The convenient Bride

Chapter 323: Rival in Love

“Yayoi.” Vito blocked Yayoi's path.

Yayoi looked up at him coldly and asked with irony, "Vito, do you think it's fun to tease me?"

“No, Yayoi. I'm not teasing you.” Vito was anxious. “I really can't forget you. I love you and want to
chase you again.’

“Is that so?" Yayoi raised her eyebrows, “Then why don't you dare to tell Candance?"

"It .. Because she's pregnant.”

"Pregnant?" Yayoi sneered and looked at him with even colder eyes. "Since she's pregnant, then you
should live your whole life with her. Don't bother me anymore."

With that, Yayoi no longer looked at Vito, moved round him, and walked into the building without a
backward glance.

Vito stood there and his face clouded over. His hands tightly clenched. His eyes filled with anger.

He wouldn't give up on Yayoi.

It was annoying!

She first met Damari and then Vito today. Did these two men disturb her on purpose?

Upon returning home, Yayoi seemed to be exhausted and lay on the sofa.

She had intended to close her eyes and rest for a while. But as long as she closed her eyes, Damari's
face would appear in her mind, which annoyed her.

She got up from the sofa, sat down cross-legged, and leaned against the sofa.

"Yayoi, will you believe me if I say I have difficulties?”

Damari's question seemed to be ringing in her ears.

She chuckled and muttered to herself, “Of course I will. Why don't I believe it?"

What kind of difficulties was it that made him not contact her for so many years, not even her parents?
It was as if he did not

exist in the world.

When they met again, he denied that he was Hallie and treated her like a stranger.

She had been sad for a long time. Now, he admitted it. But she didn't care anymore!

However ... she heaved a long sigh of relief and smiled. Her Hallie had come back.

Rosiley received a message from Payton when she was about to leave work.

*Rosiley, your enemy appears.’

Seeing the word “enemy’, Rosiley frowned and felt somewhat puzzled.

So, she replied, "What enemy?”

Soon, Payton replied.

"My father set Sachin up on a blind date. That girl will be your enemy.”

Rosiley narrowed her eyes. So, this was what the enemy meant.

However, Sachin did not tell her about his father arranging a blind date for him. Was Payton
deliberately leaking the news to


She called Payton and asked him about the situation. After work, she drove straight to REG.

Payton told her that the girl who had been set up on a blind date was in Sachin's company.

Rosiley arrived at REG. Just as the car stopped at the entrance of the company, she saw a man and a
woman walking out of

REG building through the windshield.

The man was handsome and the woman was pretty. They seemed to be a perfect match.

She narrowed her eyes, her hand holding the steering wheel unconsciously tightened, and her eyes
filled with anger.

She did not get off the car, but just stared at the man and woman.

She could not see their expressions clearly from too far away.

But when she saw that the woman whispered in the man's ear and the man did not dodge, she knew
that the man did not

hate the woman.

This discovery wrung her heart and she felt a little sad.

A sharp bell suddenly rang in the quiet car, which startled Rosiley. Then, she pressed down on
Bluetooth beside her ear.

"Rosiley, have you reached REG yet?" Payton's voice rang out.

Rosiley looked at the man and woman who were still standing at the entrance of the company and
replied, "Yes, I'm here.”

"Where are you? Why don't I see you?"

As Payton drove, he looked around for Rosiley.

"I..." Rosiley was about to reply when she saw a Range Rover parked at the entrance of the building.

That was Payton's car.

Payton said again, "Rosiley, I didn't see you. Sachin and I are going to the Sea of Milky Way
Restaurant now. You can go with


‘You can go with us:

Why did this sound a little reluctant?

"No. You guys go by yourselves.”

Rosiley's tone was a little cold. But Payton did not hear it. He kept saying, "Rosiley, how can you not
go? Don't you want to

meet the girl my father has arranged for Sachin? Do you know who she is? Rosiley, let me tell you..."

“Payton, I still have something to do. Bye.” Before he could finish speaking, Rosiley hung up.

“Hey, hey, Rosiley..." Payton stared blankly at his phone, not understanding why Rosiley hung up.

Sachin got into the car. Seeing Payton staring at his phone, he frowned, "What are you doing?”

Payton turned to look at him. "I was just talking to Rosiley. But in the middle of the conversation, she
hung up.’

"Perhaps there's something urgent.” Sachin knew Rosiley and was sure that she wouldn't hang up for
no reason.

“Maybe.” Payton curled his lips and threw his phone into the driver's seat.

"Sachin, what kind of person is your wife?” A sweet voice sounded in the car.

Payton turned to look at the girl sitting beside Sachin and smiled. "Charlotte, you'll know when you see
her. Rosiley is...”

“Rosiley is very nice,’ Payton weighed his words.

Payton had never expected that the girl his father arranged for Sachin would be Charlotte Mackenzie,
Allen's cousin.

Although Charlotte was just Allen's cousin, she grew up in the Chu family. She was like their younger
sisters and was simple

and cute.

Later, when she was sixteen years old, she went abroad with her parents. They had never seen her
again. Today, they met

again after so many years.

Hearing that Payton’s evaluation of Rosiley was only "very nice", Charlotte muttered discontentedly,
"Payton, you are too

perfunctory. If Rosiley heard that you only gave her this evaluation, she would be extremely angry and

"Rosiley is not so narrow-minded.”

Charlotte curled her lips and turned to look at the silent Sachin. "Sachin, what kind of person do you
think Rosiley is?”

Sachin turned to look at her and put on a faint smile, "You'll know when you see her.”


Charlotte pouted in dissatisfaction and then her eyes lit up, “Payton, call Rosiley and ask her to come
here for dinner.’

"Rosiley said that she couldn't come.”

"Why?" Charlotte was a little disappointed.

Payton shrugged, "I don't know either. Rosiley said that she had arrived at REG. But I didn't see her. I
invited her to come with

us to the "Sea of Milky Way"

Restaurant. But she refused.”

"Did Rosiley just come to REG?” Sachin frowned.

"Yeah, but I didn't see her. Maybe she hadn't arrived at that time.”

Sachin looked at them thoughtfully.