The convenient Bride

Chapter 334: Having Ulterior Motives

The next day, Rosiley slept until almost noon.

When she went downstairs, she heard a burst of pleasant laughter coming from below.

She frowned and followed the laughter to the kitchen door.

In the kitchen, Sasha and Charlotte were chatting happily.

When Charlotte saw Rosiley, she stopped talking to Sasha and smiled as she yelled, "Rosiley.’

Hearing that, Sasha turned around and smiled kindly when she saw Rosiley. "Miss Tang, good
afternoon. Are you hungry?"

Rosiley walked over and slightly shook her head, saying, "No."

Then her gaze fell on the dumplings neatly placed on the board. She raised her eyebrows and asked,
"Are you having dumplings for lunch?”

"Yes." Sasha nodded and smiled. "Charlotte wanted to make them for Mr. Sachin, so I figured we could
have them together."

Rosiley nodded and smiled vaguely at Charlotte. "Charlotte, you're a guest here. I'm sorry that you had
to cook for us.”

Charlotte shook her head and replied, "Don't be. My shrimp dumplings are his favorites, so I'm happy
to make them for him."

His favorites? Rosiley raised her eyebrows slightly and smiled without saying anything.

She turned around and walked out of the kitchen. Then she happened to see Sachin coming
downstairs, and a bright smile touched her beautiful face.

She greeted him, "Sachin."

Sachin stopped in front of her and looked at her with a gentle gaze. Smiling, he asked, "Are you still

Rosiley recalled the passionate night they had together, and her ears got hot, her fair cheeks flushing

She glared at him shyly and said, "Don't say that."

Sachin smiled and rubbed her head, his eyes filled with love.

Charlotte walked out of the kitchen wearing a smile, but when she saw how Sachin and Rosiley were
looking at each other, her smile gradually faded.

A trace of gloom flashed through her eyes as Charlotte slowly walked over.

“Sachin, Rosiley,’ she called out softly.

Hearing that, Sachin and Rosiley turned their heads at the same time. Sachin looked at Charlotte with
a somewhat indifferent

expression, not as gentle as when he gazed at Rosiley.

Rosiley smiled and asked, "Are the dumplings ready?”

"Yes, they are.” Charlotte smiled, and then her gaze shifted to Sachin's exceptionally handsome face.
Deep in her eyes was the admiration she felt for him.

She grinned brightly and said, "Sachin, I made your favorite shrimp dumplings."

There was a trace of anticipation in her eyes.

“Is that so?" Sachin raised his eyebrows slightly and said indifferently, "You could leave this to Sasha.
You didn't need to make them yourself.”

The smile on Charlotte's lips froze for a moment, but then it was quickly bright again. She hid the
disappointment in her eyes and pouted, complaining, "Sachin, you are not being nice. Not everyone
can taste my dumplings."

Rosiley couldn't help but laugh when she saw how hard Charlotte was pouting. Then she explained for

"Charlotte, Sachin meant it was enough for him to know that you were thinking of him, so you didn't
need to do it yourself."

"Rosiley, do you mean ... Sachin doesn't want me to tire myself with hard work?” Charlotte looked at
her expectantly.

"I guess so," Rosiley said hesitantly.

Actually, she didn't mean that, but Charlotte misunderstood her. Rosiley thought if she explained it
further, Charlotte might feel even sadder.

Looking at her lively face, Rosiley let out a long sigh in her heart.

Forget it. Just go along with her.

Rosiley turned around and met Sachin's deep gaze.

He seemed to be telling her that she shouldn't have said that.

But ... it was too late to undo this.

She replied him with a sad face.

At lunch.

"Sachin, eat more."

Charlotte eagerly placed the dumplings from the public plate onto Sachin's small plate.

Rosiley raised her eyebrows but silently looked at Sachin with a smile.

The latter also looked up at her.

She showed a pitiful look and pointed at the few dumplings left on her plate with her chopsticks.

Sachin slightly raised his eyebrows too, and then gently picked up the dumplings Charlotte had given
him and put them on Rosiley's plate.

Charlotte noticed Sachin's actions and stopped, looking up at Rosiley. When she realized what had just
happened, a trace of

displeasure appeared in her eyes.

She had made these shrimp dumplings just for Sachin. Now that Rosiley had half of them, she felt her
heart was also divided in half.

It was uncomfortable.

Charlotte bit her lips and pretended to ask casually, "Rosiley, do you also like shrimps?"

Rosiley looked at her and smiled. "Yes.”

Then she picked up a dumpling and put it into her mouth. Her eyes lighting up, she said to Charlotte
with surprise, "Charlotte, this is so delicious. I didn't expect your cooking to be so good.”

Charlotte was displeased to see her eat the dumpling, but she still forced a smile and said, "Of course
it's good. Because Sachin likes them, I asked my chef to teach me how to make those."

She put into the effort for Sachin? Rosiley raised her eyebrows and suspected that Charlotte had
ulterior motives.

Rosiley smiled and said meaningfully, "Then you are really good to Sachin.’

Charlotte smiled bashfully. "Well, of all the young men I know, I like him the most.”

"He is your favorite?” Rosiley raised her eyebrows and asked half-jokingly, "Does it feel like you want to
marry him?"

Hearing that, Sachin laughed despite himself. She really minded Charlotte.

Charlotte was flustered and quickly shook her head, saying, "Rosiley, no. I don't feel that way for

Noticing her expression change, Rosiley couldn't help but laugh. "Don't be so nervous. I was just

Joking? Charlotte relaxed and chuckled. Looking at Rosiley helplessly, she said, "Rosiley, please don't
mess with me like that again.’

She had been really nervous.

Rosiley smiled and said, "Okay. I promise."

Charlotte put on a fake smile and then looked down, heaving a sigh of relief. She had thought she was
seen through.

Rosiley looked at Charlotte thoughtfully and understood something.