The convenient Bride

Chapter 330: Is Pretending to Be Sick OK?

After Xenia finally got out of the detention center, she was in hospital.

To Xenia, the hospital was just a different place for her to be imprisoned.

This somehow annoyed her.

"Rorey, can't I go home?" Xenia looked at Rorey doubtfully.

Knowing that she was unhappy, Rorey comforted her, "Mom, this is a special situation. Just hold your
horses for now. We'll go home in a while.”

"Can we really go home?" Xenia did not believe what she said.

Rorey smiled helplessly, "Mom, of course we can. When the time comes, I'll tell the hospital that you
only need to go home and rest."

Xenia frowned. "Will this do—pretending to be sick like this? Will Rosiley and the others believe me?"

“With the hospital's certificate, how can they not believe it?” Even if Rosiley didn't believe it, what could
she do?


No matter how many times they examined Xenia, the result would be the same.

Therefore, Rorey wasn't afraid that Rosiley wouldn't believe it.


Xenia wanted to say something else, but Rorey directly interrupted her, "Mom, don't worry. Dad
arranged all this. There's absolutely no problem."

"You father?" Xenia frowned. Then, her eyes widened and she exclaimed, "You went to see him?"

"Yes, I have." Rorey nodded.

“Mom, why didn't you tell me earlier that there is such a powerful person around us all this time? If you
had told me earlier that the Tang Group is mine, I wouldn't have broken up with Yunis."

Rorey was complaining that her mother didn't tell her anything about her biological father. She was
blaming Xenia for losing everything.

“How could you see him?" Xenia seemed quite uneasy and dissatisfied when she found out that her
daughter had met that man.

"Mom, what's wrong with that? He's my father, so it's fine for me to see him.”

"It's fine?" Xenia snorted coldly, "Do you know what a person he is? Do you know what he does?"

Rorey raised her eyebrows and replied in a nonchalant tone, "Isn't he just a gangster? What's there to

“Rorey!" Rorey's indifference enraged Xenia. "He is an evil person. You shouldn't have anything to do
with him, or your entire life will be over."

"But he's my biological father.” Facing Xenia, who was angry, Rorey also became furious. Her voice
became louder.

What Rorey said was right. That man was indeed Rorey's biological father. Even though Xenia didn't
want to mention it for so many years, she still couldn't change the fact that Rorey and that person were

Thinking of this, Xenia sighed heavily, "If I knew it was because of him that I could come out, I might as
well stay in the detention center."

"Mom!" Rorey was really enraged. She could not understand why her mother rejected her father so
much. No matter how evil her father was, he was currently the strongest backing for Rorey. She had to
rely on him to take back what she had lost.

She felt that there was no need to tangle with her mother on this issue, so she took a deep breath and
softened her tone, "Mom, just be good and stay in the hospital. I will handle the rest myself”

Xenia knew that she could not persuade her daughter, so she said indifferently, "Whatever you want."

The situation at the Young Group was getting worse and worse, and the company's stocks had fallen to
record lows.

Regardless of how hard President Young communicated with the bank, the bank was still unwilling to
lend money to the company. With no capital to invest, the economic activities of the Young Group had
completely stopped.

In the end, President Young had no choice but to agree to Maddox's proposal—to exchange shares for

30% of the shares meant that President Young was no longer the largest shareholder, indicating that
the position of Chairman might also change.

Maddox was very trustworthy. As soon as he received the 30% share transfer letter, he immediately
mailed the money to the company's account. The Young Group's suspended project finally started

But at the same time, Maddox also proposed to reconvene the shareholders’ meeting.

President Young, who was mentally prepared, could only sigh helplessly and agree to his request. The
other shareholders also agreed.

When Candance and Vito heard the news, they panicked.

If the Young Group changed ownership, it would be possible that the Young Group would no longer be
the Yang family's property.

If that was the case, then their lives would crash down.

They definitely couldn't accept such a thing.

On the day of the shareholders’ meeting, Candance attended the meeting with her father.

Vito also followed.

Before the meeting began, the mood in the meeting room was quite subdued. Everyone was grim-

Maddox was a Shen.

The Shen family would have cared nothing about a small group like the Yang Group. However, Maddox
took advantage of the Yang Group's problems to make a move, and he had a big appetite—he wanted
30% of the shares.

Given these facts, the Young Group would probably be renamed the Shen Group in the future.

This was something that President Young and the other shareholders could not understand.

A few minutes before the meeting started, Maddox appeared, but he didn't come alone. Apart from his
assistant, he was also

accompanied by a woman.


Upon seeing that woman, Candance stood up and cried out in alarm.

A trace of surprise flashed through Vito's eyes, but he quickly suppressed it.

“Why are you here?" Candance raised her voice and questioned.

Unlike Candance, who was surprised, Yayoi replied calmly, "I'm here for the meeting.”

“Meeting?” Candance sneered, "Who are you to come to this meeting?"

“I'm the biggest shareholder."

Yayoi glanced at her and then swept her gaze across everyone present.

Indeed, everyone was amazed when they heard Yayoi say that she was the biggest shareholder.

Yayoi turned her head and smiled at Maddox. Then, she walked towards the only empty seat beside
the conference table.

After she pulled up the chair and sat down, Candance questioned her again.

"Yayoi, are you daydreaming? The biggest shareholder of the group is clearly Mr. Shen, who is behind

This time, Yayoi ignored her. She just sat there quietly.

Maddox would explain this question for Candance.

Maddox took the document handed over by the assistant and threw it on the conference table. He
swept across everyone in the room with a sharp look and said coldly, "This is a share transfer letter. I
have transferred all the shares of the Young Group under my name to Yayoi's name."

Upon hearing his words, everyone was extremely shocked.

Although the Young Group wasn't doing well now, wasn't it too hasty to transfer the shares to a woman
So easily?

"I don't believe it!"

Candance was still struggling. She did not believe that Maddox would casually transfer the shares to

She quickly walked over and picked up the document on the table. When she read the contents, her
expression changed. "How could this be?"

According to this share transfer letter, not 30%, but 57% shares were transferred to Yayoi. In other
words, Yayoi had an absolute say in the company. She did not need the consent or support from
anyone at all.

Candance had a feeling that she was defeated.