Charlotte glanced at Sachin. Seeing that he was staring at Rosiley gently, she felt
heartbroken. She looked down to hide the pain in her eyes and forced a smile, "It's like this. I feel much

Rosiley did not notice her abnormality and continued to smile, "Yes. Don't be sad.”

Juliet stared thoughtfully at Charlotte. Then she turned to look at Payton and asked, "Have you known
each other for a long time?"

Payton nodded, "Yes. She's Allen's cousin, so she grew up with us.”

They grew up together. They must have a good relationship.

Juliet pondered for a moment. Then she smiled and said softly, "Charlotte."

"What's the matter?" Charlotte looked up.

"Do you have a boyfriend?” Juliet smiled. Juliet pretended to be concerned about her, but the question
carried a faint trace of probing.

Charlotte was surprised. "I don't have a boyfriend.”

"You don't have a boyfriend." Juliet was excited. Then she said eagerly, “Why don't I introduce you a

Seeing Juliet's overzealous expression, a glimmer of disgust showed in Charlotte's eyes. Charlotte
shook her head gently,

“There’s no need. Thank you, Juliet.”

Charlotte's tone was somewhat cold. She wasn't as enthusiastic as before.

Of course, Juliet knew Charlotte's thoughts, but Juliet still insisted, "It’s fine. I have a younger brother
who is very handsome. He must be your style.”

As a saying went, all potential enemies should be killed at the beginning.

Juliet was too enthusiastic and eager. Rosiley couldn't help but frown, "Rosiley, are you crazy about
being a matchmaker?"

‘Juliet is so stupid. This is the first time she meets Charlotte. She is anxious to introduce a boyfriend to
Charlotte. Isn't she afraid that Charlotte will be unhappy and angry?’

“Don't I have good intentions?" Juliet was somewhat wronged.

Rosiley looked at Juliet meaningfully. "You go too far. You're strange today.”

Because they were good friends, Rosiley spoke mercilessly.

Rosiley's eyes were as beautiful as a black pearl. When Juliet met her gaze, Juliet felt as if Rosiley
knew all her thoughts.

Juliet felt embarrassed when she was seen through. She laughed awkwardly, "OK. Forget about it.”

Rosiley sighed. Then she turned around and smiled at Charlotte, "Don't mind her. Sometimes her head
isn't screwed on right.”

Payton secretly laughed from the side. Only Rosiley had the guts to teach Miss Elton a lesson.

Charlotte smiled and shook her head, "It's fine. Juliet is kind.”

Seeing her innocent smile, Rosiley smiled more happily, “Thank you for your understanding.”

After she finished speaking, she looked up and winked at Juliet. ‘Look! She is younger than you and is
so sensible:

Juliet raised her eyebrows with a disdainful expression. ‘You will regret it one day:

Rosiley smiled and didn't care about that. The woman who was arranged by Sachin's father to have a
blind date with Sachin didn't seem to be that bad.

She turned to look at Sachin. Coincidentally, she met his gaze. His eyes were as beautiful as a black

Then she put on a serious face. She pretended to be angry and said to him, "When you go home, you
must explain

everything clearly and not hide anything from me.”

Sachin smiled warmly and said, "OK, I will explain everything clearly”

Rosiley smiled and said, "It's a deal.”

After they finished their meal, they went to the high-level club where Sachin spent time with his friends.

Charlotte said that she had just returned home and came to Benin to look for them, so they must
warmly welcome her.

When they arrived there, Allen and the others were also there.

When Diego's sister Paige saw Charlotte, she screamed in excitement, rushed over, and hugged

“Charlotte, I miss you so much."

Paige hugged her too tightly. Charlotte was almost out of breath. She coughed a few times.

Charlotte smiled and looked at Allen, River, and Diego. She raised her voice and said, “Hi, I, Charlotte,
am back."

Allen smiled warmly and said, "Welcome back.”

River stepped forward and stroked her head. Obviously, he was extremely happy. "Little girl, you're
finally back.”

Diego fixed his eyes on her cute little face. His eyes were filled with excitement and love that others
couldn't see clearly.

‘She's back. She's finally back:

He took a deep breath and said, "Charlotte, welcome back."

Charlotte gently pushed away Paige who was hugging her and smiled brightly, "Yes. I'm back."

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