Novel Name : The convenient Bride

Chapter 333: Will You Get Married?

"I don't want to go back to the hotel. I want to be with Sachin."

Regardless of how Payton tried to persuade her, Charlotte wouldn't go with him. Instead, she hugged
Sachin tightly, and no one was able to pull them apart.

Sachin looked helpless.

Rosiley sensed how Sachin was feeling by looking at his expression, and put on a wry face.

If Charlotte hadn't been drunk, Rosiley and Juliet would have thought that she did it on purpose.

Everyone being out of tricks, Rosiley said, "Well, let her come home with us. When she sobers up
tomorrow, we'll send her back to the hotel.”

There was no other way.

Payton helped Charlotte get into Rosiley's car and watched them leave.

"Payton, can you not bring your sister next time?"

Thinking of the farce just now, Juliet couldn't help but be a little angry.

Payton rubbed his aching temples and said helplessly, "I didn't know it would be like this. I wouldn't let
her drink when she goes out with me again.”

Wine always managed to screw things up.

Juliet saw how uncomfortable he felt when he rubbed his temples and frowned.

She curled her lips and pretended to ask casually, "Are you unwell?"

Hearing that, Payton looked up and put on a mocking smile. "Are you caring about me?"

"No." Juliet looked away in embarrassment.

Why did she always think of one thing and speak another? Did she think he was too blind to see the
worry in her eyes?

Payton chuckled softly, then held her hand, and clasped fingers with her.

"Let's go back," he whispered.

His palm was warm.

Juliet smiled slowly and said in a gentle voice, "Okay."

Payton also smiled and led her towards the car.

Their shadows grew longer on the concrete floor, close together, so lovely that as if eternity had been
smiling at them.

It would be a lie to say Rosiley didn't care about Charlotte.

Although Charlotte said Sachin wasn't her type, Rosiley still got jealous when she saw the attachment
Charlotte showed to him.

Moreover, Sachin's heart was open to Charlotte, which was obviously different from how he treated
other women.

Rosiley tucked Charlotte in and turned around. Looking at the man who was leaning against the door,
she smiled slightly and said, "She finally fell asleep."

As she spoke, she walked over.

When she came close to Sachin, he took her hand and said, "Then you are all mine now."

Rosiley looked straight into his deep black eyes and pursed her lips, a hint of hesitation in her eyes.

“Ask whatever you want," he said.

"I....” Rosiley bit her lower lip and took a deep breath. "Will your father force you to marry Charlotte?"

Noticing her uneasiness, Sachin raised his hand and gently stroked her cheek, saying softly, “Rosiley,
my father can't control my life.”

Rosiley stared at him. Although she agreed with him, she still felt a little uneasy.

She was afraid that one day he would leave her after all.

That thought terrified her.

Thinking of this, she held his hand tightly, as if he would leave now.

Sachin put on a faint smile, and then gently moved her hand off his. Before she knew it, he had lifted
her by the waist.

Rosiley let out a low cry and quickly wrapped her hands around his neck.

He stared passionately at her and smiled mischievously, saying, "Let's do something else. Then you
will be too occupied to think nonsense."

Rosiley bit her lips and smiled bashfully, burying her face in his embrace.

Sachin walked out with her in his arms, and the room fell into silence again.

Vito thought he nailed a rich girl and was able to move all the way up in society.

However, he fell back down before that dream was achieved.

He stood by the side with an indifferent expression and quietly listened to Candance's conversation
with her father.

"Dad, what should we do now?" Every time Candance thought of how the bitch Yayoi went from rags to
riches, she would be

overwhelmed with envy and hatred.

The thought that Yayoi would be better off than her worked Candace up, and she found it hard to
accept every time she thought about it.

Today's incident was too much for Candance's father to bear. Although he had been prepared, it still
weighed on him, and he looked much older for it.

He shook his head and sighed, no longer as imposing as before. "I don't know what to do, either."

The group was short of money, and the bank was unwilling to lend any. If no one would invest in it, it
would go into bankruptcy.

Fortunately, the outcome proved to be comforting, and the group was back in operation. Although he
was no longer in charge, the group was saved.

It was what it was. Mr. Young could only comfort himself in this way to feel more at ease.

However, Candance thought otherwise.

"Dad, we absolutely can't give the Young Group to anyone else. That's your lifelong work."

Mr. Young sighed, "What else can I do? That Miss Song has more shares than me and the other
shareholders combined. What do you want me to do?”

He was right. They couldn't touch Yayoi.

Candance frowned. She chewed on it and realized something didn't add up, saying, "Dad, why does
she suddenly have so many shares?"

"She must have bought them,” Mr. Young replied casually.

"She bought it?" Candance squinted, and then her eyes lit up. "Dad, if we find evidence of Yayoi's
illegal transactions, can we sue her?"

"Candance, what do you want to do?” Mr. Young frowned and continued disapprovingly, "Don't be
obsessed with it. Even if what you suggested is true, you can't win Maddox."

"I don't care. I just don't want the Young Group to fall into other people's hands."

Candance was being a typical unreasonable rich girl.

"Candance, can you give me some peace?" Mr. Young was a little angry. He pointed at her baby bump
and said, "You're carrying a child, so concentrate on your pregnancy. Don't worry about the company."

"Dad!" Candance was not convinced.

Noticing that she still wouldn't listen, Mr. Young scolded her, "Stop sticking your nose into where it
doesn't belong. If I find out you are still onto this, I will send you abroad."

Mr. Young was desperate, and Candance realized it wouldn't favor her to insist.

So, she curled her lips in embarrassment, then turned to Vito, who had been silent, and shouted, "Vito,
let's go home.”

With that, she took the lead and walked out of the office.

Vito respectfully nodded to Mr. Young and then turned around to leave.

Mr. Young said to him, "Vito, watch Candance for me. Don't let her do anything stupid."

"Yes, I got it."

Vito nodded again and quickly walked out, but Mr. Young noticed his sinister expression.

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