The convenient Bride

Chapter 335: Can You Handle Her?

After lunch, Rosiley took Charlotte back to the hotel and went to the hospital.

She was going to "visit" Xenia.

Xenia didn't seem to be surprised to see her.

"You can leave first," Xenia said to the nurse.

When the nurse left, Xenia pulled the blanket on her legs without saying anything or looking at Rosiley.

The ward was quiet.

Rosiley looked around the room and smiled slightly. "The VIP ward is not bad. It’s better than jail.
Wouldn't you agree, Stepmother Xenia?"

She emphasized the word "stepmother" with a mocking tone.

Xenia turned her head and looked out of the window, ignoring her.

Rosiley didn't mind. She walked to the window and turned around to face Xenia.

Xenia was somewhat dumbfounded to see her doing that.

Rosiley looked at her with coldness in her eyes and said, "Xenia, this isn't like you. You used to talk a
lot when you saw me. Why are you silent today? Are you afraid you'll blurt out something if you

Hearing that, Xenia couldn't stand it and snorted coldly. "Rosiley, it looks like you are a fan of wild

“Wild imagination?" Rosiley raised her eyebrows and said, "You know best if that is true.”

"I don't know, nor do I want to,” Xenia said coldly.

Rosiley smiled and changed the topic, "Xenia, Rorey is back in the entertainment industry. I'm
impressed. After all that has happened, she is actually shameless enough to do that."

When she heard that, Xenia's eyes shone with sinister coldness.

Rosiley walked up to her and looked down at her with a chilly gaze.

Xenia grabbed onto the blanket on her legs. It had been a while since she saw Rosiley, and Rosiley
looked even more intimidating now. A trace of fear arose in Xenia's heart.

Rosiley said word by word, "Xenia, now that Rorey is back in the industry, then...."

A strange smile touched Rosiley's lips. "I will let her know it isn't as easy as it seems to do so.”

"What do you want to do?" Xenia stared at her.

"What am I going to do?" Rosiley sneered, "Would she be scared since she has lost her reputation?"

“Rosiley, if you dare to do anything to Rorey, I will definitely not let you off.”

Xenia's warning was somewhat ridiculous. Rosiley ignored it and looked around. Then she looked at
Xenia's furious face with a mocking gaze, saying, "Xenia, you are so sick. You must take good care of
yourself. Otherwise, even if something does happen to Rorey, you won't even have the chance to
avenge her."

"Bitch!" Xenia stood up angrily and raised her hand to hit Rosiley.

Rosiley easily grabbed her hand and tightened her grip. Xenia howled and berated, "Rosiley, quickly let

"Xenia, aren't you in the terminal stage? Why are you still so energetic?" Rosiley raised her eyebrows.
"Are you pretending to be sick?"

A trace of panic flashed across Xenia's face. "What nonsense are you talking about?"

"You know whether I'm or not.’

After saying that, Rosiley shook off her hand and glared coldly at her. "Xenia, tell Rorey not to be so
confident. Be careful that if she gets carried away, she will end up in a worse situation than before.”

Xenia rubbed her painful arm, a trace of fear surging in her eyes.

Rosiley was different, really different, and she even made Xenia scared.

Since Rosiley had said everything she needed to say, there was no need for her to linger.

After glancing at Xenia for the last time, Rosiley left without looking back.

When Rosiley was gone, Xenia felt her feet go weak and fell back onto the sofa.

She still looked a little frightened and couldn't get the words that Rosiley had just said out of her mind,
feeling worried for Rorey.

Could Rorey handle Rosiley now?

After coming out of the hospital, Rosiley went to the Tang's villa.

As soon as the last shareholders’ meeting ended and Xenia was taken away by the police for
investigation, Rorey moved out of the Tang's villa.

Therefore, no one was living there anymore.

Rosiley opened the door and walked in. Everything was so familiar, and she had mixed feelings about

Her parents made this for her back then, because they wanted to give her a warm and happy home.

When she was a child, she naively thought they could live happily forever as a family.

But reality was always cruel. Because of her father's affair, her mother died from depression. With that
ended the fairytale of a blessed family.

She stepped inside and stroked the shoe cabinet in the entrance with her fingers. A layer of dust was
on it.

Although she did not live here, she felt it needed to be cleaned regularly.

As Rosiley thought this, she walked in. Then she hung up the picture of her mother that Xenia had
taken off the wall.

She wandered around the first floor, walked to the stairs, and was about to go upstairs when the
doorbell rang.

She frowned. This house was nearly deserted. Who else would come?

The doorbell kept ringing. Rosiley frowned even harder rushed by it. She could only trot towards the

Looking through the peephole, she saw a man with a solemn expression.

She didn't know him, but he looked familiar.

She was afraid he was a bad man, so she shouted through the door, "Who are you?"

"lam Henry's son, Hunt," the person outside replied.

Henry? What a familiar name.

Rosiley recalled hard where she had heard the name.

Getting no reply, the man outside said, "I am the son of your housekeeper."

Housekeeper? Wasn't that Butler Zhao?

Rosiley raised her eyebrows in surprise and opened the door without saying a word.

When Hunt saw the door open, his face was filled with joy. He asked the minute he saw Rosiley, "Hello,
is my father here?"

“Didn't your father go home some time ago?" This was what Xenia had told her.

"No, my dad didn't go home at all.” Hearing that his father wasn't here, Hunt panicked.

“That's impossible." Rosiley frowned. Could it be that Xenia had lied to her?

But if that was the case and Butler Zhao didn't go home, then where was he?

Noticing her confused expression, Hunt asked anxiously, "Miss Tang. Are you Miss Tang?"

Rosiley nodded. "Yes, I am."

After receiving her affirmative answer, Hunt continued, "Miss Tang, I haven't been able to get through to
my father for quite some time. I was afraid that something might have happened to him, so I came here
especially from my hometown. No matter how many times I rang the doorbell, no one answered me,
but I still came every day, hoping that you would return. I feared I would miss you and my father's
whereabouts with it.”